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This month's tip:
Question: How can I get my cat to get more exercise? She just sits on the couch all day and sleeps a lot. She's gaining weight!
Answer: Your approach will have to be gradual. Cats don't like sudden changes, and you'll need to make some adjustments to your day as well. (This reminds me of a quote, presumably by the late Ann Landers, a famous advice columnist in the U.S. for many years. She said if your dog is overweight, YOU'RE not getting enough exercise. Or was it vice versa?)
Since cats do need to exercise, it will require a certain amount of effort from you, too. Begin slowly, that is, with short sessions of 5 - 10 minutes, several times a day, if possible. Increase to more time, as kitty desires.

1. Training a cat to walk on leash can get you both out the door for some walking.

2. Enticing your cat to play with toys will help, too, and if you're clever, you don't have to move as much as the cat does. Use a "wand" toy, also known as a "teaser toy," to tempt her to chase the prize on the end of it.

3. Placing food bowls on surfaces above floor level will teach kitty to jump....a form of exercise!

Good luck, and let us know how it works out.
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Every month, I get a number of emails from people requesting information and help regarding their cats. I'm happy to help as I can, but please understand that I am not equipped to run a "hotline" where you can get your questions answered instantly. I work alone, caring for many cats, and some days I am not able to get online at all. If you have an emergency, obviously you will have to rely on a professional, such as your veterinarian or a behaviorist. There are websites that offer these services, too, and they may charge a fee to do so. I don't mind answering some questions for free, but I can't promise I will always be available at the moment you need help or that I will have the answer you need.
July 7, 2016
Browser the Library Cat Can Keep His Job!

After a barrage of emails from all 50 states and several countries to the mayor of White Settlement, Texas, the city council reversed its decision to evict Browser from the local library where he has been enchanting patrons for 6 years. Here's the "rest of the story:"

ABC News -
Black Cats Tell All
This is the first anthology of myth-busting, true stories by 22 amazing, BLACK CATS to raise shelter adoption rates. Help them make history by spreading the word and encouraging donations to the Kickstarter that will make this possible.
Snow Leopards Doing Better Than Expected
The snow leopard -- world’s most mysterious big cat -- may be more common than though.

Scientists studying snow leopards now say the big cats may be more common than previously thought. New estimates focused on areas described as 'Snow Leopard Conservation Units,' covering only 44 percent of the snow leopard's extensive range (roughly a million square miles) suggests there may be between 4,678 and 8,745
snow leopards just in these units. This is higher than previous estimates for the entire global population, which had previously been thought to be only between 3,920 and 7,500.
Mountain Lions Making a Comeback?
Two new litters of mountain lion kittens found, and boy are they cute.
Tiny Paralyzed Kitten Gets Wheelchair Made Of LEGOs
Want a fancy haircut for your cat or dog?
If you want your pet to look better than best, you'll have to travel to do it.
Taiwanese Pet Salon Shaves Unique Designs Into Four-Legged Clients
Apparently this is the only place in the world that does this.
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