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Another “We Told you So” from the Sooner Tea Party
Remember back a few weeks ago during the stampede over the Jerry Fent lawsuit? The dooms day’ers were frothing at the mouth about the new income tax reduction being killed and we explained that the “tax reduction” was a check written that would never be cashed.

Sure enough the drop in oil prices has cut collections from the gross production tax on gas and oil, down by 5.3%, and the state equalization board is most likely going to admit that the tax revenue be too low to trigger the tax break. Expect the RINOs to push more bonds in the next session to pay for projects despite the enormous cost of bond financing over paying as you go.
Once again we remind folks that the legislature continues to be under the thrall of the state chamber of commerce and the only tax reduction passed will be tax reduction for their members. Everything else will be like this latest “tax reduction” and be nearly impossible to trigger.
The Day the Phone Rang
By Ms PM
The latest OCPAC newsletter from good ole Charlie hit my inbox and to say the least was very interesting as it sheds more light into the thinking of Massa Charlie. In its contents he says, “I suspect a fellow I believe dislikes me and OCPAC very much, Al Gerhart, sent my email to KFOR News 4 here in the OKC area and the issue was assigned to Sarah Stewart to make a story.”
Well, the truth of the matter is The Sooner Tea Party was contacted by Sarah Stewart. And how do I know this? The call from Sarah came to me saying she was trying to contact Al. Sarah asked me if I had read Charlie Meadows newsletter and I replied yes along with saying we printed an article in our newsletter about his comments. I verified her contact number for Al. I also stated that I would try to contact him and let him know that KFOR was trying to get a statement. She gave me the number for the news desk and her cell. She thanked me and the call ended.

I was later able to get in touch with Al. I already had concerns after reading “Charlie’s list of things for blacks to do and not do” and the call from Sarah increased those concerns. Al’s comment to me was “I got her message but I’m not sure I’ll call her back for a statement.” Al truly believes that Charlie is well intentioned, just as he believes that Charlie is a silly old fool who continues to put his foot in his mouth and needs to step down.
As always my main concern is to protect the Tea Party as a whole and let it be known, because it is the truth, that The Sooner Tea Party does not align with the almighty John Birch Society and Charlie Meadows view that us white folks can tell black folks what to do from the elevated podium the Birchers place themselves on, the one that pounds the message of: listen to me, I am inspired by God and I can solve your woes. So Charlie…it was me that wanted our statement given to Sarah regarding your original email. After reading your comments I came away with a belief that you have a perceived superiority of yourself and the group you represent after reading what and how you had written your words. Al was willing to let the old dog sleep after our story ran in the newsletter.

These matters are easily spun, it is a fact that the Tea Party in general is touted to be racist and when a conservative speaker as yourself says the things you said in a way that clearly gives a lot of people the impressionable feeling that you are above them you might stop to ponder and look a little deeper at your meanings hidden from yourself. There has never been a truer statement than “you judge yourself by your intentions while others judge you by your actions.”

When I read your original email it left me wondering what the hell you were thinking. I had my fill of racism growing up in the south, didn’t like it then, thoroughly detest it now and can spot it a mile away. Your adage of “I have black friends” doesn’t make you a non-racist. It reminds me of a saying that you can take an asshole and sober them up, but all you end up with is a sober asshole. It requires change and for some reason the choice is to exempt yourself. We all bust our asses to hold government accountable and you waltz in and set the clock back with your racist tone. We aren’t the only ones that perceive your racism. Are we all wrong and is there any accountability you are willing to own? There are people that divide and those that unite. Martin Luther King knew what to do and how to do it. Those shoes have yet to be filled and your attempt miserably failed. Dig deep Charlie, you must know you have helped to continue the divide even if you can’t admit it to others. Are you the grand poo-pa fixer of things and if you were wouldn’t you have a larger following?
I learned a good lesson that Charlie taught me when we held our first Tea Party rally at the Capitol. I pulled the permit and attended my first 9/12 meeting in Moore looking for folks that were willing to do whatever it would require to hold an event. None of us had a clue about politics but we did know that there was a common bond we all had and that was to stop a government hell bent on destroying America. Back then the Tea Party was non-partisan and we welcomed anyone placing that goal above individual people with all of their different personalities and agendas.

