Refirement Network :: May 2018


Dear Refirement members,

The seasons change and the year marches on. This has been a busy year for me so far. We are busy with the design and development of the 50Plus-Skills website and hope to go live soon. This has been a long-term dream and it is wonderful to see it coming alive. I can’t wait to share with you.

I have just finished running my 6th group online with my course Finding passion, purpose and a pay cheque 50+. I love this process and the end results I see in each person. It is not easy to move from fulltime employment to what may be next and if you want to keep earning and growing this course is a great way to do so. Look at this link and read up more about the process.

I did a wonderful session last Friday for members of a pension fund from one of our major universities. There were more than 50 members all retiring soon. We are all unique and think we are prepared but I have had great feedback about the learning and challenges faced. Worth considering for your company or fund.

I have just had my family visiting from Thailand. One of the greatest gifts for me in this season is being able to manage my time and to spend quality time with those I love when they are present. The joy of working virtually allows me to work and be present without travel backwards and forwards to an office. Structure and taking control of my integrated life in this season is a joy.

Enjoy the articles and please visit the links. Enjoy the rest of May and wrap up warmly.


Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network.
Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.



I am excited about the launch of the 50Plus-Skills platform. There is lots to do in this nation and we sit with skills and wisdom in our cohort of society.

Please look at the home page of the website and list your email address there to stay informed of the launch:

We also have a very active group on Facebook. Please join us:

Refirement in the media

We have had two great pieces of work in the media over the last few weeks. Firstly, from my friends over at Retire Successfully who have written an overview of my journey and the dream of the Skills Bank. Read more

Secondly, from a USA network called Encore Network. This organisation has been a great place to learn and connect over the years as I have built Refirement Network. Here they interview me about what the challenges and opportunities are for our generation in South Africa. Read more

Building your brand and becoming an entrepreneur 50+

Building and becoming an entrepreneur is an opportunity for many of us in this season. There are steps to follow to help mould and create success. Read this article to help you on your journey.

This past week as I have been building the kinds of work that we may be able to offer and think about at 50Plus-Skills one word kept coming up. TEACH. Just teach.

I have written up some ideas of what this means and how we can all add value and teach in this season. Read more.




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