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Rep Shumate married
Oklahoma Senator or Arkansas Senator?
By the Watchman
We know that there are some rough and tumble politics that occur in the Southeastern part of this great state, but it’s time to expose some of the corruption that has been going on down there. Never before have we seen so much disregard for the concerns of the constituents of his districts have we seen as in this report. Never before have we seen so much pettiness and deliberate disregard for the concern of women as we have seen from this first term Senator from the 4th District. May this be his only term in the Senate.
What prompted our review of Senator Allen’s record was his recent vote for Senate Bill 640. He voted yea for another Obamacare bill. This is something that the citizens of Oklahoma rejected by a 70% margin a few years back. Despite what he claims to be, this is definitely not a conservative vote.
We next took a look at the Special Interest Group Ratings. To be honest, we didn’t expect to find much there as he is a freshman Senator Here is what we found.
2011 Research Institute for Economic Development Position for Pro-Business        85%
2012 Oklahoma Sierra Club Position                                                                          0%
2010 NRA Political Victory Fund                                                                                 A-
We next went to to look at his campaign finances. We knew something didn’t look right, so we had to dig a little deeper.
We went back to and went to the Ethics Commission web site to look at his campaign finances. Frankly we were shocked at what we found here. We understand that the ethics committee has a large job to do monitoring these reports, but these should have raised a red flag with both the Ethics Commission and the Tax Commission.
First of all, according to his Statement of Organization, his name as on file is Mark Dean Allen. Now you need to remember that name, because it becomes important a little later on.
We next took a look at the individual statements dealing with monetary contributions from persons other than committees. Once again we have to question whether or not Arkansas is trying to by an Oklahoma State Senate seat. We found individual contributions from Arkansas residents that totaled twelve thousand seven hundredand ten dollars ($12,710.00). That’s a lot of money from out of states residents for a first time Senator Candidate to get.
The one item that really stood out in this portion of the campaign report was a loan made to his campaign Mark Dean Allen that was listed twice as being from an Arkansas address and once from an Oklahoma address. Now it’s not uncommon for a candidate to loan his campaign money, but a listing of a loan of eighty thousand nine hundred and ninety two dollars and seventy eight cents ($80,992.78) from Arkansas twice and then changing it to Oklahoma should raise some questions somewhere in the Ethics Commission.
We next looked at his filings for committee donations. There we found that there were the usual donations from oil companies. Some of these we can expect since he is in the oil business himself, however there are a good many that are associated with the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.
We next went to to look at his campaign web site. What we are sure of is that we can’t tell if he’s a Democrat or Republican. It doesn’t say. We did find this though, Elect Mark Allen, and it does tell you a lot about him, but not his politics.   We also found this Elect Mark Allen. Now so far during his 2010 campaign he sure talked the talk of a Conservative.
Since he’s been in office, he has not been very supportive of his constituents. We found this report, Senator Mark Allen Diagnoses Marital Problems of Consituents | The Lost Ogle. The article didn’t get things quite right because the legislation that Allen authored would have punished women who refused to name the father of a child if the state has to provide benefits for that child.   You can read the full legislation here.
One other thing we found on our google search was a report about how the Senator works for you. Now after everything else we’ve seen, we have to admit, we had to get a chuckle out of this report. It seems that Senator Allen had a sign on his door stating he doesn’t accept gifts from lobbyist-represented entities. You can read the report here, Oklahoma Welcome - MARK ALLEN WORKS FOR YOU - Oklahoma Welcome. If one were to take a look at his financial reports you would find them full of contributions from lobbyist and represented interest. I guess he looks at political contributions as being different than gifts. What a joke. I guess you can take your sign down now Senator.
We next took a look at the Senators voting record on items that mattered to Oklahomans. We took into account that he is a freshman Senator.
HB 1397  Transvestite Birth Certificate Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 2131 Soft On Crime Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SB 154  Quality Jobs Act, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SB 640 Obamacare 2013 Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SB 652, Increase in License Fees, voted yes, liberal vote
This looks like a whole lot of liberal to us. In fact Senator you have a long way to go before you can claim the mantel of a conservative. In fact this is not the type of man that the citizens of Southeastern Oklahoma need to represent them in the halls of the State Senate.
