Hi fellow cat lover!

This issue, I have some interesting things to
share with you.

1. Health insurance for pets
2. Sign a petition to protect the jaguar
3. Rescued cat in France


The U.S. Congress (House) just voted to expand health
insurance for children, making health care
more available for families living above the
poverty level (below poverty level gives them
free care through agencies like Social Services,
etc.). It's not final until the Senate votes, too.
But then, the President has indicated he
will just veto it. We'll see what happens, but this
still shows a trend that will eventually gather
some momentum one day.

So, what about our pets? The cost of veterinary
care has gone through the roof for many people,
too, and is one of the biggest reasons pets are
surrendered at shelters now.

This has fueled the movement to provide insurance
for cats and dogs, too. I just heard that Progressive,
a relatively new company that has some cute ads on
TV, now provides auto accident insurance for cats
and dogs! You can read more about it at my blog:

But that's only for injuries while in your car.
Health care can be quite costly, too, but there
are several companies that provide that kind of
coverage as well. They have been around for a while
now, as this movement gains momentum.

The two I've heard about are Shelter Care and Veterinary
Pet Insurance, or, VPI.


Here are some useful websites. Some are repeats,
some are new. If you have any to suggest, let me
know! I'll add them to my list.

If you are up to signing a petition, here is one
that might help to protect the jaguar from even more
habitat infringement, in the form of that fence the
government wants to build along the Mexican border:

My blog:
(You can add your own comments on this.)

Dr. Jones' site has a ton of helpful information for you.

Enter your topic of interest in the search box at the top
of the page, such as "Flea control" or "Pet Food Safety"
or any subject you need help with. They sell natural and
organic products at reasonable prices. Bookmark this one
for future reference.


A wonderful story about a cat from France was just sent
to me and I'd like to share it with you. Be sure to keep a
tissue handy... it's very heartwarming and sad at the
same time. You may need to wipe a tear... but you will
smile, too.

Thank you, Veronique!



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