Hey there fellow Cat Lover,

The cat teleseminar was fun and we covered some
interesting topics. I could have talked a lot longer
than the hour we had, too! I hope you were able to
attend, but if you missed it, or would just like to hear
it again, you can access the call at this link for the
rest of today only:


It will be taken down on Thursday morning to make
room for the next interview in Tracy's series, called
"Making Pet Ownership Fun and Simple."

If you like, you can even download the file. It's only
11 megabytes. Then you can listen to it at a more
convenient time later if you don't have time today.

If you were already registered for my talk, you don't
have to do it again for the next one. You will receive
an email with call-in details for next week, as well as
for all upcoming interviews with Tracy's other guests.

However, if you have not registered yet, and would
like to hear the rest of the interviews and get all the
bonuses, go here:


And please click on Tracy's products link when you
get to the website to see all the special deals she has
listed there. Many of the authors are offering huge discounts.

P.S. If you didn't get your question answered on the
call, just drop me an email and I'll try to get to it right away.

mskitty @ catlover.com

P.P.S. Feel free to leave feedback for Tracy and tell her
what would be of interest to you in the future at:
tracy @ simpledogtrainingsecrets.com