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July 2011
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  1. Community Update: Buy One Session, Get One F.R.E.E. until July 10, 2011!
  2. Self-Healing Article: Blasting Family Vacation Stress 
  3. Surrogate Healing Snippets for Kids & Critters: Clearing Kids Fears of Park Rides and Animal Separation Anxiety 
Your Community Update
Laughing  It's that time of the year again... My birthday!
In Phoenix, several places are offering their summertime goodies at BOGO: Buy one, get one (f.r.e.e.).
If you've been considering doing two or more sessions with me in the next 5 months, I've finished with several clients and have openings in my schedule for YOU.
Get YOUR BOGO deal for my birthday week from July 1-10... for as many sessions as you want. The only condition is that you must use ALL these sessions before December 15, 2011. What a great way to clear that holiday-time stress!
What it's like working with me? M.K. of AZ emailed: "The effects of my session with you this afternoon were more immediate than the last. I actually felt a big relief.... so excited and truly FREE! This is AMAZING work and you are a pure delight to work with. I’ve been dancing through the house!"
This BOGO offer is good for ANYONE reading this newsletter. Sessions can be used for you, your family or animal friends. 
As you work with me, you will learn how to effectively use emotional release methods -- a self-healing skill you can use for your lifetime. 
NEW CLIENTS: A n.o. c.o.s.t get-acquainted consult before our first session is required to ensure we are a good fit.
Here's the scoop on private sessions, the required release form, investment menu, 10 benefits to working with me:
Buy one, get one... buy four, get four - but ONLY for session investments made BEFORE midnight PDT July 10. I've NEVER made this offer before and may never make it again, so take advantage of my GIFT to you!
L.L.S of England wrote about his long distance emo-clearing: "Our last session was great and filled me with real hope and energy. I have made big leaps since working with you. Thanks Colleen!" 
"Musical Rapture" is a F.R.E.E. celestial music GIFT that heals, calms, soothes and refreshes. Musician Frederic DeLarue specified that it is to be shared as his gift to the world, never bought or sold. I felt a delightful, uplifting energy shift the very first time I listened.
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Please forward this ezine to other open-minded folks who want to enhance their power of SELF-HEALING the bodies, minds and emotions of themselves, loved ones and animal friends. Thank you!
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Q: "Our family vacations are sometimes more stressful than my job!  How could the emotional release work keep me and my wife calm on a long drive when our children bicker in the backseat?" --Sergio, Canada
A: Sergio, before the vacation begins, set aside an hour for you and your wife to remember and clear any bad memories of past vacation disasters.
Think about the most stressful aspects of vacation, like the bickering kids, then clear your fears about each aspect. When you can think of each possibility but feel calm and confident, you're ready for vacation!
When unexpected, unwanted events happen on holiday and nerves wear thin, you can apply emo-release work to yourself or surrogately to your wife and kids. Relief should occur in minutes.
Print a few copies of these n.o. c.o.s.t. emo-release charts to put into your suitcases to use as needed.
Congratulations for taking another step to reclaim your self-healing power and mind-body-emotional wellness... especially while on vacation!
Got questions on the mind-body-emotions topic that you'd like answered in this newsletter? Ask them via the form on the bottom of this page:
for Kids and Critters
Q: Our youngest daughter is now tall enough to go on amusement park rides and big water slides, but afraid to do it.  Is there any emotional release work I can do for her? -- Megan, USA 
A: Please consider asking your child what's the worse that could happen if she went on the ride. The kids I've helped through similar situations were afraid of dying or being terribly hurt, often due to their peers telling them how scary and dangerous the ride was, or news reports on amusement park ride accidents. They're also often afraid that if they freak out on the ride or vomit, they will suffer shame and humiliation, plus their peers will tease them forever.
Clear your child's fear (directly or surrogately) using your preferred technique and an emotional release statement like, "I (child's name) now release my fear that I might die or get hurt on (park ride name). I know that Mom & Dad would never let me go on an unsafe ride. Millions of kids safely enjoy that ride every year. I now feel safe to be one of those kids who goes on that ride!" Continue asking your daughter how she feels about going on the ride and to describe any remaining fears, then clear them. When she's 100% clear and eager to go on the ride, you're done!
Vacation Separation Anxiety Relief for Critters: Animals don't like change in their environment and may get anxious just seeing you take out your luggage to pack. Please consider being proactive and before you go on vacation, clear your animals' fears of rejection, abandonment and not being safe. Rescued, stray and "foreclosure pets" may especially feel terrified that they will be abandoned again.
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I know that you're all in different financial situations, and clearing your emotions via private sessions may not be in your budget.  That's why various levels of my help are ALWAYS AVAILABLE to YOU.
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Wishing you prosperity, bliss, peace and love,
Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I & FREED Founder
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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