Relax and Grow RICH December 2007 Newsletter   

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EFT for Pets

Tips of the Month 

Pets don't understand why their usually peaceful home is now full of people, unusual smells and noises. 

Be sure your pets have a quiet place to hide and retreat, until they feel safe to venture out to visit with guests.

Keep an eye on your pets when company is arriving or leaving.  Pets may bolt outside and be lost in the commotion.

Remember to surrogate tap on yourself for pets who are nervous or anxious around the holidays: 

"Even though I, Max, am so afraid because of the strange humans, noises and smells in my house, I choose to release my fears and know that my Mommy and Daddy will keep me safe today and every day." 


Have you used EFT on yourself and not received the results you wanted?

Wondering how to use Surrogate Muscle Testing like Colleen does?

Colleen will be conducting tele-classes soon to answer your questions about EFT and do FREE muscle testing readings for individuals who attend the tele-classes.  


Click here to email your question or to suggest a class you'd like to attend!


DISCLAIMER: EFT is gentle acupressure and has produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 


If you apply this newsletter's techniques to yourself or others, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for any side effects and/or outcomes.

Happy Holidays!

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"Let all the world be blessed with peace through us."

- Lesson 360 in A Course In Miracles

Sometimes we feel so helpless to change the craziness happening on this planet, or to comfort a loved one or friend experiencing difficult times, but we CAN make a difference! 

Simply praying for someone, listening to their fears and problems, requesting that Healing Angels be at their side and doing Surrogate EFT does make a difference, and is a loving gift to give any time of the year.

One of my favorite ways to spend the holidays is to set a timer for every hour, to remind me to pray for world peace and an end to starvation and poverty.  Usually by noon, I'm on an incredible, energized spiritual high, really feeling like I am making a difference and raising the consciousness of all beings on Earth.

What gift will YOU give the planet this holiday season?

 Wishing all my subscribers a peaceful, blessed, loving holiday season...whatever holiday you celebrate! 

Love to you and yours!  -- Colleen