Royal Palace Brussels, paintings of Marthe Wéry  © Karin Borghouts

The Royal Palace in Brussels is open to the public until September 2. In addition to the science park and a special exhibition on the history of the Royal Palace, there are also the permanent works of art by Jan Fabre, Marthe Wéry, Michaël Borremans, Patrick Corrillon and Dirk Braeckman.
Karin Borghouts is photographing in the Royal Palace and the Royal Greenhouses of Belgium since 2011.




Huis de Beir by architect Huib Hoste, 1924, Knokke Belgium,  photo © Karin Borghouts

 The house De Beir is a modernist building designed by the Belgian architect Huib Hoste in 1924. It is situated in Knokke Belgium close to the Northsea. Gallery Ronny Van de Velde commissioned Karin Borghouts to photograph exterior and interiors and organizes four art exhibitions in the house during 2018. The photographs of the house and exhibitionsviews are published in the books accompanying the exhibitions.
Augustus 3 - 23 September 23, 2018

Willy De Sauter (°1938)

Gallery Ronny Van de Velde in the house of Huib Hoste
Dumortierlaan 8 (hoek Mosselmansstraat), 8300 Knokke Belgium
Open fr-sat-sun 12 am - 6 pm

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Paintings of Willy De Sauter in the house Huib Hoste in Knokke Belgium © Willy De Sauter / Karin Borghouts




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