State Chamber of Commerce
The Pimp for the Syphilitic Bastards AKA Oklahoma State Senators
Information has been passed around this week stating that the State Chamber of Commerce is threatening legislators  in support of killing a bill that would study the cost of implementing the Common Core education standards.  Common Core does two things very well; strip local control from parents and school boards and prepare children for a life as a laborer or office drone.   Not a lot of critical thinking skills needed or wanted by the State Chamber members.
The bill in question is Gus Blackwell’s HR 1011 which simply creates a task force for studying the cost of Common Core which is already being implemented in Oklahoma schools.   But to study is to question and we all know that corporate supervisors don’t like being questioned so the State Chamber is lobbying and pressuring legislators to kill HR 1011.
A quick look at the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce 2012 legislative guide confirms that the State Chamber is behind Common Core so when we kept seeing the information below being passed around on several websites and emails we knew it to be accurate.
“The Oklahoma Business Education Coalition, State Chamber, Tulsa Regional and Greater Oklahoma City Chambers have supported implementation of Common Core academic standards since original legislation was enacted in 2010. The Oklahoma business community supports these rigorous Oklahoma adopted standards that are stronger and more consistent. These higher standards put Oklahoma students on a level playing field with students from across the country. We strongly oppose any attempts to slow implementation of Oklahoma adopted standards.”

Drew Dugan
Vice President
Education & Workforce Development
Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
123 Park Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
P: 405.297.8940
C: 405.659.0334
I would think that Drew could use some phone calls.
At least old Drew is upfront about his task, workforce development.   Educate children just enough to follow orders and by Thunder tickets but don’t teach independent thinking and reasoning skills lest the drones pick up on what is being done to their kids.
Konawa Tea Party Meeting Set for May 28th
The Konawa Tea Party one of our favorite groups.  Unabashedly Christian, salt of the earth types, and they aren’t the type to shrink away from rough and tumble politics if that is what is needed.   Their next meeting will be at the Kennedy Library- Dugan Room, at the Konawa School at 701 West South Street in Konawa.   The meeting starts at 7:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm and features the new Oklahoma County GOP Vice Chairwoman Cheryl Williams.  There is an additional speaker, one that isn’t as squeaky clean as Mrs. Williams, and that is the notorious Lukus Collins.  Collins gained notoriety for his involvement in the theft of Dr. Paul’s sign in sheets at the February 28th, 2012 rally at the Capitol in Oklahoma City and faced criticism over an ugly incident at the 2012 State GOP Convention where his wife set tongues a wagging with her behavior.
Lucus Collins did return one of the Dr. Paul rally sign in sheets once he realized that the police would be involved if he refused.    Lucus Collins was also the leader of the aborted attempt to over ride the Dr. Paul 2012 National Campaign here in Oklahoma when he started a competing campaign after not being appointed to lead the 2012 Oklahoma Ron Paul campaign.  The competing group folded after a few weeks after support evaporated for the competing campaign.
Listed as a “Constitutionalist” on the event’s program, one would hope that someone keeps a sharp eye on the other lists at the event.
For more info on the meeting please contact Jerry & Shirley Waddle at
IRON Press Conference Next Week
IRON, Immigration Reform Oklahoma Now, the Oklahoma based anti illegal immigration group is holding a press conference on Tuesday May 21st at the Oklahoma State Capitol 4th Floor Press Room at 10:30 am to promote the defeat of S744, a federal Senate bill that would provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S..
The press conference is one of many planned by a larger national group.
This is our kind of political activist group, no long winded speeches by people enamored of the sound of their own voice, just the facts and IRON lives up to its name in practice, an iron fist in a velvet glove.  The leader of the group is Carol Helms and she is not afraid to go after the crooks and liars that infest the people’s Capitol at 23rd and Lincoln.
For more information visit their website or call Carol at 918-906-6027
If you are the leader of a political activist group contact Carol ASAP and get on board the effort.  IRON welcomes other groups to sign on with the press release and for their leaders to attend the Tuesday press conference.
Child Molestation and the Oklahoma TSA
Who is to blame?  Charlie Meadows of course as he was one of those mainly responsible for tearing down the OCA umbrella group in late 2010 and early 2011.  You see the Sooner Tea Party had supported what turned out to be one hell of a new House member in late 2010 and helped push him into office, defeating a long time liberal Democrat, Glen Bud Smithson.  One of the immediate goals was to pass an anti TSA bill that would have allowed citizens to ask for protection from local law enforcement officers stationed at the airports.  This would have provided a much needed oversight and without spending any additional tax money.   The TSA fears the local law enforcement officers and as the TSA doesn’t have arrest powers they are dependent on them.