It could be said that I was the founder of the STP and that is why Al always lists himself as co-founder to this day. That title has never meant much to me. It was far more important that the credit was divided among us all. My best thinking got me to Moore with the permit knowing there was no way to do this by myself and the work required would fall on everyone’s shoulders. We had two weeks and everyone did what they said they would do and looking back I can still say that they were all winners. I can also say with the utmost sincerity that I have never worked with people that were more devoted to a cause.

There were some in our group that knew the ends and outs of politics and we leaned hard on their experience. When it came time to pick our speakers most of us had no clue so this was handed off to those that knew folks that were willing to speak. The one thing that we as a group absolutely required was that each speaker would keep their speech in line with a non-partisan experience. They would share their hope along with avenues to help anyone figure out the political system with a strong message that there was something we could do rather than bitch about what was happening in the political arena. Our goal was targeted.
The day of the event I sat on the top steps of the Capitol like a mama bird reveling over our accomplishment and thinking…damn…we pulled it off. At that time I had no insight as to who Charlie Meadows was and it didn’t take long to figure him out.

My job was to warn the speakers to wrap it up when speakers were close to the allotted time for them to end their speech. Not only did Charlie ignore the signal to wrap it up, he was plugging his own agenda talking about the John Birch Society and OCPAC far past his allotted time. He finally finished considering I was standing and appeared to be slitting my throat with my hand before he would shut up. Charlie had no problem using another speakers time and he chose to ignore what our group had told him about keeping any agenda out of the speech. What that taught me was Charlie is a self-absorbed buffoon and his value of himself is far more important than any other participant pulling together in a group effort. He selfishly placed his wants ahead of how a guest should behave and reeked of arrogance. No other speaker did what Charlie did. From that first meeting I knew that Charlie could not be trusted. He has been consistent with that analysis.
Charlie and the Birchers tried to take over the OCA that Al Started. It didn’t surprise me and he was able to manipulate the situation and shut it down. Charlie has to be in the spotlight, the do-gooder and the wise one that everyone should listen to. He is the all-knowing in the figment of his own imagination. What he does in his quest for importance will always be justified, there is some way to spin any situation pointing his finger and never understanding that there are three fingers that always point back to the real problem. Religious zealots are no different than the bigots and racists and when you package them into a bundle you get the Charlie Meadows of the world.

Another example of Charlie’s self-absorbed personality was shining through when he used his OCPAC email to sell off his father’s belongings. It wasn’t the place but once again Charlie wanted what Charlie wanted and had no regard in using his platform for his self-serving agenda.
There is never an expectation that anyone will or has to agree with my assessment. Charlie isn’t what he’s cracked up to be unless he’s bending over and his repeated behavior paints a very clear picture. As long as he has a pulpit he will always preach to his followers and tout his self-righteousness in the name of the Lord justifying everything he does. I wonder…does Charlie have a pool where he practices walking on water?
Another interesting point from Charlie’s latest newsletter was this statement he made. “I had a friend of OCPAC send me Al’s newsletter where, evidently he slammed me and perhaps OCPAC? I didn’t bother to read it as I believe Al is delusional with much of what I saw in his writings, before I asked to be removed from his list a year or so ago, was a poor reflection of reality.”

I’m glad Charlie brought up the “delusional poor reflection of reality” statement. I ask… is it safe to say that someone would take the time to ask for something and in this case our newsletter, then not read the contents? Was he wasting his friend’s time asking for a copy or is he lying about reading it? Either option shines that ever so bright light on his indignant self-worth. The perception in my unvalued opinion is a very clear case of a grandiose ego. The things people say and do has many times more to do with self will run riot rather than Gods work. How many times have you seen this happen and more so how many times can the people doing it see what you see? Somehow they cannot find the switch for their light bulb moment all the while blundering around believing they have pulled a fast one or worse, believing their practices are just and never deceptive. We aren’t as stupid as Charlie or Johnathan Gruber seems to think.

