Welcome to the very first issue of Animal Magic in 2019 – and belated Happy New Year!

We’ve lots of new and exciting books coming your way this year, kicking off with Wonderful walks from dog-friendly campsites – discover and stay at fabulous campsites that go the extra mile for your four-legged friend, and the latest offering from our Hubble & Hattie Kids! imprint: Fierce Grey Mouse … more about both of these inside this issue. 

As the benefits of living with animals become better appreciated, more and more employers are recognising the advantages of making their workplace dog-friendly. We’re really pleased to be publishing THE definite guide to dogs in the workplace: look out for Office Dogs: The Manual coming next month!

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What's new for 2019
Our first publications are on their way
What better way to start the first Animal Magic of the year, than with a book of books! It may be a bit early, but our Spring 2019 catalogue is ready to download now.

As ever, our latest catalogue features all the new releases, as well as the complete backlist of all of our books. Covering everything from animal welfare, to training, behaviour and health problems, true stories, and humour, Hubble & Hattie produces high-quality, value-for-money publications that promote compassion, understanding and respect between all animals.

New books featured in this catalogue include Confessions of a Veterinary Nurse, Letting in the Dog, Office dogs – The Manual, The One Minute Cat Manager, Wonderful Walks from Dog-friendly Campsites, Worzel Wooface’s latest adventures, as well as a unique and moving photographic book Wildlife photography from the edge comprising powerful words from the heart and striking wildlife images – photography for total wellbeing.

The Hubble & Hattie Kids! imprint took off in 2017, and we now have a great collection of books for children that champion the same values and standards we‘ve always held dear, but to the adults of the future. Children will love these beautifully illustrated, carefully crafted publications. More great titles are planned for 2019: read all about them inside.

The catalogue is due this month, but if you can't wait that long, you can head over to this page and view it online. You can also download a copy to view offline – or if you would like us to post you a copy, contact us with your name and address, and we'll send you a copy for free.
Wonderful Walks
Our first 2019 book is due mid-February, and it's the perfect book for planning a fun-packed year with your pooch.

Stride out with your dog from a campsite. Follow nearby footpaths and byways to explore the surrounding countryside.
This book will guide you on 45 different walks from 23 campsites, that allow you and your dog to enjoy the diversity of the British landscape, and return to the campsite invigorated and exhilarated.
Uniquely combining the joys of camping with the delights of walking with your dog, the pages of this book name a variety of campsites, all of which we included welcome dogs, with some providing facilities especially for your canine companion.
All of the campsites are located very close to footpaths and walking trails, and, in addition to identifying the distinctive characteristics of the area, there are detailed instructions for walks of varying lengths from each campsite listed.
Providing the opportunity to explore the area in the immediate vicinity of the campsite, readers can appreciate the diverse environments to be found in Britain.

So, if you like camping and love taking along your dog, but aren’t sure where to go, this book will help you find the perfect location for a weekend jaunt; the facilities you need to explore a region – or even to tour the UK!
Due mid-February 2019!

Stride out with your dog from a campsite. Follow nearby footpaths and byways to explore the surrounding countryside.
• 45 superb circular walks from 23 campsites
• Appreciating the countryside in the company of your four legged companion
• Campsites big and small, that are close to footpaths and walking routes
• Star rated campsites for your dog
 • Featuring 23 short circular walks of between 4 and 6 miles ...
 • ... and 22 long circular walks of between 8 and 11 miles
 • An experienced look at camping experiences for dogs
 • Weekend walking excursions with your dog
 • Touring the UK and experiencing British countryside and campsites
 • Exploring areas within easy reach of campsites
Price £14.99 UK • $19.99 USA • $25.99 CAN 
SKU HH5045 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 248 pages • 146 colour images and maps
ISBN 978-1-787110-45-8 UPC 6-36847-01045-4

Mum's not the word
Last year, Veloce Publishing proudly introduced a brand-new imprint showcasing innovative and thought-provoking books. Informative and entertaining, Earthworld titles encompass subjects often far outside those of the Veloce and Hubble & Hattie imprints, but, just like all our publications, they are produced with the same superb quality of content and presentation. 

Joining the Earthworld imprint, Mum’s not the word shares stories of birth control, choice, freedom, regret and pain. It challenges the negative attitudes within society towards women without children.

Denise Felkin is a British photographer. Her photography migrates between creative portraiture and documentary photography. She is driven by research-led projects, and collaborates with her subjects to create cutting-edge images that speak about current issues, to reveal a truthful voice, and promote unity, equality and compassion. Publishing in June 2019.
£19.99 UK • $25.99 USA • $33.99 CAN
Hardback • 29.7x19.8cm • 112 pages • 50 colour pictures
ISBN: 978-1-787113-70-1

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Still on
You can STILL get a massive 80% off a selection of books …
It's not too late to take advantage of our massive 80% sale.
Yes, we are still offering the books below at a huge discount, so if you've not picked up a bargain for yourself in the January sales, now is the time!
Book Retail price (£) Sale price (£) YOU
Behaviour & Psychology
Animal Grief – HH4288 9.99 1.99 8.00
When man meets dog – HH4879 8.99 1.79 7.20
Dog-friendly Gardening – HH4410 12.99 2.59 10.40
Partners-Everyday Working Dogs – HH4420 19.99 3.99 16.00
Health & Wellbeing
Living with an Older Dog – HH4335 12.99 2.59 10.40
My dog has Arthritis – HH4418 9.99 1.99 8.00
My dog has Cruciate Ligament Injury – HH4383 9.99 1.99 8.00
My dog has Hip Dysplasia – HH4382 9.99 1.99 8.00
My Dog, my Friend – HH4610 14.99 2.99 12.00
Camper vans, ex-pats & Spanish hounds – HH4570 10.99 2.19 8.80
If you order online, the discount will be pre-applied; if you order by phone on +44 (0)1305 260068, quote the following code …
… and we'll do the rest. And, of course, you can also purchase direct from Hubble & Hattie HQ, in Poundbury, Dorset.
Brachycephalic breeds
Breeding out health
Brachycephalic breeds (literally translated as 'short-headed'),  such as Pug, Bulldog and Sharpei often require rhinoplasty surgery, in order to breathe comfortably.

