The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Hash 1353
The Wheatsheaf, Corbridge
Hares Totem, Saw Tongue, Pop and Bella
Totem and Pop’s b*det runs
A select group of hashers arrived on a dank and drizzly evening in Corbridge to be met by 4 cheerful hares. After spotting a
Bella lookalike just outside the car park, the pack of walkers and runners set off into Corbridge village, admiring the charming
stone cottages and floral abundance therein, before heading across the bridge, with an FRB stop on each parapet.  The select
nature of the pack ensured a bumper crop of FRB’s for everyone!
An early indication of the return route was spotted in the form of an On Inn sign floured into the bridge. Whilst this was a
flagrant misdemeanour of the sacred hash rules, it was noted with some  relief as a distinct lack of other bridges would have
promised a somewhat lengthier run.
Turning right along the river,  the pack hailed a school of fly fishing folk, casting lines into the Tyne, before heading inland
along a disused path ( if the nettles were anything to go by) towards Dilston. After Om did a death defying road crossing,
the pack headed past the lovely Dilston Physic garden before  running through some private property - in this case a scout camp.
Roundly scolded by the Scout leader,  the pack, feigning innocence, said they were merely lost, whilst the dozy back runners,  
merrily trampled along behind, hailing scout leaders and scouts alike, blissfully unaware of their trespass. 
“I thought they seemed a bit grumpy” admitted BM to reporters later. “They didn’t seem keen to share their bbq food with me”.  
Signs of further private property in the form of Dilston Castle did little to deter the pack as they hopped over the perimeter and
into the castle. Pausing only to check out the area, they scooted hot foot over the locked gate and to freedom, discovering on
exiting that were actually in Dilston College.  #everydayisaschoolday
After helpfully opening a nearby gate, Pop watched benevolently as the flock disappeared into the fields before the second
hare called them back and led them up another path and across the fields. Pausing only to admire the view, allow Om a
sporting run in the wrong direction, the pack headed down to another field where an abundance of waist high nettles and
barbed wire caused the hares to rethink their short cut strategy, instead taking the pack to a stone wall scramble and  a
6 ft drop onto the nearest road, before tracking back over the railway line and the pub for the circle.
Great Hash, fab pub, great food., thanks to the hares for a fabulous run ( even if their map reading skills were dodgy)
Stats and special notices
New returners – 1 ( Nigel)
Hash hounds – 2
Dolphins - 0  Flying fish - 0
Rabbits v. Tripwire ( Rabbits won)
Nettles – Itchy   Dock leaves – required
Birthday snacks in pub – Masses
Birthdays – 2
Private property v public paths 50/50
Ratio of FRB’s per hasher 5:1
Tyne Valley views – superb
Weather – clammy but dry
Enhanced DBS checks - required
Next Week: The Wellington Hotel,Riding Mill                               Hares:  Counterfeit and Woofers
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