But Charlie managed to kill the OCA group right about the time the legislative session opened up in 2011.  Why? Because he and a few other groups couldn’t control the OCA despite being included and being given half of the seats on the board of directors.   And what they can’t control they will kill.    In its place Charlie pushed a new group that imploded after several months for lack of a strong leader.  Bottom line is that many groups are businesses first and foremost and they dislike competition for donations and they don’t like to share credit for legislative victories.  Better to rule in hell than share in heaven is their motto.
Along with the death of the OCA came the defeat of the anti TSA bill that we had helped write.  The bill died in committee without even a hearing and at that point we had been damaged heavily by Charlie’s actions so we didn’t have the clout to support our legislator that had courageously authored and filed the bill.  Had the OCA survived there is no doubt that the anti TSA bill would have been signed into law or even had it been defeated the local feds at the TSA would have had the stuffing scared out of them and would have cleaned up their act.
But Charlie won and the story below should be laid squarely on his ample belly so he has to look at it for the rest of his days.
Andrew Griffin of the Red Dirt Report reported on a story last week where a teenage girl was molested by Oklahoma City TSA agents.
The RDR article called out the TSA as thugs and bullies and reported an instance of child molestation as well as the often reported goal of spreading the TSA’s duties to buses, trains, even on our nation’s highways.  The report focused on a whistleblower who used to work at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City that gave some inside information on the daily train of abuses against citizens.
The story recounts the story of a middle aged mother whose teenaged daughter was taken into a back room and fondled.  The child was around 14 to 16 years old and after a long time came out of the interrogation room shaking and drying tears from her face.   The inside source said that the child said:
 “Mom, they did bad things to me.”
I won’t give away the entire article but the RDR article did approach the TSA for a comment by  contacting their regional media relations coordinator.   And his name?    Luis Casanova…. You just can’t make this kind of stuff up.
The comment section is worth reading and from the looks of it the local TSA agents are watching and responding to the comments.  I would highly recommend everyone post a comment and let these animals know what we truly think of them.   One  really great suggestion posted there was to retaliate against TSA agents outside of their work place.   The one downside would be that such treatment would drive the few decent people from the ranks of the TSA and leave the sociopaths in place.  Then again treating them like a red headed stepchild of a telemarketer might just make them start acting like human beings again.
And never forget Charlie Meadows’s part in all of this.  Had he not gone after the OCA the anti TSA agent bill would have made these goons answer for their crimes in state courts and that mother could have called  911 and received justice. 
Senator Brian Bingman
Throughout this year a low profile proxy war has been waged between the Governor and  the Senate. The prize of this war has been the end of the Conservative movement in Oklahoma and the dominance of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce as the true power base in the state legislative process. The ultimate prize has been the long sought Obama Care in Oklahoma.
Those of you familiar with the fight here in Oklahoma are aware that the citizens have rejected Obama Care by a resounding 70% at the polls in 2010. Still the Republican dominated legislature kept trying to implement the Health Insurance Exchanges and if it had not been for We the People of this great state raising such a ruckus we would have Obama Care in the state. Instead we sent the federal money back and have managed to keep the State Chamber at bay on the issue.
Since the initial victory by the people, it has been an annual event for the legislature to attempt an Obama Care bill into the mix. Every year it has been defeated. This year they got close. The Senate passed SB 640 with an astounding 44 votes. The House made a few changes and passed it with an astonishing 90 votes and it went to a conference committee. Here is where the Senate Leadership actually blew it.
During the Conference Committee, the Senate representatives tried to overreach and undo everything that the House had changed. They refused to budge on the issues and the House representatives on the committee refused to cave in to the Senates demands allowing the bill to die the Conference Committee.  All of this was done while the news media and Conservative action groups were distracted by trumped up charges of blackmail against a Tea Party leader.
Senator Bingman, you have graduated from the Obama School of Politics.
Senator Bingman tried to make people believe that this bill would bring Obama Care money into the state without the bureaucracy of the federal government. This was evident in the report from the Tulsa World here, Bill to take Medicaid money won't be heard this year | Tulsa World. Needless to say Bingman has let his masters at the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce down again.  Let’ take a look at Bingman and see who is pulling his puppet strings.