Pardon me Mary, Your Slip is Showing
Once again we are reminded that Governor Mary Fallin has the character of an alley cat and the compassion of a executioner.    The state of Oklahoma has agreed to pay $125,000 to Wendy Gregory who was illegally fired after Gregory’s husband’s tax problems bled into Wendy Gregory’s career.
In 2012 Fallin fired Gregory after an IRS garnishment was filed on Wendy Gregory’s paycheck to cover some past due child support owed by her husband.    These so called “innocent spouse” garnishments are illegal but Fallin’s chief of staff Denise Northrup fired the woman anyway.  Northrup was said to be fearing bad publicity against Fallin if it became known that one of her appointees had tax problems.
Wendy Gregory isn’t a sympathetic figure by any means as she worked for the Tulsa  Metro chamber of commerce before running Fallin’s Tulsa office.   Hired in January of 2011, Wendy Gregory lasted less than one year before she was fired.  Fallin of course wanted this hushed up and gone prior to the November 2014 election.
Fallin’s office put out a statement when the settlement was announced:   “The settlement is a compromise allowing the parties to avoid the time, expense, and uncertainty of litigation and is not an admission of wrongdoing, impropriety, or liability in the part of any defendant, nor is it an admission that any claim of any plaintiff is not well founded.”
And here is much more to the story than an employee fired due to an innocent spouse IRS garnishment.    Attorneys for Wendy Gregory were forced to file a second lawsuit after Fallin refused to turn over the personnel file, a document that actually belongs to the employee who should have full access on demand.   In the original lawsuit Fallin’s spokesperson told reporters that Wendy Gregory had been fired for “unsatisfactory job performance” and the lawyers wanted the personnel file to see if there was any evidence of poor performance in her records.  Of course that was a red herring thrown to the press to avoid bad press from Fallin firing a woman over an illegal IRS garnishment, one that was quickly withdrawn once Wendy Gregory notified the IRS.  The file had been requested in early June of 2013, a paralegal in Fallin’s office had assembled the information in a few hours by the end of August, but Fallin’s legal staff sat on the documents for eight months while “reviewing” the file according to Steve Mullins who is Fallin’s chief legal counsel.
State law has no requirement or provision for legal review and an eight month delay is unacceptable under state law.  Records that belong to the public or in this case to the employee should be released immediately.    Fallin of course tried to blame the Office of Management and Enterprise Services as the custodian of the records, saying she had no control over the records.  According to the news story this was two months after Fallin’s staff had assembled the documents in electronic format.   Gregory’s OMES request resulted in three documents being turned over, all irrelevant to the case.
Once Wendy Gregory did obtain the file she found that over half of the 96 pages were from the state employee handbook and correspondence between the governor’s staff and the IRS.  Nothing in the file indicated unsatisfactory performance and under questioning Fallin’s legal chief Steve Mullins had to admit that Gregory had been a “good employee”.
Of course it is quite ironic that Fallin was eating one of her own, a former state chamber of commerce staffer from Tulsa.   We have talked many times of the revolving doors between the state and local chamber of commerce groups, the news media, and legislative and executive offices.   If you are a reporter and refuse to embarrass Oklahoma politicians you have a good shot at a six figure salary to come.  Same thing if you have done a good job pressuring legislators for special interests, the door is open to a six figure salary where you can basically continue lobbying for the special interests that got you the position.
Massa Charlie’s Racist Comments
Continue to Spread Around the Country 
Meadows Adamantly Refuses to Apologize in Subsequent Newsletter
Bombastic and bigoted OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows continued to pour fuel on the flames after his racist comments from an earlier newsletter spread across the country.  
The liberal group called Southern Poverty Law Center listed the racist speech  in their “Hate Watch” list, referencing the liberal blogger  Breitbart Unmasked  article on the OCPAC leader’s racist statements.  We published a link to the blog last week that ripped into Charlie Meadows’s comments in the “Why Blacks Hate Cops and How Blacks can be Winners and not Losers”.
A local discussion forum had a thread on the Ferguson riots  which contained a discussion on the OCPAC leader’s racist comments starting on page 12 of the thread and contained some troubling comments where the OCPAC leader was labeled as a “Oklahoma tea party” member and the Sooner Tea Party was given credit for speaking out against the racist statements:

If you want an insight into the mindset of the Oklahoma tea party, spend an hour or two reading his past newsletters.”

