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More Money Out Of Your Pocket When Fluffy Goes To The Vet?

By Ms PM

ObamaCare strikes again! It’s looking like this slithering two headed beast, over time, will be reminiscent of a walk in the jungle. Watch where you walk because if you’re not paying attention you just might encounter that big snake stalking you at your every move ready to spring into action and have you for lunch. Some could say that deal is already done.

In this article it shows the possibility of another back door increase that follows suit with that historical saying of “we have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

In Racine County, Dr. John Belz, a veterinarian, bought a drug dispensing device that use to cost $45,000. It now cost $49,000, and if you’re curious about the increase, use that 800 number, call your great King of the Hill, and ask why.

The manufacturer said the 9% increase was due to the Affordable Care Act. This falls under the tax on medical devices, so suck it up and be ready to pay more. The tax will take approximately $30 billion from our wallets to once again pay for those who can’t pay their own way, or as we like to call it, a redistribution of wealth.

The American Veterinary Medical Association is vocal about the unintended consequences as these devices will only be used on those of the four legged variety. Belz estimates a conservative 70% of these devices are used for people and no distinction was made in the ACA when it came to a use solely on animals. This “one size fits all” approach is the same as people no longer in their child bearing age having to pay for maternity and birth control. We also wonder if sex toy devices will have a new tax as well as blow up dolls used for therapy!

A major concern about these “pass along to the consumer price hikes” will be those who will no longer be able to afford veterinary care. Welcome to a wonderful life with ObamaCare. One question; would the masses of asses vote him back in office now?


Tulsa Republicans to Host Rafael Cruz Bar B Que

Everyone by now has heard of the Standing For Liberty event that features Rafael Cruz, Congressman Jim Bridenstine, Larry Pratt, and Oliver North. The November 3rd event will be at the Mabee Center in Tulsa Oklahoma . The doors open at 3 pm, show starts at 4 pm.

Click here for more information.

You can count on Ted Cruz running for president one day so this Tulsa area meet and greet with Cruz’s father is sure to be one of the opening steps. The cost of the bar b que event is $25.00 plus a small ticketing fee. The event will be held on November 3rd from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, after the Standing For Liberty event. The location is Pharridge Party Barn, 10301 South Garnett Road, Broken Arrow OK, Here is the link to purchase the tickets.
Paid for or Just Feeling His Way?
By the Watchman
Once again we find ourselves dealing with a Senator who just completed his first session as a Freshman Senator in the State of Oklahoma. It’s difficult to tell if he was influenced by his donors, or if he was feeling his way through his first session. Our first indication comes from his campaign web page. Our doubts about the Conservative politics of any Republican are called into question when they adopt the Democratic tactic of not identifying their party in their campaign literature and web sites. This is inexcusable.

We next went to to the Ratings and Endorsement page to see what was available.

2012 NRA Candidate Position on Gun Rights 92%

Over the course of our previous investigations, we have found that the ratings from the NRA are not always reliable.

We next went to to look at his campaign finances. There were ample donations from special interest groups, corporations and unions. We next did a simple google search to see what information was available on the web on the senator. We were surprised to find that there wasn’t a Wikipedia entry on him. We did find a disturbing page on his endorsement page of his campaign web site. This is what we found, Larry Boggs Oklahoma State Senate District Seven. As conservatives, we don’t appreciate candidate accepting donations from the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce let alone publicizing an endorsement such as this. This is a clear indication that the senator will listen to what the State Chamber will say when it comes to how to vote. This does not bode well for his conservative image.
We also found this article to give you a small indicator of how he voted during his first session as a Senator. The problem we found with the site was with the campaign contributions. It doesn’t show an accurate figure for the total campaign figures for the Senator generated for the cycle.
We next took a look at his voting record for this session. Here is what we found.
Driver’s License Fee Increase Voted Yea-Liberal
Workers Comp Reform Voted Yea-Liberal
Nondiscrimination in Treatment-Voted Yea-Did Not Vote
Morning After Pill Voted Nea-Liberal
Health Insurance Mandate Voted Yea-Liberal
That’s ten votes that are important to Oklahoma citizens. He missed one vote, made five (5) conservative votes and four (4) Liberal votes. That gives him a RINO Index Score of 55. That is not good. It takes a minimum score of 70 to be considered a conservative. We understand that this was his first session, but he must do better if he wants to grab the mantle of a conservative politician. He has a lot of work to do.
We next went to to look at his campaign finances.
Now the one thing that really bothers us about election politics is individual donations coming from out of state. If a candidate truly wants to represent the state, friend or no friend, they should return all out of state individual donations. You are supposed to be in this for the people of your district and the State of Oklahoma, not to line your pockets. We reviewed Senator Boggs Schedule As and found fourteen (14) instances where he accepted donations from individuals from out of state. Those donations totaled $6,475.00. Now that doesn’t sound like much and it’s not, but was it necessary to have in his campaign, the answer is no. He ran un-opposed.
We next took a look at some of the unions, corporations, PACs and special interest groups that contributed to his campaign. Here is some of what we found.
Sep. 10, 2012 Okla. State Republican Senatorial Committee $5,000.00

Sep. 21, 2012 Republican Senate Victory Fund $5,000.00
Both of these committees donated after the race became a one man race.
Oct. 03, 2012 ONEOK Inc. PAC, Tulsa, Ok $ 500.00
Oct. 10, 2012 Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce $2,000.00
Oct. 19, 2012 Devon Energy Corporation PAC $5,000.00

All three of these organizations are major backers of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. They wouldn’t support a candidate without the State Chambers approval.