We began our research by going to and going to the Senators web site. As we suspected, it was the typical brag sheet. Although it lists many public statements that he made, none of the ones listed dealt with the Health Care bill. We did not find that strange as it is not habit for politicians to list public statements on their defeats.
The one press release that caught our attention was the Senate Agenda. It caught our eye because Senator Bingman apparently thinks that funding this abomination of education reform called the Common Core Standards is historic, it actually shows that the Senator has no clue as to how destructive this program is. Either that, or it’s that he owns an interest in the program.
We next did a records check with the Oklahoma Courts System to see what information was available there. Here we learned that he was sued in District Court over the re-districting plan in the state. You can read about it here. Now this suit was dismissed, but it indicates a hint of dishonesty in the Senate redistricting plan. There is even the potential for redistricting to remove or reduce the chances for a Senator to retain his seat. Now granted this happens all the time, but never so flagrantly.
We next looked at their Special Interest Group ratings. We were not surprised at what we found. Here is an example.
2011 Research Institute for Economic Development Pro Business Positions            98%
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development Pro Business Positions            100%
2009 OKWatchdog Positions on Consumer and Patient Advocacy                            64%
2008 Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety                                         66%
The way to read these scores is the higher the score, the more State Chamber oriented he is. As you can tell he is not very consumer oriented. It’s a small wonder he likes to give your tax dollars to his business cronies.
We found his positions on Child Advocacy disturbing. We found these ratings indicating a steady decline. Unfortunately nothing has been reported since 2008.
2008 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy Positions on Youth Issues               67%
2007 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy Positions on Youth Issues               80%
2005 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy Positions on Youth Issues               90%
As you can see he cares little for the youth of our state.
We next went to to see what they had on his campaign finances. We were not surprised by what we found. Foe someone who campaigned as a conservative, he had no problem taking money from unions and the organization that was formerly known as ACORN. We weren’t completely satisfied with what we found, so we decided to dig deeper.
We went back to and went to the Ethics Commission web site to look at what they had available. We started with his campaign for re-election in 2014. Yes he already has started raising funds for his re-election.
Among the personal donations were two executives of the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration. Now we were not exactly clear as to the purpose of this organization so we did some investigating. What we found is this organization is backed by some of the major players pushing the Common Core Curriculum in our state and in the county. Here is a list of some of their sponsors. Is this the reason he supports the Common Core Curriculum? He also accepted funds from Obama supporter and bundler George Kaiser.
Looking at the Committees and PACs that have donated, we again were not surprised to find that the field was dominated by unions and PACs that dealt with special interest. The one that we found particularly disturbing was this one
Merck              Sept 6, 2012                $1,000.00
Merck had just sold the rights to eugenics research to the Bill Gates foundation before this donation was made. Does he really want to be associated with a company that was involved with eugenics research?
We also took a look at his 2010 campaign finances. We found virtually the same thing there. He again took money from Merck while they still were doing eugenics research. You can’t be pro-life and accept money from an organization involved in this type of research. We also found this.
Roche Inc. Good Governance Comm.             Oct. 14, 2010              $200.00
We had dealt with Hoffman LaRoche before. This is what we had found. Hoffmann-La Roche Summary | OpenSecrets. Is this legal? Does this warrant an investigation by the ethics committee? We think so. This is a foreign owned company injecting funds into our state politics. This should not happen.
We also found that the usual suspects dominated his campaign finances. Corporations associated with the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce were the biggest contributors. Next came the Political Action Committees associated with the health care industry. Since both the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and the Health Care Industry support Obama Care, is it any wonder that we get some proposed form of Obama Care each year. It seems the politicians are bound and determined to produce Obama Care for their slave masters, the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.
We next decided to take a look at votes on subject that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.
HB 2130  Obama Care, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1593  Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act, Voted No, Liberal Vote
HB 1647 Open Carry Bill, Voted No, Liberal Vote
SB 154  Quality Jobs Act, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SB 2131 Certain Sentences to be Served Concurrently, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SB 2169 Oklahoma Health Care Authority Authorizing Fund, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
SB 640 Obamacare 2013 Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
According to this voting record you receive a RINO Index score of 11. That is only 59 points below what it takes to be considered a conservative. What a disgrace.
