Hi Fellow Cat Lover,

Hope you all are having a nice November!
For those of you in the U.S. who celebrate Thanksgiving,
have a fun day, don't overeat (TOO much, anyway), and be
careful what your kitties get into. They are cats and
should only eat cat food. However, that said, it's
definitely OK to feed them some turkey meat if it's raw.
Also the organ meats. But don't overload them with the
liver... it is pretty rich, so keep it to a minimum, like 1 oz.
You can check with Dr. Jones on such dietary issues, by
looking here, and downloading his free ebook on pet care:



Last issue I reported on the designer cats now
available, such as the Ashera, a cross between the
Asian leopard, African serval, and the ordinary
domestic cat. It's a very large cat, standing 4 ft. tall
on its hind legs, and costs up to $28,000.

Then I was going to mention the other new breed, the
one that never grows larger than about 2 pounds.

Thanks to a sharp-eyed reader who sent me some info,
I can now tell you it's called a Teacup Persian.
(Thanks, Jean!)

There are several web sites out there, as there are
a number of breeders producing them now. To be fair,
and not spotlight any particular breeder or web site,
I'll suggest doing a search (Google is the most used
search engine at the moment) for the "teacup persian."

I have to admit, they are SO cute! But then, aren't
they all? ;-)


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This time of year has special issues all pet owners need to
consider. Not only is it colder in many locations, but the
winter holidays bring other concerns, such as large quantities
of foods we don't usually use (candy, chocolate, spicy things),
and toxic or dangerous items, such as holiday decorations.
Keep kitty away from trees with ornaments, candles on tables
or shelves, ribbons and strings, etc.

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