“Which tea party? Because the response from the Sooner Tea Party was a pretty strong condemnation.


The comments are responded to later on in the thread and the poster is careful to point out that Charlie Meadows is actually a John Birch Society leader and not a Tea Party leader, then go on to paint a very accurate picture of how OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows is viewed by the average Repubican Party member:

To be fair and honest, Meadows is a long standing member of the John Birch society, a group that was kicked out of the GOP long ago for being too extreme. Painting him as a typical GOP or Tea Party guy is like picking a nut left wacko communist part guy as a typical Democrat.

Posted by Midtowner: “If you are not aware of the long-standing feud between Charlie Meadows and Al Gerhart, you really know nothing about Oklahoma politics.”


I am, which is why maintaining they are a monolithic block is wrong. Sorry if that does fit with your "all Oklahoma Republicans are racists" narrative you seem to be pushing. I'm friends with quite a few folks who are active in the local tea party movements, and the Oklahoma Republican Party, and they all consider Charlie Meadows a joke. Having some influence does not mean you represent the core or common member of a group. It would be absurd to say that Al Sharpton was representative of all Democrats or the core of the Democratic party or the common democrat, yet you can't deny his influence on the Democratic party. Later the same commenter made it clear that neither


The comment generated a reply that made it clear that although Republican Party leaders and Tea Party leaders consider Charlie Meadows a joke the Republican politicians are afraid of both OCPAC and the Sooner Tea Party (emphasis is mine):

“These are the people who show up for Republican primaries. You may personally show up, but the rank and file of both sides do not. That is why, even though these groups are on the fringes, they basically anoint candidates for our state legislature. I don't know a single Republican lawmaker who would cross either one of these gentlemen. Except maybe Yen since he ran against Kern and won.. Yen will be interesting.”

The reaction continues after OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows released a second newsletter/ email where he adamantly refused to apologize for the racist statements.   We found the general tone was somewhat less offensive than the first article in that Charlie Meadows didn’t use the sweeping generalizations that he did in the first article.   Meadows did admit to being in a hurry when he wrote the original article so perhaps when he edits his own writing he is able to comprehend how sweeping generalizations against blacks are what makes a civil discussion on race matters turn into a racist rant to be vilified by all.
Of course the liberal bloggers and media are going to seize on the refusal to apologize.  The liberal Breitbart Unmasked website wrote another story covering OCPAC leader Charlie Meadow’s refusal to apologize and his comments about standing by his earlier story.
The article labeled “OCPAC Chair Charlie Meadows Doubles Down On Racism, Advises Blacks ‘Don’t Act Surly’  points out the absurdity of blaming outside groups like the Sooner Tea Party or the NAACP for being labeled racist:

Although Meadows’ newsletter is publicly available via Google groups, Meadows believes that there was some outside interference drumming up the charges of racism. It’s not because his words were ignorant or inflammatory, he told his readers this week…It’s because he has enemies who lack the intellectual “honesty” required to understand his sincere “advice” to “black people”.


Meadows seemed dead set on blaming others for the outrage at his words, accusing them of not liking him  and explaining their common beliefs as proof that his Republican and conservative allies really don’t disapprove of his words — they just have some beef with him. He believes that disapproval of his assertions about black people is insincere — they don’t dislike the message, but the messenger.


Meadow’s beliefs and attitude when it comes to people of color is truly a racist relic of a bygone era. He believes that his white supremacy uniquely qualifies him to judge — and educate — people of color on what their blackness means to him. He says the best thing to do is comply, and accept the consequences of your skin color.

