The lovely weather continues into the month of October - a time of golden leaves, windy days, and ghosties and ghoulies! Good days bring warm sunshine and a chance for lovely autumnal country walks with our canine companions; not-so-good days are the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book! 

New into stock this month is a super practical book about how to integrate babies, kids and dogs, so that everyone is safe and happy. crammed full of great advice and informative colour images. The ideal present for anyone expecting a new baby …or a new dog!

A nice example of synchronicity between our animal books and our automotive books is the Subaru initiative of helping animals in America - hats off to them - let’s hope that others follow this lead (no pun intended!). 

Happy and safe Halloween to you and your animal companions. 
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Jude Brooks,
The perfect solution for those who can't be bothered to read a proper book about dogs

As you already know, there are lots of really good dog books out there … but, sometimes, reading can be an effort …
Words are something of a speciality here at Hubble & Hattie. As are pictures, of course. Yet, even us wordy types sometimes find reading simply too much. For times such as these, we've teamed up with Scrabble, the owner of Human Mike Dicks, to bring you a book packed full of sage advice, doggy wisdom … and only a few words.
Mike&Scrabble – A guide to training your new Human is a picture book for adults: a funny, sometimes melancholy, and – occasionally – accurate guide to understanding the relationship between a dog, and her human pet.
Rather than make you read even more words, why not head over to our blog and watch Mike talk about how the book came to be. It's much more interesting!

Mike&Scrabble are also to be found on Facebook and Twitter, sharing their wisdom via social media …   
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BUT WAIT … what if you can't be bothered picking up a book?!
Books are all very well, but, sometimes, even picking up a book is too much trouble. Fear not! We have the solution …
For those days (we all have them) when even a book is too much, we have the digital edition of Mike&Scrabble. Coming in January 2017, this new-fangled not-actually-a-book edition features animation – so you don't have to move your eyes too much – and sound effects … so even your ears get a helping hand.
A guide to training your new Human

Subaru Loves Pets
Subaru America is returning the love pets give us

This month on the Hubble & Hattie blog, we've highlighted some of the amazing work that automotive company Subaru is doing throughout October to help pets across the US.
A bit of a legend in automotive circles, Subaru recognises that many drivers of its vehicles, as well as many of its workforce, are pet owners. In fact, over half of Subaru drivers are pet owners, and Subaru America has decided to 'return the love' with its 'Subaru Loves Pets' initiative.
Working with a number of partners, Subaru is doing its best to improve the safety and wellbeing of pets in need across the US. From manufacturers, to local animal organisations, and even pilots, it really is going the extra mile … excuse the pun!
Head over to our blog to read more, and see what Subaru and its partners are doing … and if you work for an auto manufacturer or similar, pass on the information … your company might decide to do something similar!
Read more at Hubble & Hattie's blog – click here – or to find out more about Subaru Love Pets and its supporting partners, click here.
Oldies Club
Helping old dogs find loving homes

Anyone familiar with Hubble & Hattie will know we love older dogs. Not only older dogs, of course, but we recognise that old dogs have just as much to give as puppies and young dogs. Hardly surprising, when you think of all the experiences an old dog has had!
Of course, we're not alone in our love of the more *ahem* 'mature' canine, and this month, we highlight Oldies Club, a Warrington-based charity specialising in rehoming and fostering dogs that are well and truly over their 'spring chicken' phase.

  Oldies Club came about from an initial idea on an internet dog chat forum, and has been a registered charity since 2007. With foster homes throughout the country, it has rehomed almost 800 older dogs since its inception in 2005.
Amy, from Oldies Club, tells us all about how it came to be, and some of the great work it's doing, on our blog … click here to read.
As with many organistions, it relies on volunteers and donations to enable it to do its good work: keep up with Oldies Club on Facebook and Twitter, and see how you can help it to help oldies up and down the country …
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… and see some of the fantastic old dogs who are looking for homes … Like Trixie here …
Do you have an older dog?
We have some books that may help you and your canine companion …

New from Hubble & Hattie …
Babies, kids and dogs
Creating a safe and harmonious relationship

Our latest release offers some fantastic advice for those with kids and dogs – a brilliant blend of science, compassion and respect.
It may only be 96 pages, but this little book contains some of the most important advice a parent and dog owner needs, and it can help you to develop lifelong friendships and skills, by providing guidance on how to create safe relationships between your dogs and your children.
We think this is an important book, whether or not you already have a dog and children in the house. If you're considering dog ownership, and you have children of your own, or your dog will be around children, this book is an absolute must.

Babies, kids and dogs
Creating a safe and harmonious relationship
With information and guidance on how to develop a safe and harmonious relationship between children and dogs, this book provides step-by-step exercises to prepare dogs to be around babies and children, helps manage first interactions, teaches children how to behave appropriately around dogs, and encourages positive relationships.
  • Kindly and easily train your dog to behave well, and be safe around babies and children
  • Help your children learn how to behave appropriately around dogs
  • Guidance on promoting positive, safe and harmonious interactions
  • Step-by-step exercises to prepare your dog for living with babies and children
  • Educational illustrations that will interest and engage children 
  • Specially-commissioned colour photographs assist with training
  • Developing an understanding of bite prevention
  • Developing lifelong skills around animals
  • By authors who are canine trainers, behaviourists – and parents!
  • Written with your dog’s welfare very much in mind
HH4890 • Paperback • 20.5x20.5cm • £13.99 • 96 pages • 108 colour pictures 
ISBN: 978-1-845848-90-3 • UPC: 6-36847-04890-7

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