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"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter! I get so inspired by seeing what others are making using your patterns and since I have 3 house cats I love your cat (and dog) article & videos!" 
Sheila Lazarus
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Issue #132-------July 2016
I hope July is a bit cooler where you are than it's been in this part of NC lately. But let's face it, interesting stuff to feature in a newsletter is best found in front of the airconditioner with a tall glass od something cool, right and I have somefun stuff to show you this month AND we're retiring another one of our oldies but goodies, so go ahead and get started. If you have questions, you know where to find me! ;)
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 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Congratulations to Carmen Selzer!
Her "feline-inspired" Cosmo Convertible was the final victor in a very close contest. She wins a $25.00 SKD virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our Handbag Gallery. Click here to see her beautiful entry!

BUT...it's a new month and time to reset for a new contest,so just scroll down to see this month's entries!
We've got EIGHT more fantastic entries to share with you, so check 'em out then cast a vote for your favorite.

(For BIGGER images: Click on each individual pic)

This modern floral Quattro was created by Pam Crane of Dover, PA, who said she made this bag for her daughter & now her granddaughter is politicking for a Quattro of her own! I'm CRAZY about this fabric, how about you?
And this red, white & blue Cosmo Convertible will be right at home whether Karen Wetherall is traveling in the US or in the country she calls home, the UK. Here's how Karen looks carry her Cosmo as a backpack, and all she has to do is re-configure her straps to carry it as a shoulder bag!  :)
This Walkabout Wallet was created by Jan Strickler of Cypress, TX, and I think it looks yummy enough to eat!  Great fabric choices Jan!
Vonda Bender of Grantsville, MD said that her SIL asked her to make her a handbag with this fabric AND these shotgun shell rivets (click HERE for a closeup look). I’d say she used them quite creatively on this Quattro, wouldn’t you?
And Pat Leask of Ontario, Canada is back with yet another stunning entry! I love how she used the alternate pattern pieces to create the kaleidoscope effect on the front flap. I’d wager she's really turning heads everywhere she goes with her fantastic HipBag Hybrid!  
And if you like blue, this gorgeous little HipBag Hybrid is serving blue up in a BIG way. Selinda tells me she LOVES wearing it as a HipBag!
And we haven’t had a Polso Pouch in our Handbag of the Month contest in a very long time! It was created by Marion Melby of Yucca Valley, CA and she bought it from us at the Road 2 CA show this past January. Marion tells me she likes to donate the bags she makes to local charities!
And last but certainly not least, here’s another amazing Quattro by the prolific Cheryl Maass of Goodyear, AZ. She calls this her Parisian bag and its a beautiful departure from the signature butterflies that usually adorn her bags.
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SKD News- the Carolina CarryAll is retiring!
It's sad but true that every now and again we have to retire an old "friend" and such is the case today as we officially retire the Carolina CarryAll. But here's the thing... we still have a number of patterns in stock and we'll be letting them go at the bargain basement price of $6.50 for as long as they last! But don't delay! We will not be reprinting this pattern, andonce they are gone, they are gone FOREVER!
Click HERE for more info and to order the Carolina CarryAll or any of our other discounted retirees!
From the Website- 
Just in case you missed it, we've just started our thirteenth cycle of our most popular blog series, Purse Pattern Chronicles. All posts in this series are all preceded with a PPC13 notation. And if you're new here, and you want to catch up or if you missed any of the posts from last month, don't worry, they're all listed below.
And now... Check out thie "Oldie byt Goodie" from our Archives
Bobbin Around the Web- BeanCounterQuilts
If you're looking for a fun and unusual pattern for a baby quilt, then you simply MUST check out Bean Counter Quilts! I first saw Lorrie Franz's adorable quilt at Quilt Market and knew you'd want to see them too! I especially love the Grow Up Tall Giraffe, and the Grow Up Wise Owl, but you can click HERE and see all 44 of her other projects! 
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TWO For Your Viewing Pleasure-
This video depicts a FIGHT between a kitten & a turtle, but have no fear there was no blood shed... only a few tears of laughter, click the image or HERE to see why!
These dogs make jumping on a trampoline look like SO much fun, it makes ME want to try it!  Click image or HERE to see for yourself.
A Beginner Project- Large Hotpad Tutorial
Summertime mean the kids are home from school and if I remember correctly, by the time mid-July rolls around there's sometimes a little boredom creeping in around the edges... so what better time to teach the young ones amongst you to sew???
And here's a quick & easy project that just might tempt them to learn a skill they can enjoy for the rest of their lives? This tutorial for a Large Hot Pad is free and all you need do is download it and round up your victims.... I mean students!  :)  
Quote of the Month- 
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Techie Tutorial of the Month- 11 Tips for Better Candid Pictures
Candid styles of photography are increasingly becoming popular both in general day to day photography but also in formal photographic situations. Included in the post are a number of tips to help photographers improve their ‘candid’ photography. (Please note that these tips are not about taking sneaky, voyeuristic or true paparazzi shots (ie photographing people without their permission) but rather about how to add a more candid feel to the shots you take of people that you know.) Click HERE to read more!
New Word of the Month-  "Booble"
 Click image or HERE  for a larger view.
It’s hard to resist the FLUFF and this chipmunk knows it. The brave tiny creature saw a furry kitten sunbathing in the backyard of a Reddit user named _GoldGuy_ and took a leap of faith by approaching the feline. The chill cat neither fought, nor resisted.
At first, the chipmunk looked intimidated, so the cat lay down to show that it meant no harm and the wee rodent approached it. The chipmunk soon understood that the kitty wants to be friends, too, so it climbed on its back and happily shuffled in the fluff and a new cuddly friendship was born. Click HERE for WAY more pics.
Cat Picture of the Month-
 Click image or HERE for a larger view.
The search is on to find the person who wrote a wartime love letter that has remained hidden for fifty years.The love note was in the compartment of a sewing machine - and was only found when someone bought it at charity shop. Click HERE to read more!
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
It's a GREAT day to be sewing!
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