After all, he reminds his audience — people aren’t just racist for no reason.
Other websites are picking up the story and are spreading links.  However the paucity of new outrage since OCPAC leader Charlie Meadow’s refusal to apologize are probably few because so few people actually read his newsletter.  Expect a resurgence of stories after the 2nd article slowly gets into circulation.
We were curious though and thought about comparing what OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows wrote compared to others who received a pubic scourging  after being accused of racist statements.
LA Clippers owner, business magnate, and real estate developer, Donald Sterling tells his mistress to try not to associate with black people especially at the basketball games.  (Fined 2.5 million by the NBA and last I heard they were trying to force him to sell this basketball team.  The hilarious thing is that his mistress was half black and half Mexican.  Now how could a guy be racist if he has a half black/half Mexican girlfriend?)
Floyd Mayweather for saying ” Jeremy Linn is a good player but all the hype is because he is Asian
Ted Danson for his comedy act during a roast for his friend Whoopi Goldberg where he appeared in blackface and ate a watermelon.
Comedian Chelsea Handler for posting a tweet of a picture of grape soda and demanding that black TV host Nick Cannon drink it during a twitter feud between the two celebrities.  (Who knew that grape soda was considered racist?)
Shaquille Oneal for saying “Tell You Ming, Ching chong-yang-wah-ah-soh”
Paris Hilton who was quoted in a book saying “I can’t stand black guys”
Rihanna who called a fellow singer’s asian girlfriend “rice cakes”
Gilbert Gottfried for tweeting “What do Japanese Jews like to eat?  Hebrew National Tsunami”
Miley Cyrus for pulling at the corners of her eyes making them slanted in a photograph
Black rapper Soulja Boy who cooked off on his music producers calling them “crackers”
Joe Jonas, former Disney star for making slanty eyes in a photograph
Boxer Zab Judah for making comments about one of his opponents  “CurryKingKhan” and hoping he would “Choke on his Somosa”
Ricky Rubio, basketball player who said “Ok, he doesn’t look like a Mexican anymore but I think he looks even worst.  Here is our superstar.”
Now remember the actual definition of racist, someone that believes that a person’s race determines their future.  How is joking around or name calling someone rice cakes racist?   Asians eat a lot of rice, I know quite a few and they do.   They even laugh about it and say I eat a lot of potatoes.    And comedians roasting one of their black friends, where it is expected that the jokes are outrageous and crude?   Personal preference on who you wish to date is now racist or making facial expressions like slanty eyes?   Not all Asians have slanted eyes, many have lovely round or what I call half round eyes, exceptionally beautiful but even the Asian women with slanted eyes are considered exotic and beautiful by most men.
And really, calling a white guy a cracker is racist?   I don’t know a single white man that wouldn’t just laugh off such a comment simply because it doesn’t fit them.
Our point is that you can crack a silly joke or make a face and get hauled into the racist public opinion court but these examples are all ridiculous in our view.    Some of them were part of a sarcastic twitter exchange between feuding celebrities but surely they weren’t sweeping general  statements that deserve to be called racist.   As opposed to OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows article entitled  “Why Blacks Hate Cops and How Blacks can be Winners not Losers”?    Charlie Meadows’ long article wasn’t some off the cuff jab in a sarcastic duel or a quick statement under pressure in an interview, it was carefully crafted and thought through before publication and that makes all the difference in the world as it probably accurately reflects OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows’ world view.
And we had liberals ready to pounce on the “Tea Party” because of his racist ranting.
And we continue to have dozens of conservative candidates who have yet to distance themselves from OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows’ racist article.
Candidates Slow to Distance Themselves from Racist Statements

Last week was a busy week for the volunteers at the Sooner Tea Party and no one had the time to call the candidates whose names have been blackened by association with OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows.  A few calls were made late in the week and some valid questions were asked.


First, why get into the middle of a fight between two groups?


The answer is that this is not a fight between Charlie Meadows and anyone, it is a desperate attempt to isolate conservative candidates that have been publically associated with an accused racist.   Staying silent means that you offend a huge swath of people when your opponent seizes on this mistake in the next election.


Why not just let this blow over and keep a low profile?


