Taste of the Wild Cat Food:
There have been a lot of complaints about this food. But it's unknown if there is a problem with the food or whether other issues are at fault.
Worried about pet food safety? Report Problems to the FDA!
Monitor the latest recalls:
Shelter feed links:
Have you ever considered feeding your cat raw meat?
If you're considering adding or switching to raw food for your cat, here is a helpful article that is especially useful for the beginner or if you like to follow a recipe and are a natural at "micro-managing" things:

That is a good article, but I do it very differently for my cats. I gave up grinding the meat, for one thing. Too much trouble. Then, adding all the recommended supplements can be expensive. I now follow a different protocol that more closely "mimics" the raw prey model and allows the cats to chew the meat as well as gnaw on the bones, which I leave intact for that purpose.
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Aug. 7, 2017
Pet Holidays and Observances for August

Aug. 8: International Cat Day, or, World Cat Day.

Aug. 15: National Check the Chip Day. AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) joined together to create “Check the Chip Day.”

Aug. 17: National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Aug. 20: International Homeless Animals’ Day®

Aug. 22: National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Aug. 28: Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Aug. 30: National Holistic Pet Day

Week 4: Be Kind to Humans Week

Coming up next month:

Happy Healthy Cat Month
with an update on the Happy Healthy Cat Handbook soon to be published.
Survey Results - Upcoming Book
Thanks to everyone who responded to my survey in June about what kind of book you'd like to read next. Nearly 100% of you specifically want to see something about cat health, with other topics filling out the rest of the preferences.
My co-author, Paul DeCeglie, and I are working on health articles and tips already. We think you will be pleased with the book! 

Speaking of Cat Health and Behavior
Pet Cancer Survey:
This site is looking for information from pet owners who have lost one or more pets to cancer. They believe gathering this information will provide real insight into the current pet cancer epidemic.

Is your cat being aggressive? Here are two websites with some helpful information on what causes it and what you can do about it:
How to repel cats from your yard:

Here's another way, probably more effective than the usual methods,
to keep marauding stray and neighborhood cats out of your yard.

Here's a novel way to help cats that have been poisoned with antifreeze, and it's probably their best bet for survival:
Helpful Tips if You Have Lost a Pet

Recovery Tips:

Prevention Tip:   One time cost $29, no subscription, free shipping (check site to be sure). No, I don't get a commission. Wish I did.

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