It seems as though summer has arrived at last, and we all want to be out and about in the fine weather, having fun! Lovely though a sunny day is, we should be aware of the inherent dangers, still, and especially as far as our animal companions are concerned, as they cannot do this for themselves. Luckily, in the latest issue of Animal Magic we’ve an informative feature about this very topic, so check out the info to ensure you’re completely clued up about how to keep your furry friend safe in the sun
I expect many of you are aware of the Cinnamon Trust, and the fabulous care it provides for ageing and senior dogs and cats – a real home-from-home, with all the comforts this entails. Now, Dogs Trust has followed suit with its Oakfield Old Dogs Home, ensuring that more of our beloved seniors live out their lives in comfort, surrounded by love, care and companionship. What a fabulous incentive.
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News from the Stable
It's time to #KUWTD (Keep Up With The Donkeys!)
If you're heading to a beach this summer, chances are you'll see a donkey. After all, they're as traditional as fish and chips, ice cream, and dive-bombing seagulls! Sadly, all around the world, these hard-working animals aren't always as well cared for as they could be … but there's help at hand …
The Donkey Sanctuary is one of the UK's best-known, best-loved animal charities, and has been tirelessy helping donkeys across the world since 1969.
Many will be aware of the Sanctuary's Sidmouth base, but it also operates in over 30 countries, and has helped over 250,000 animals and mules in 2015 alone! 
It also has a number of centres throughout the UK – all free to visit – that make a great, fun day out. Check out the Santuary's website for details of some fab activities for kids … and adults, of course!
There are numerous ways to help, too, from volunteering, to donkey-themed gifts … you can even adopt a donkey, like our Publisher, Jude, has.
We can't possibly cover all the fantastic work that the Sanctuary does, but our blog details just some of the great work it does do for our long-eared friends, and how you can help. 
Keep up-to-date with the Sanctuary's latest news, antics, and shenanigans via facebook and twitter… so take a look at The Donkey Sanctuary’s excellent ongoing work around the world … and see how you can help a donkey in need!
Twitter: @AdoptADonkey

Hello summer!
Summer tips to keep your pet cool and comfortable
For us humans, summer is usually a time to get out and enjoy the fine weather and long days. For us pet owners, it’s a time when we can spend more time outdoors with our pets, whether in our gardens, or out in the wilds.
We may be desperate to soak up the sun and head outdoors, but it’s vital that we consider our pet’s needs at this time of year. We may think nothing of spending hours in the hot sun (covering up appropriately, and applying sun cream, of course), but for our animals, it’s a different story.
To help you keep your pet cool, we've come up with some handy tips and things to be aware of when the mercury rises. Head over to the Hubble & Hattie blog for the full list … here's a taster to get you started.
The essentials
Water, water, everywhere!
Whilst dogs and cats don’t sweat all over like we do (they lose moisture through panting and sweating via their paws), they can still become severely dehydrated.

Tip number one is to be alert and ensure you pet always has access to plenty of clean drinking water
Gimme shelter …
Just as important as water, it’s imperative that your pets have access to a shaded, cool area, where they can escape out of direct sunlight whenever they wish. Cats, in particular, need somewhere to retreat from the sun.
The area should be large enough to allow your pet to stretch-out and cool-off, and shouldn’t cramp him.

Summer breeze …
Indoor temperatures can soar in summer, so ventilation is vital. 
Keeping windows open to enable a flow of cooler air is a good idea, as is a cooling fan: try placing this near a window to direct air into a room, rather than onto Fido’s bed. 
Everybody's free (to wear sunscreen) …
Doggy clothing is a great idea to shade your pet – especially for smaller dogs – but ensure it doesn't make them too warm. 
If you've a fair-furred or white cat or dog, talk to your vet about sunscreen for animals: a number are available. NEVER USE HUMAN SUNSCREEN: this contains zinc oxide which can be lethal to pets.

Paws for thought …
In hot weather, dogs can overheat simply by walking on a hot surface. Keeping your dog off dark, hot surfaces is the best way to help here, or limit walks on asphalt to the cooler times of the day.
Keep in mind, too, that asphalt temperatures continue to rise for a while after the hottest time of the day, so early morning or evenings are good times for walkies. Or you could buy your pooch some doggy boots.
Work. Out.
Don’t make your dog exert himself unduly in hot weather. If you must go for a run or cycle, leave Fido at home until the weather cools down.
Paw-l party, anyone?
Here's a tip everybody will love: if you’ve a kiddy-sized paddling pool, it can be a great way for everyone to have fun together and keep cool at the same time. Don’t overfill it – not all dogs are naturally good swimmers!

So, there's some 'cool' tips (sorry) to keep you and your animals happy in the heat. Our blog contains more detail on each of the above tips, so head over for the full story, and you can make sure that your furry companion doesn’t suffer in the sun.
Life begins at 14!
DogsTrust has told us about the most amazing place … and we simply can't resist sharing with you …
DogsTrust has created Oakfield Old Dogs Home, a quaint old cottage, designed to mimic the home comforts that many older dogs are used to; a comfy living room, a squidgy sofa, a garden to pootle in, and a working kitchen.
For older dogs who need a little extra TLC, Oakfield is a true haven where they can live comfortably and securely until they find their forever home, or forever, if necessary. The 'Oakfield Oldies,' as residents are known, have often spent years living with their adored owners who, through no fault of their own, can no longer care for them. As you can imagine, this is a difficult thing to cope with for any dog, let alone our older companions.
With more and more older pets than ever requiring rehoming, it's vital that places such as Oakfield Old Dogs Home are here to help our animal companions. Head over to the DogsTrust website and see for yourself how you can help these grand old canines be comfortable and happy during their stay at Oakfield, whether that's forever, or just until their forever home arrives. And, of course, you can make a donation to help with its many, many projects.

Read our blog post for more information about this amazing dogs home … and head over to the DogsTrust website and see how you can help the 'Oakfield Oldies.' 
Do you have an older dog?
David Alderton’s and Derek Hall’s Living with an older dog, part of our Gentle Dog Care series, is invaluable in helping you to prepare for the physical and mental changes that occur as your dog ages, and to make your senior dog comfortable and content. Head over to Hubble & Hattie to find out more …
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