Because the internet means that anytime anyone Googles Charlie Meadows or OCPAC they will be forever associated with racism.   I challenge everyone that reads this newsletter to simply Google these two key word sets:


Charlie Meadows racist


OCPAC racist


Then leave off the word racist and Google again.


OCPAC is associated with racism at the bottom of the first page and it has only been a few days.


Charlie Meadows is associated with racism  at the bottom of the first page too and the links will continue to climb as the controversy spreads.



The earlier article written by PM got it right;  I personally dont think that OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows is really a hard core racist, just bigoted and ignorant,  but that is because I know him quite well.  The average person though is reading about the OCPAC scandal and they WILL decide that Charlie Meadows is a flaming racist and that stink will settle on anyone around the man, especially those that he or OCPAC endorses.


Politically Charlie Meadows and OCPAC are zombies and it is only a matter of when, not if, that those associated with them begin to feel the pain.


We are going to do our best to complete the phone calls to the candidates next week and get more statements.   We even encourage the candidates to split the fence, not outright trash Charlie or OCPAC, but to distance themselves from the three worst statements made in OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows racist rant entitled Why Blacks Hate Cops and how Blacks can be Winners not Losers.   


Here is part of one of the responses we got this week.  It does a decent job at avoiding to offend OCPAC supporters while at the same time making it clear that the three statements made by OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows were offensive:


The isolated statements the sooner tea party has asked me to comment on are just that, isolated statements of part of a lengthy and thoughtful opinion written by Mr Meadows.


 As presented I certainly disagree with the statements.


I was fortunate enough to attend integrated OKC public schools, work wheat harvest with a coworker who is Black, and have spent years in the medical profession working with intelligent hardworking people of all races. There are thugs, "losers" and ignorant haters in every ethnic group, including "my race" Caucasian.

