Good News! Our Quiz Bowl team won the Conference Championship! The varsity team includes Cole Hudson, Calvin Kerns, Michael Chambers, Johanna Eckert, Robin Moore, and Yuridia Ochoa. This is the second academic club, Conference Championship FHS has won this year. Earlier this year, the Writer Fighters took home the English Language Arts Championship.

I had a call from a parent who wanted to compliment us for having the FPD be present so much this week. I appreciated the very kind words but I had to inform the parent that the police's presence isn't out of the ordinary for the high school. The parent was very surprised. She had no idea that the PD was in so often. By being present, it gives the officers a chance to make connections with the kids and makes the school feel like a community. Two officers were in today. One stopped by yesterday and one was setting up a guest speaker appointment on Tuesday. They come and go as they see fit and I appreciate it greatly. I am very happy the nation has begun a conversation on school safety and that people are more aware of our environment. It is sad that it takes this kind of an event but good can come of out of it.

Two wonderful students, Jenna Karnemaat and Kaycee Fowler approached me last week with the idea of doing a fundraiser for the Helen Devos Children's Hospital. Many of our students have received incredible care from that hospital as an extension of Spectrum/Gerber and the girls wanted to do something to help. We are working on making March "Health Care Month" at FHS. We have lunchtime speakers coming to introduce kids to health care careers. We have survivor stories that will be read in the morning as part of our resilience theme, and we are going to have some special activities throughout the month. The teachers are pretty excited to see the idea grow and we owe it to Jenna and Kaycee!

Scott Sherman
It's A Great Day To Be A Packer!

Support Information
Arbor Circle in Newaygo County: http://www.arborcircle.org/programs-services
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 24/7 trained support
Crisis Text Line for Teens Text "Listen" to 741-741 24/7 trained support
Please remember to remind your child to report any neglect or bullying they see.