Nov. 08, 2012 Monsanto Company Citizenship Fund $ 500.00

This is one we have a hard time understanding. With most of the world rejecting Monsanto’s GMO seeds as causing untold health problems, why would any candidate, especially one whose business is in agriculture ever accepting a donation from Monsanto.

Senator Boggs we do understand that this was your first session and your first campaign. You have time to get your act together. There is nothing wrong with identifying the political party you belong to in your campaign literature, on your campaign signs or on your campaign web site. If you’re afraid to identify yourself as a Republican there, than you’re not a Republican. You must always remember that the party has a platform that it must, let us say that again, that you must live by. Do not let those liberal RINO Republicans who are currently in leadership positions there deter you from conservative values. Go charging into the next session with a new awareness of what it takes to be a conservative Republican. 

School Board Elections? Oh, No One Votes in Those….

Everyone has heard that bit of advice, not to waste your time voting in the school board elections because chances are you never heard of any of the people and that it isn’t important anyway. Or so they say.
But the political reality is that school board elections are an excellent way to make your vote count because so few people actually do turn out to vote. Sometime hundreds or a few thousand, might be dozens on occasion. And these folks decide how our children are taught in the government schools.
That was brought home to one long time political consultant that lives in Oklahoma. Below is his letter to his local school board:

Dear Board Members, 

Sure enough, my daughter was pulled out today for your random drug test.  It is not surprising, she is involved in music and is a trainer, so her odds were twice as high as other students who are only involved in a sport.  She is a freshman, straight A student, was adjusting well to high school and was getting involved in many activities.

Now she is embarrassed and is so mad about this invasion of her person she doesn’t want to participate any more.  She was going to work as a trainer for the baseball team, but not now.  And why should she?  She volunteers many hours to be a trainer to help out and her reward is she has to pee in a cup.  Guess what she won’t be doing next year?    

Hope you all are feeling great because “you did something about drugs.”  What you really did, was tick off, demoralized, embarrassed and created a more apathetic 14 year old girl who no longer wants to participate in activities at her school.  She sees the administration as arbitrary and draconian.    

Every study I have seen shows that random (suspicionless) drug testing does nothing to change the rate of drug use in a school population.  I shared with you the serious research done by US Department of Education showing this type of program does NOTHING to change the rate of drug abuse by students.  You choose to ignore it.  You didn’t do any studies to do see if we even had a drug problem or how big it was so hence you can’t verify that the program does anything positive to stop drug use.    

But I can report with absolute certainty that it has resulted in a decrease in involvement in extracurricular activities of at least one student. 

But this isn’t an ordinary parent venting to his elected officials; this is a man that has lived and breathed politics for decades so he decided to act and asked if we would write a story about the need for conservative school board candidates in general and in particular if we could help recruit school board candidates for two districts.

Below is the rest of the story:

Candidate filing for school board positions is the first week of December.  The elections are in February. 

It is actually a little tricky to figure out what candidates are up on any given year, but there are two I am very interested in right now.

Putnam City Board

Tammy West, President, Office No. 4 (term expires 2014) 

Her district goes from Lake Overholster, Wiley Post Airport, and North to Wilshire.  Here is a link to the district maps

The other district is Edmond District 4, Stephanie Bills is the appointed board member who replaced George earlier this year. Here is the district map for District Four.

Beginning at intersection of 15th and Boulevard; south to 33rd (NW 150); west to Kelly; south to Memorial Road; east to Eastern/Boulevard; south to 1/2 mile south of Memorial Road; west to a point 1/2 mile west of Meridian; north 1 mile to a point located 1/2 mile north of Memorial Road; east one mile to a point located 1/2 mile east of Meridian; north to 15th (NW 164th); east on 15th to Eastern/Boulevard (beginning point.) 
Both of these districts have rather draconian drug testing programs.  There is no one on either board who will speak out against suspicionless drug testing.  So I am looking for candidates for these positions. 


I just met a nice woman who had a horrible time with the idiot policies at Edmond.  Her daughter refused to do the drug test and was loudly accused of being a “druggie” by an assistant principal and kicked off the debate team (which she was taking as an academic class).  Her daughter was so traumatized by the events that followed that she has withdrawn from the school district and is going to a charter school.

Now it has happened to my daughter in Putnam City Schools. (see my letter to the school board below)
If you:

1)      Live in these districts
2)      Have a High School education or equivalent
3)      No record of felonies or misdemeanor embezzlement

Will you please consider becoming a candidate?  We can’t beat someone with no one. 

I have the list of voters in these districts.  I have lists of large numbers of conservative/liberty voters in these districts.  I am willing to put my 28 years of political experience behind you, help you raise the money needed to run and give you a great campaign plan.

I am not asking you to commit, just consider.  There are six weeks before you have to make a final decision.  You should get all the facts and look at what is involved.  The turnout for school board elections is surprisingly small. 

All I am asking for is if you or if you know someone who would make a good liberty candidate please let me know by sending me an email.

Kirk Shelley
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