NADKC Western Region
April 2016
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  • Message from the WR Director
    by Frank O'Leary
  • NADKC AM Rooms
  • NADKC Registration & Meals
    Drawings, Silent and Live Auction
  • Member Profile
    by Del Peterson
  • Derby Time
    by Randy Blanchard 
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WR Board of Directors
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WR Board of Directors

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WR Board of Directors

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WR Board of Directors
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Marianne O'Leary

Message from the
Western Region Director
by Frank O’Leary

The NADKC Annual Meeting is just around the corner and the committees have been working very hard to ensure its success.  We already have more people registered for the event then at either of the past two Annual Meetings hosted by the Western Region.  I think that can be attributed to the growth in the WR membership and the hard work the committees working on the event.  This is an opportunity that comes about every four years for the Western Region to demonstrate to the entire membership who we are and what we can do.  Please participate and do what you can to help the committee members.  Three things you can do; first, attend the event; secondly, volunteer to help before or during the event; third, bring or send an auction or raffle item.  Regarding the raffle items nothing is too big or too small.  We can use it in the live auction, silent auction, or in a grouping for the raffle.  If you have an item please contact one of the members of the “Raffle and 
Auction Committee”.
Please take the time to view the itinerary or call Frank O’Leary, Western Regional Director, with any questions at 509-520-7483 or a member of the committees as indicated in the list of Committee Members.
As part of the Annual Meeting we will have in attendence the DKV President and his wife, Michael & Christine Hammerer, from Boos, Germany.  Michael will bring an offical welcome on behalf of the DKV and explain to the attendees the NADKC current status the meaning of the sanctions that have been imposed by the DKV.  Also in attendence will be Gerd Schad, DKV Breed Warden.  Michael and Gerd will be judging the Zuchtschau on Friday.  Additionally, they will be administering the Formwertricher test to at least three Apprentices, Jeff Martin, Jorg Kaltenegger, and Francois Aldrich.
NADKC Annual Meeting
Registration & Meals
Annual Meeting Registration and Meal orders are due on April 15th.  The annual Meeting Itinerary promises to provide one of the best and most informative Annual Meetings in years.  Featuring everything from NADKC General Membership Annual Meeting, DKV President Michael Hammerer’s welcome and explanation of the NADKC’s status with the DKV, the new DKV Breeding Regulations being explained by Christine Hammerer, Promoting the NADKC by Mike Kennedy, and Anatomy of a K-9 and Genetics being presented by Dr. Harmon Rogers from Washington State University.  Also the Western Region will be holding a Membership Meeting on Saturday, April 23rd, at 8:00 AM.  Additionally, there will be a Derby and a Zuchtschau on Friday, April 22nd.  A complete itinerary is available by clicking:  Itinerary
Evening meals for the event are available on Friday and Saturday night.  Friday we will be enjoying the food and beverages at the Red Monkey, a popular sports bar minutes from the Marriott.  Saturday will be the banquet at the Marriott.  In addition to a great meal we will have bucket drawings, a silent and live auction, and NADKC Awards for 2015.  Registration and meal information is available by clicking:  Registration and Meals
 NADKC Annual Meeting Rooms
The Marriott has extended the registration period for rooms until Monday, April 4thAll rooms will be released on April 4th and the town is sold out for other events.  If you have not booked your room for the Annual Meeting you need to do so now.  Contact the Marriott at 509-876-8100 or by clicking:  MARRIOTT
The Walla Walla Suites Inn has also extended the registration period for rooms until Monday, April 4th.  This is the dog friendly property.  All rooms will be released on 4th and the town is sold out for other events.  If you have not booked your room for the Annual Meeting you need to do so now.  Contact the Walla Walla Suites Inn at 509-525-4700 or by clicking: 
NADKC Annual Meeting
Drawings, Silent & Live Auctions
During the Annual Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to participate in Bucket Drawings, Silent and Live Auctions, and other ways to win valuable merchandise.  The WR Raffle & Auction Committee has been hard at work gathering items of interest.  Some of the feature items include:   
  • CZ USA Mallard 20 ga. Over and Under Shotgun
  • Garmin Training Collar
  • 2 Purina Gift Certificates for 6 bags of Pro Plan Dog Food
  • Cabelas Gift Cards
  • Other Purina Products
  • Training Equipment
  • 4 Petmate XL Dog Creates
  • 4 Custom Made Highball Glasses etched with the NADKC Logo
  • Custom Benchmade Knife with engraved NADKC logo
  • and much – much more
Everyone one with a Registration Badge and a big number will be permitted to participate.  If you are unable to attend and wish to participate please contact one of the committee members.  Their contact information is available by clicking: 
Member Profile
by Del Peterson:

My name is Del Peterson. I am first and foremost a hunter. Hunting is in my blood. I am part of a family of hunters. Gun dogs have been a part of my hunting life from the start. For me, they are a key component of ethical hunting.
I got my first versatile gun dog when I was 14 and have had them ever since. My professional life and hunting life have been closely related. I have worked as an assistant hunting guide in Alaska as well as a Wildlife Biologist, Wildlife Land Manager, and worked on projects that included Sage Grouse and Elk retiring from the senior agency management team of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.
I have had German Longhaired Pointers for over 40 years and was instrumental in introducing the breed to North America. In those 40 years, I have hunted most available species of upland birds, water fowl, and small game found here with my Longhairs.
Derby Time:
by Randy Blanchard
Spring has finally arrived and many D.K. owners are gearing up for the spring derby. The excitement of running the derby can be intoxicating for a young dog. Look at it from the dog’s point of view. He’s still a puppy and he’s running on new grounds, there are new and different smells, he’s surrounded by other dogs, people and vehicles. If anything can go wrong, it will occur on test day. The question is how to you plan for success with a young dog so that the owner and the dog can run the derby in comfort, show off the abilities of the dog and maintain some degree of control.
Getting your pup ready for the derby is important as it lays the foundation for all of your future training. It’s also important for the handler to have a degree of knowledge on how to run the test and work with the judges. It helps if the handler views all the tests as a venue to showcase the natural ability of the dog and demonstrate how well you work with the dog. On test day this can be difficult as the dog feels what you feel. If you are nervous or uptight the dog will also show the same characteristics and this increases the possibility of a poor showing. It is beneficial if the handler has a rule book in his back pocket and has a good understanding of what is expected at the test. Don’t be intimidated by the judges. They are there to assist you and will give you as much help as possible. Ask questions even while you are running as this will help to release nervous pressure.   Continue Reading ...
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