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Dr. Alfonsina Q. (Nina) Davies Epilepsy Foundation
 IN MEMORIAM (1958 - 2011)             April  2014
THE MISSION of the Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies Epilepsy Foundation is to improve the lives of those afflicted through increased research efforts, a better treatment modality and the elimination of the stigma and prejudice that surrounds this disease in all facets of public life. 
This month we celebrate Nina’s life
     Nina was an exemplary human being in spite of having to deal with seizures from the day she was born.  She never gave up hope or gave into the physical and mental devastation that epilepsy causes in an individual.  She was a hero for she fought to have a normal life and to achieve all her goals despite her handicap.
     She had brain surgery as a teenager and was free of seizures for a short period of time.  Prior to that, the seizures were so serious and frequent that she would land in the emergency room practically every night. From the time she was 13 until her first surgery she and her family lived a  nightmare.
     By her 20th birthday she had earned a BA and had a job as a teacher, by 25 she married and by 27 had earned a Doctorate.  Her marriage did not last, but her love for her family and the children she taught lasted a lifetime.  She had a heart of gold, her generosity towards others and her constant smile made her loved and admired by everyone she came in contact with. 
     Nina passed away from SUDEP, (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) on April 18, 2011.  She lead by example, never letting epilepsy define who she was.
     While she was here with us, we often talked about what we would do when one of us or all three of us, were no longer here.  It was her wish and ours that all be donated for Research in Epilepsy. To see and read more about Nina's life and her family click on Tribute to Nina Davies.
Contributions after her passing.
    Nina’s Estate was over half a million dollars. It was donated in its entirety to UCLA as was her wish. In her honor, we established the Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies Chair for Research in Epilepsy. We have close to a million dollars now, but The Chair costs 2 million dollars and that is why we NEED contributions from you.
     Besides the Chair, we have opened a Foundation that upon our passing will have some money to continue Nina’s wish to promote a better understanding of this devastating disease and provide a better treatment program.
     Right - Nina and her dad, Graduation day for her MA
     Nina was loved beyond what words can express.
     More about Nina can be found on:  Tribute to Nina Davies.
     SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy) is now being discussed and researched. 50,000 people die from epilepsy related causes every year in the U.S.  A future issue will be dedicated to discussing SUDEP. 
    If you have not read "Nina's Courage in Epilepsy, Click on the picture above. You will be inspired and you will be helping a forgotten, discriminated, stigmatized, ignored, suffering section of our society. Whether you buy the books or not, please, DONATE
Quick notes for April, 2014
During  March 25, 26 and 27 over 100 copies of  "Nina's Courage in Epilepsy", were downloaded from Amazon. If you missed out, click on the link and download it now for $4.99  ALL PROCEEDS GO FOR RESEARCH IN EPILEPSY  Download your Kindle Reading App here.  Thanks for your support. 
The Selection committee at UCLA has made their recommendation to the University, providing the name of the Academic MD who will be the first SCIENTIST TO HAVE THE PRIVILEGE AND HONOR TO BE APPOINTED to hold the Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies Endowed Chair For Epilepsy Research. The process appears to be on schedule, and we will keep you informed. 
SLEDD, The rock band that wrote the song about our Nina, gave three performances at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin Texas. The group and the song   "She Gave her Life to Save a Life"  were cheered by thousands.  Cllick on the title to get a link to YouTube.  The version from SXSW will be available soon.  
The next news letter will come out May 5, 2014
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