February 2019
  (février 2019)
Happy Valentine's Day!
Delivery:  bitesquad.com
Call-in ordering:  479.250.1110
Valentine's Special!
Grab a loved one and come share
TWO Cardinal Kiss ciders and
TWO full-sized strawberry crepes*
(or any sweet crepe) for only $15!
Offer valid Feb. 11-14
*Strawberries permittinglaugh
Soup's on in THREE sizes!  Now you can get our velvety, house-made, drinkable soups in a large or small cup, or by the quart to go!
Sweet new CP caps
Get your head in one!
February birthday?
We've got a free Nutella mousse sundae with you name (and a candle) on it!
Don't forget to let us know
when ordering.
Stay up-to-date on all the most timely crepe news! 
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Closed for the season
Please stay tuned to social media channels for exceptional opening hours and the return to seasonal hours.
Give a buck,
get a cup!
This month, if you'd like to take home one of our handy signature tumblers, we hope you'll throw a buck (or five) in the bucket by the door. 
100% of the money collected goes to this month's designated charity:
who will host their annual
on February 22nd!
Check out a quick shot of our food truck (Madame Poupon) in the family-friendly movie, F.R.E.D.I., now available on Netflix!