People the evidence are clear. We have a liberal President Pro-Tem of the Senate who appointed likeminded Committee Chairs in the Senate. That is the reason a majority of the Conservative bills that were proposed did not make it through the Senate. It is painfully clear that the current leadership of the Oklahoma State Senate is working for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and against the People of the state of Oklahoma. It is time to bring these two corrupt entities to an end. It is time to end the political career of Senator Brian Bingman.
Morality and Integrity
The Ultimate Fight for Freedom
Are the lack of morals and integrity the root of our problems? How many believe the old adage, this is just the way it has always worked and there isn’t anything I can do to change it? How many think that by believing this, it’s merely a justification for doing nothing? Doesn’t this allow things to continue like a run-away train that was wrecked before it left the station? Who believes that until the chains break, we are doomed to tighten those very chains around our necks, twisted like a tourniquet, until the lifeblood flows from a nation under attack? Isn’t our lack of participation the very culprit of why our leaders think they are above the average citizen? It took this country a long time to get where it is today. Why on earth are there people that continue to think a free society is something that happens while you sleep and magically appears if you sleep long enough?
Taking out corrupt politicians is the same as cleaning up dog turds in your yard. If you never pick them up you end up with an overabundance of stinky substance that infiltrates your nose and eventually creeps into your home on a warm and windy day. If you pick them up daily you keep it manageable.
Politicians are no different. You go after them daily, never to rid yourself of the chore, but you do keep it at a tolerable level rather than letting it become an overwhelming problem. The one difference is you could get rid of your dog.  The moral thing to do is clean it up, your family and neighbors will probably never notice until you let it pile up and then have to deal with the stench coming from your yard. Is there anyone that believes it is your neighbor’s responsibility to come over and clean up your yard? Probably not, so why is it your neighbor’s responsibility to fight for your freedom? The moral of the story is don’t elect turds to represent you. If all you have to pick from are turds, pick the best turd, and commit yourself to keeping the turd walking a straight and narrow path.
What exactly is morality? Generally speaking, is it considered “the right conduct?” Who among us has known since they were growing up what is right or wrong? How many times have you watched someone say one thing then turn around and do something totally opposite? How often have you given the wrong person the benefit of the doubt, and then when they go against what you already knew to be true, you have taken on the role of victim? How many continue to ride this dead horse?
Our Founding Fathers knew what we would be up against. How many live and to what degree do they live with a lack of morals? Have you thought about the line you cross as you make excuses for the decisions you make? Can you read the quotes below and still justify what the impact will be in the daily life of a struggling nation when you sit on the sidelines and watch from afar?
"Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself."
 John Adams
"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
 Samuel Adams
"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"
 Benjamin Franklin
"Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants."
 Benjamin Franklin
"Bad men cannot make good citizens. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience are incompatible with freedom."
 Patrick Henry
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
 Abraham Lincoln
 "We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts--not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
 Abraham Lincoln
 "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government."
 Thomas Paine
The cold hard truth comes from Abraham Lincoln. "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." Just how many cowards are there among us? How many coulda, woulda, shoulda have done something?
What exactly is integrity? Is it no more than honesty and sincerity? Who out there lives by integrity? Why has the term “as is” been adopted when we sell something? Is it because there is more value placed on the monetary gain than on the honesty of a seller? Is there anyone wondering why that “as is” term isn’t placed on those we elect? Truly, the only difference is you can, by your due diligence, find out if a used vehicle is worthy of the price before you purchase. This isn’t such an easy task when it comes to elections. The cover-up is done with great finesse.  If we knew beforehand what we come to know after an election our responsibilities as constituents would be much easier. We elect those who impose their laws that protect them and their friends only later to justify our apathy by doing nothing. Isn’t this attitude of I did my part by voting, but someone else can clean up the mess left by rotten politicians prevalent in today’s society?
If integrity is about honesty and sincerity, and morality about choosing the right behavior, then why do we have so many that adopt a “do nothing” attitude? If it is so easy for citizens to allow their elected representatives to run over them then why is it so hard to believe those very representatives will continue to do just that? Is there anyone that doesn’t believe we teach people how to treat us? Why is it easier to believe your fight becomes fruitless? Is it that we live in a time of instant gratification with the assumption of if it doesn’t happen immediately we take that as failure?
