Cat Rescue and Adoptions
A No-Kill Cat Sanctuary Since 1995
8448 Joshua Lane, Mojave, CA 93501

Letter From the Editor

THANK YOU to all of you that donated recently,
However we desperately need more CAT FOOD
and other supplies like garden hoses and spray guns,
a new printer (our old one just broke), a small air
conditioner, and plywood and shade cloth from Home Depot

We need more donations to keep us going,
Any amount is truly appreciated. from $5 to $50.

News from the Legal Front

As you may know, Tammy Griggs is no longer at Save-a-Life
We are trying to get 20 cats back from Bakersfield
and have retained Jill Lee Ryther to help us

Fighting for Animals and Their Advocates
Since 2009

Donations towards legal fees
are greatly needed!

Any amount from $5 to $50.

Adoptable Kitty Cats
from the Barn Behind Pigpen's Barn

- click photos to enlarge -

Barn behind PIgpen's Barn                   LIght Siamese Cat                   Half n Half long hair Tortie

Magical Tuxedo Girl                   Classic Tuxedo Cat                   Russian Blue Kitty

Dark Face Long Hair Tortie                   Chubby Tabbitha                   The Old Gray Mare

Puzzle Tail                   Royal Calico                   The Gray Mare and Tuxedo Chin Chin

Grumpy Orangy                   Bobcat Tabby Cat                   Blue/Grey Russian Cat

Photos of the hard work refurbishing

- click photos to enlarge -

Inside Storage Barn #4                   Ruben doing insulation and drywall

Materials for the job                   mudding up the drywall near the ceiling

Geri Mitchell sweeping up the barn                   whew, finally done

Is this how you fix a car?                   Sweeping up the leaves

Installing insulation in 100 degree heat                   Watering the cats in the outdoor greenhouse

Adoptable Kitty Cats
from the Barn Next to Linda's Barn

- click photos to enlarge -

The Barn Next to Linda's Barn                   What are you looking at?                   Siamese kitty dark face

The black one and the pretty one                   I'm pretty too. adopt me.                   The cat with the orange eye

Siamese kitty #2                   Grey kitty #3                   Tuxedo with the white mustache

at the Save-a-Life Ranch
- click photos to enlarge -

The Outdoor Stage with the Save-a-Life Greenhouse in the background

Desert Birds of Paradise with Save-a-Life Circle & Stage                   Stage in Background. Disney's Belle under the tree

Animal Career Opportunities:

seeks volunteers to socialize with the cats
SAVE-A-LIFE seeks Web People, Promotion and
Adoption Consultants, various Maintenance,
Electrical, Handyman, and Drivers
Save-a-LIfe is now offering special ranch living
in exchange for any maintenence services.
Send request and resume to

Help the Local No-Kill Cat Sanctuary Today
All our beautiful cats are awaiting homes
But we need donations to help the Adoption Process
Paypal let's you set up Automatic Monthly Payments
Just $20 per month will make a big difference

You can also donate a used vehicle,
running or not, and claim a deduction
as charitable contribution on your taxes

We are Dependent on Local Community Support
- - Please Help the Cats

Adoptable Kitty Cats
from the Corner Barn

- click photos to enlarge -

The Corner Barn                   The Three Amigos                   More in focus

Russian Blue Wants a Home                   Little Black Kitty too                   me too, a real home

My face is a puzzle                   The Smart Kitty                   Long Hair Tabby

Don't bother me, I'm sleeping                   I see you                   I'm scared, please save me

where am I? I want a real home                   Us too, please?                   full nose kitty

Half nose kitty                   It's me again                   It's me too, I'm sad. Please adopt me

Batman drinking                   boy, that well water is really good!


Our situation is critical! We need money for
building maintenance, utilities bills, vet bills,
and food pickup . . .PLEASE HELP!

Our food supply is ALMOST GONE, and we need to keep the food donations
coming. Our cats are especially hungry because, well, just because,
and they never can get enough wet food. A donation of $50 will nourish
their appetite for fish oil and chicken,
instead of having to crunch
nothing but dry food.

Veterinarian expenses are another factor. Any size donation wiil help get
cats to the vet when necessary. This will relieve a huge burden on our
hearts, as we hate to see any discomfort to our these poor homeless kitties.
Just $30 will pay for a cat to see a doctor. We'll also let you know when
your vet donation is used and the name of the cat using it.

Donations are Tax Deductible, and can be made through PayPal below

All PayPal payments should be made to
Thank you again for your support.

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Cat Rescue and Adoptions
Southern California's largest No-Kill Sanctuary
8448 Joshua Lane, Mojave, CA 93501

COMING SOON: live streaming internet feeds from our cat barns.
Soon you will be able to watch our kitties from your home computer!
Thank you to for the wonderful cameras.

Watch our video of some
of our cats in Greenhouse #1 here
and here's another with Tammy and me kitty ranch
Committed to helping animals throughout Southern California

Since 1995, Save-A-Life Cat Adoptions has been about making dreams come true -- often when even a last glimmer of hope has faded. We’ve provided a place to live and caring, loving homes for fabulous animals since we rescued that first litter so many years ago. We NEVER KILL the animals we take in. Save-A-Life (S-A-L) animals romp and play at our wonderful sanctuary north of Los Angeles until they are adopted--no matter how long it takes! Save-A-Life is located on a 10 acre ranch, giving our Cats lots of room to run and play. The size of our property is one of the things that sets S-A-L apart from other organizations, providing an open home-like atmosphere for the animals.

8448 Joshua Lane, Mojave, CA 93501