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February 2023 IN THIS ISSUE:
 Yes, V is for Valentine!

 Yet in speaking, there are Vital V's
that will Validate and Value your Vision! 

A speech or presentation is like a journey where you take your audience with you and keep them with you until you reach your intended destination.  Your speech's success is measured by having listeners take heed to your vision or message. Not only do you need to ensure the written component is plotted out well, but the connecting communication tools of voice and body language in its delivery make the content come alivefor your audiences!
Do you breathe life into your carefully planned speeches?

Do you sound conversational and real, not contrived and mechanical?

Which of the viable, valuable V items are you making use when speaking?


Quotation of the month:
 "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the
journey that matters, in the end."  Ursula Le Guin, novelist, poet 
Pack Vital V's into your luggage to Validate and Value your Vision!

2 V items to discard/leave behind ... NEVER pack into your luggage for your speaking journey
  • being a verbose speaker by squeezing too much information in and leaving the audience confused, taking nothing from your speech and consequently, no action on their part. When you squeeze too much information in, you squeeze your audience out!
  • demonstrating vanity making yourself the guru, the source of wisdom, the hero one wants to hear a know-it-all; they want to identify with someone who is similar, who also struggled with a problem and who learned a process, a formula, a few steps that helped you reach success in a specific area (their thinking? "If he/she can do it, then maybe so can I")

V items to pack into your luggage so your audience will want to journey with you from the start and stay with you until the end of your speech
  • vision of the destination which is a clear, concise take away message that promises benefits for the audience, is ‘YOU’ or audience focused; so that there is no doubt in their minds where you taking them and why.
  • variety in voice: projection (loud and soft), pitch (highs and lows), pace (fast and slow) and appropriately timed pauses ( so they can reflect)
  • vivid vocabulary that paints pictures in the audience's minds; effective use of metaphors to describe a person, place, event, situation
  • versatility to be spontaneous if need be  ability to be in the moment, get 'off script' and go with the flow of an unexpected situation
  • visual reaction before or after verbal statement by pausing and demonstrating a facial expression - an opportunity for humour; observe comics skilfully do this

  • variety in vitality (enthusiasm, energy) Since 'sameness is the enmy of the speaker', remember if you're always dynamic, you're never dynamic! So take them on a roller coaster ride of emotions
   Incorporating the above vital V items into your speaking ensure a victorious voyage for your speech since your viewpoints will be valued by audiences who will:
-  want to journey with you throughout your speech
-  not stop listening ... until you have finished speaking...and then..
take action to your message!
  Until next month, successful speaking to you
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