The ones we elect do not have the problem. They’re living large on your money with a bankrupt value system. We grew these out of control beasts. Each day is a new chapter in the loss of freedom and liberty and for anyone that thinks there is nothing they can do to stop these lying, greedy bastards they are absolutely correct…that is if your choice is to do nothing. No one has the crystal ball and how is it that anyone knows their efforts did no good? There is a big picture here. Remove the blinders for any self-serving rewards. Is it really easier to believe your efforts go un-noticed? An empty heart does little to guide anyone in the fight for freedom.
Republican Majority but Hardly Republican in Fact
By the Watchman
CapitolBeat OK newsletter got it wrong this time.
On Monday, May 13th, RNC Chairman Rance Priebus paid a visit to Oklahoma City. Apparently he believes that Oklahoma is a good example of how the Republican Party should look. You can read the article here, RNC’s Priebus says Oklahoma is model for “transformational” Republican Party. Needless to say we couldn’t disagree more. This is coming from a man who is so incompetent that he lost a sure fire election in 2012 to the most corrupt President in American History.
It has been suggested that with the added numbers of Republicans in the legislature after the 2012 elections that they must govern with a broader range of ideology. Why? They are Republicans. The party has a platform that they are supposed to support. If they don’t there should be rules in place for them to be disciplined but the RINOs in charge of the GOP have managed to stave off any attempt at disciplining GOP elected officials.  Lest we forget the former State GOP Chairman, Matt Pinnell, didn’t believe in disciplining elected officials if they violated the rules even if other elected officials asked for it.
Mr. Pinnell was given credit for the growth of the party during his tenure as GOP Chair. You can read a story on it here. Will someone please tell me how this helps build the reputation of the Oklahoma GOP when we send people to Congress who are facing indictment for gun trafficking? Can someone tell me how it improves the image of the Oklahoma Republican Party when the State Chair supports RINO Republicans over Conservative Republicans during the primary season? Or how failing to discipline Republicans who openly and publicly support Democrats in their campaigns over a qualified Republican candidate enhances the reputation of the Party? It wasn’t his leadership that got the Conservatives into office. It was the hard work of the candidates and the grass roots movements that were here long before him that got them in office.
Then there was the Oklahoma State GOP Convention and the National GOP Convention. How disgraceful were the actions of the State Chair in both instances. Well you can read about it here. This letter does more to explain the complete violation of party rules than anything else I’ve seen.What a disgrace.
Then there is this video Matt Pinnell « ArleneArmy's Blog. At a time when the Republican Party is doing everything it can to attract minority voters to the party, these sure smacks of racism to me. How dare this punk show such disrespect to this Registered Republican minority voter. This isn’t the days of Jim Crowe, Matt.
When he realized his mistake, after taking some heat, there was this, Oklahoma GOP Chairman Called Me Apologizing for Ousting me from HQ Bldg | Peace . Gold . Liberty | Revolution. This could have been avoided if he would have afforded this veteran the respect she was due. I guess you learn to expect such attitudes from those who refuse to take the time to serve their country in such an honorable profession as the military.
We can thank the RNC Chair for one thing. That is ridding us of the plague of this clown who thought he knew how to lead to a conservative majority by placing RINOs in office. Thank you Mr. Priebus for taking Mr. Pinnell off our hands.
The bad news is they’ve elected another RINO to be the state GOP Chair by a narrow margin. This should serve as a warning to all Conservative activist groups out there. Our work is not done. We will need to work just as hard to get our candidate into office this next year as we did over the last few years. We’ll also have to work hard to overcome the effects of Mr. Pinnell’s poor leadership.
This should serve as a warning to the new GOP State Chair also. We are awake. We are aware of your politics and we won’t tolerate poor leadership and corruption. We expect equal treatment of all candidates and punishment for those elected officials that violate party rules. That includes discipline for those who violated party rules by supporting a Democratic candidate over a Republican candidate during the last election cycle. We will be watching.
Here is the 2013 OKLAHOMA COUNTY SHERIFf contact info  
2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do. 
Here are the updated House members email addresses in three blocks of Thirty- four each and updated senate emal addresses in one block
Who is my state representative and my state Senator?   Click here to find out  
Here is the Senate Directory
Here is the House Directory
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Money is always needed for printing costs, postage, sign materials, and robo call costs.  We are tightfisted; we will spend your hard earned money wisely and frugally as we do our very best to clean up Oklahoma politicians so we can begin to clean up our country.
You can donate by sending a check to Sooner Tea party, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127  or visit and use the Paypal donation button.