We are hoping that this candidate changes his statement prior to publication though because of the remarks “lengthy and thoughtful opinion written by Mr. Meadows”  .   Were I advising this candidate I would certainly strike the “thoughtful” word.  And I would reconsider as we asked for comments on an entire paragraph from OCPAC leader Charlie Meadows’ racist rant.   That paragraph can hardly be an “isolated statement”.
Another remark was why we were “picking” on Charlie.   Well, does anyone remember back in May when the Associated Press recruited a  Who’s Who of Sooner Tea Party enemies in a story about the blackmail trial?
There is old Charlie, hammering away along with Gary Jones, Stuart Jolley, and  Richard Engle.
RINO Gary Jones of course is the former Oklahoma State Republican Chairman that we helped force from office prior to his campaign for state auditor.   
RINO Stuart Jolley is the former Americans for Prosperity leader that was made into a laughing stock after he attacked the Sooner Tea Party on the Pat Campbell radio show which lead to an interview the next day that disclosed Jolley getting duped into clearing the way for Randy Brogdon to speak at the April 2010 Tea Party event.  Jolley was of course a huge Mary Fallin supporter but was duped into believing that he could convince Fallin to speak at the rally, clearing the way for Brogdon to speak.  Of course Fallin had been booed at a small conservative  event in the Lawton area a few months before and there was no way she was going to risk speaking in front of a Tea Party crowd.
And Richard Engle is the disgraced former OCPAC representative to the OCA who resigned after getting caught lying to OCA board members.    PM’s article described the OCPAC/Charlie Meadows attempt to gain control over the OCA umbrella group leading to a breakup of the group that had brought together 35 of the largest conservative groups in the state and was responsible for passing four conservative bills in 2010:  Opt out of Obama Care, Open Carry, Anti RFID chip in the Drivers license’ bill, and a 10th Amendment Montanna gun bill designed to challenge the federal government’s control over locally made weapons that remained in Oklahoma.   All four bills were vetoed by Democratic Governor Brad Henry and six RINO Republicans switched their votes turning a veto proof majority into just shy of passing the veto override.
Interesting enough not a single one of the attacker’s adversarial relationships  with the Sooner Tea Party was brought up and not a single one of the attackers brought up that the trial was a travesty and would likely be overturned on appeal.     Charlie Meadows did acknowledge that it was a dangerous decision that would have far reaching aspects but stopped short of defending the 1st amendment, preferring that his political opponent be sent to prison and was okay with the precedent being set for other political activists, other than the remarks that it was a fine line.
So our answer to the candidates that asked why we were “picking” on Charlie is that he opened the door with his attacks over the past five years.  Nor are his racist statements being prohibited or prosecuted, people are merely finding them… and Charlie… and  OCPAC….offensive.  That is how the Freedom of Speech amendment is supposed to work; allow the ugly, racist, bigoted statements to be made then deal with them in the court of public opinion.  That is far better in our view  than what Gary Jones, Stuart Jolley, Charlie Meadows, and Richard Engle advocate when they refuse to stand up for everyone’s 1st Amendment rights.
Some of the candidates asked for a week to run this past their political advisors so we are delaying publishing the list of who has distanced themselves from the racist statements and who has not.  However we believe that they need some encouragement so here is a list of OCPAC/Charlie Meadows endorsements for 2014:
Primary election 2014:
DAX  EWBANK                 Gov
Jack Fry                                Senate
Janet Barresi                        SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION
JIM INHOFE                        UNITED STATES SENATE
DARRELL ROBERTSON   Northeastern to Southeastern Oklahoma
 ANNA FLATT                     Central, South Central to far Southwest Oklahoma
STEVE RUSSELL                Oklahoma, Pottawatomie and Seminole counties
DAN LADD                          SENATE DISTRICT
JOSH Cockcroft                    STATE REP DISTRICT - 27
JASON Murphey                   STATE REP DISTRICT - 31
  MIKE STUBER                  STATE REP DISTRICT - 40
MARK McBride                    STATE REP DISTRICT - 53
  DAVID ELDER                    STATE REP DISTRICT - 61
 CHUCK STROHM                  STATE REP DISTRICT - 69
KEVIN CALVEY                      STATE REP DISTRICT - 82
General election 2014:
 MARY FALLIN                             GOVERNOR
TODD LAMB                                  LT. GOVERNOR
JIM INHOFE                                    U.S. SENATOR
JAMES LANKFORD                U.S. SENATOR (unexpired term)
 MARK ALLEN                              SENATE DIST # 4
JOSEPH SILK                                  SENATE DIST # 5
JOSH BRECHEEN                          SENATE DIST # 6
-  FRANK SIMPSON                       SENATE DIST # 14
KIM DAVID                                    SENATOR DIST # 18
JASON SMALLEY                           SENATE DIST # 28
JACK FRY                                         SENATE DIST # 42
RALPH SHORTEY                           SENATE DIST # 44
DAVID TACKETT                           HD # 12
GEORGE FAUGHT                          HD # 14
BOBBY Cleveland                             HD # 20
 TOM NEWELL                                 HD # 28
DENNIS CASEY                                HD # 35
SEAN ROBERTS                               HD # 36
JOHN PAUL JORDAN                      HD # 43
 AARON STILES                                HD # 45
TOMMY HARDIN                             HD # 49
SCOOTER PARK                               HD# 65
DAVID BRUMBAUGH                     HD # 76
RANDY McDaniel                              HD # 83
 DAVID DANK                                   HD # 85
JASON NELSON                                 HD # 87
  MIKE CHRISTIAN                            HD # 93
 CHARLIE JOYNER                            HD # 95
LEWIS MOORE                                   HD # 96
ELISE HALL                                        HD # 100
2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do. 



 Want to reach all 101 House members with two email addresses?   Just use these email addresses in the Bcc address line and all 101 of them will get a copy
Here are the updated individual House members email addresses in three blocks of Thirty- four each and updated senate emal addresses in one block
Who is my state representative and my state Senator?   Click here to find out  
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Money is always needed for printing costs, postage, sign materials, and robo call costs.  We are tightfisted; we will spend your hard earned money wisely and frugally as we do our very best to clean up Oklahoma politicians so we can begin to clean up our country.
You can donate by sending a check to Sooner Tea party, 358 North Rockwell Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73127  or visit Soonerteaparty.org and use the Paypal donation button.