Refirement Network :: October 2016


Dear Refirement Members

What an exciting month we have had as we launched our skills bank and also celebrated our first ENCORE event for female entrepreneurs 50+.

More than 50 people have now added their skills and services onto the website. Why not add yours and encourage your friends to do the same.

The year is racing to the close and before we know it we will be planning for 2017. Enjoy the last two months of this year and make the most of a balanced life of work and play.

Please read the articles, share, connect and stay in touch. I value your comments and suggestions.

Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.

50+ Directory

The Directory of services for the 50+ group was launched last month. There are already more than 30 service providers listed. Take a look here.





You have not saved enough. Now what?

The most critical challenge and worry with longevity is having enough money to survive. Please read my article about what I believe you can do to alleviate your fear and become focussed and involved. Working longer may be the best insurance policy for this season of life. However there are some things you need to do differently to ensure success.Read more.

Lioness Leanin Encore Entrepreneur Session

The Encore event on the 18th October for female entrepreneurs was a great success. Encouraging and hearing the stories of some of the women in the room is uplifting and helps us all to take the next step. Watch the events section for the announcement of the next event. Read more.


This month our story is about Neil and Kathy Holley who I met a few months back. I just loved their passion and enthusiasm and what they are doing in their Refirement. Enjoy and please share your own story via the website. One never knows when we may publish your story and help grow your business or just to encourage others. Read more.

Is looking for work when one is older like looking for a needle in a haystack?

I am delighted to have had so many add their skills and services to the site this past month. I know many may question why they should do so if I am not offering a job. The challenge is that the world has changed and having a place to showcase your skills and be contactable may just bring a reward. In this article I share my experience of being able to help some find that needle in the haystack. Read More.




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