November 13, 2015
To Our Legislative Friends
 A Thank-You from a Parent
Dear Legislative Friend,
So many times you, our legislative friends, have worked hard to pass legislation to help students with disabilities.  Too few times, we fear, have you heard thanks from those this legislation has affected. 
PLEASE ACCEPT OUR THANKS on behalf of the families and children who have received the McKay Scholarship and/or the Personal Learning Savings Account.
We would invite you to spend 6 minutes hearing from a parent concerning how the PLSA has changed her child and family's life.   
Katie Swingle, featured in the videos,  is a parent of a child with autism and dyslexia.  She was asked to speak  at the October 2015 Foundations for Excellence in Education Summit in Denver, CO, in order to share her son's story.  Through the financial assistance of the PLSA, her family was able to enroll Gregory in Woodland Hall Academy, Tallahassee, and they have witnessed a miracle.  
The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools
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