In 2018, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home carried out a greater number of operations to help
flat-faced dog breeds breathe, than at any other time in its 148-year history.

Dog breeds have always been subject to the fashions of the day. Whether it’s breeding a leaner, faster racer, or a cuter, smaller, lap dog, humans have chosen the most attractive traits (to them), and fine-tuned them.
In many cases, dogs’ visual traits have become the overriding selector in breeding, as visually appealing animals – or fashionable – sell quicker and for more money. This is causing some huge problems in the dogs themselves, particularly with brachycephalic breeds.

Of course, breeding these dogs wouldn’t occur if the demand wasn’t there. If you’re considering getting a brachycephalic breed, read up on brachycephalic dogs, and have a chat with your vet before coming to a decision. Read more here ...
Fierce Grey Mouse
Robyn Youl shares her opinion on this charming new Hubble & Hattie Kids! title
Hubble & Hattie Kids! creates sturdily bound books that small hands can hold. Children need books. Children’s literature offers a haven in a confusing world. These books take children to places they never dreamed existed. Hubble & Hattie enhance the imaginative growth of small readers; offer the tactile experience of turning pages. Create books that slip easily under a pillow when the lights go out. The ritual of a bed time story invites a child to sleep, so that tomorrow can be another story..

Fierce Grey Mouse begs children to open up and discover just what this grey graffiti artist is up to. What a perfect introduction to a story! Chantal’s rhythmic prose is enhanced by detailed illustrations.  

There is so much to explore on every page. 
This author empowers the preliterate child to make discoveries in pictures.  What lives in the mound of soil near Fierce Grey Mouse’s bed? What does he comb his hair with? Beginner readers will respond to the carefully selected words, that tell a marvellous story about a journey of self-discovery.

For parents it’s a fun daytime book to read together with a cranky or bored child. We all need to RRROAAARRRR! [like the Fierce Grey Mouse] sometimes!!!

Kindergartens and day care centers will be quick to add Fierce Grey Mouse to their toolbox. Kids Hubble & Hattie picture storybooks offer adults a wonderful opportunity for self enrichment. 

Gift a Hubble & Hattie Kids! book with a child, and share the reading experience.
Read children’s picture story books and wonder at the complexities that enrich such simple plots.
Discover how illustrations enhance adult critical thought.

Hubble & Hattie Kids! creates literary heritage gifts for children. Fierce Grey Mouse may journey from one childhood to rest under the pillow of the next generation.
Robyn Youl
Teacher  Librarian
Tutor Geelong U3A Dog Handling Skills

Fierce Grey Mouse
In a world full of happy, fluffy animals, ONE Mouse wants to be FIERCE. He exercises, eats mountains of porridge and drinks lots of milk. He practises his roaring and pouncing skills. Soon, Little Grey Mouse is Fierce Grey Mouse. But what happens when his friends want to play with Little Grey Mouse and find only Fierce Grey Mouse ...?
• A simple tale for young children about friendship and staying true to yourself
• Previously awarded a Kirkus Star for books of remarkable merit, and
received 5 star reviews (interactive app version)
• The delightfully illustrated animal characters  tell the story to boys and girls of all nationalities
• The story will appeal to children everywhere
• Friends love you as you are, you don't need to make yourself different
• You don't need to be 'fierce' to be happy!
Price £6.99 UK • $9.99 USA • $12.99 CAN
SKU HK5312 Format Hardback • 20.5x20.5cm • £6.99 • 32 pages •  pictures
ISBN 978-1-787113-12-1 UPC 6-36847-01312-7
The latest from our blog …
Amazing Freya helps to find protected newts!
Working dogs help us in so many ways. Springer Spaniel Freya, has been trained to identify a rare amphibian, the Great Crested Newt.
(Photos in article courtesy of Nick Upton)
A Giant Leap ... Backwards
You don’t need us to tell you how cruel and damaging whaling is, and how vital it is not to let large-scale commercial whaling resume in any capacity. We can all do our bit, and to find out how you can help, take a look at the Whale & Dolphin Conservation website, see the incredible work they’re doing across the globe. 

Chinese New Year of the Pig
Pigs have made headlines as designer pets of the moment, since the early 2000s. As a result of the 'micro pig' trend, many animals have been surrendered to shelters that are already bursting at the seams.  New title from Hubble & Hattie Kids!, 'Indigo Warriors: the Adventure Begins' highlights the dedication required to bring porcine pets into your life. If you're short on space, time, and resources, a guinea pig might be better choice!

Catch-up with all our latest blog news at http://hubbleandhattie.blogspot.co.uk
Mike & Scrabble …
A guide to training your new Human
By Scrabble, as dictated to Mike Dicks… 

With each edition of Animal Magic, we'll be bringing you words of wisdom from the funny and inspiring book by Jackshund, Scrabble, and his Human, Mike.
Watch out for more musings from Mike & Scrabble in the next edition of Animal Magic; in the meantime, follow Scrabble's adventures (captured via mobile phone camera, thanks to Mike's opposable thumbs), on Facebook:

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