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Finally a Bill That Makes Sense
The Senate Has a Bill to Protect Oklahoma Citizens
By R. H.
When Senate Bill 1116 was first introduced, everybody started hollering about the sky was falling. Obama/Fallin care was being introduced despite what the citizens wanted. After reading the short bill, which you can read here,   it became evident that this was far from the truth.
This is a bill that sets out to repeal a law already in place. I researched the law, and it in fact, does implement part of Obama/Fallin care. You can read the law here: . If it wasn’t for Senator Crain’s due diligence we would not even know this stealth bill was ever made into law.
Section 1. “REPEALER 63 O.S.2011, Section 1-132, is hereby repealed. Simple direct and to the point. There is no mincing of words here. This is a direct action bill that favors the consent of the people of Oklahoma.
Section 2. “This act shall become effective November 1, 2012.” Plain and simple effective date.
This is a good bill. It deserves bi-partisan support in both houses of the legislature. Why is it still sitting in committee? Is someone trying to play politics with this bill? Is someone still trying to force Obama/Fallin care down our throats? That’s sure how it looks.
For those of you sitting on the Appropriations Sub-Committee on Health and Human Services, shame on you for sitting on your hands and not getting this simple piece of legislation through your committee. You need to bow to the will of the people of Oklahoma who voted overwhelmingly against Obama/Fallin care and approve this bill and get it on its way through the Senate.
For all you Senators and Representatives who should eventually see this bill I urge you to vote a resounding Yes to this bill. It is a vote to protect the rights of the citizens of the state of Oklahoma.
Want to Buy Influence in Rural Oklahoma?
Appoint an Alleged Rural Representative as Floor Leader
By R. H.
On the outside, Representative DeWitt gives all the appearances of being a rural legislator. He’s a farmer/rancher, and a retired educator, all very noble professions. He was even an Agricultural Education Instructor at the High School level for 29 years. For that we must thank him for his dedication to our children.
As Majority Floor Leader, one would think that he would have some influence over the bills that he presents. In his case, that has not helped much. In 2011 he presented 9 bills to the House. Of those bills 6 died in committee in the House, 2 died in committee in the Senate, and one passed into law. The one that passed into law was the redistricting act. Not much of an accomplishment for a veteran legislator in his position. 2012 is not looking much better. He has presented only 7 bills to the House this year. To date 5 are still in committee in the house and 2 are in committee in the Senate. That doesn’t say much for his legislative skills, which pose an interesting question.
With a record like that indicated above, how did he manage to garner so many awards? Awards like the 2010-Oklahoma Pork Council Legislator of the Year, the 2009- Oklahoma Farm Bureau Legislator of the Year or even the 2007 Legislative Award by the Oklahoma State School Board Association. These are some lofty awards for such a mediocre politician. In fact he holds a lofty position for such a mediocre politician.
His interest group ratings are interesting. Here we at least have some history to rely on. All this information can be found at We’ll go over the last few years here.
Business and Consumers
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development-Lifetime Score 87%
2010 Research Institute for Economic Development 70%
2009 OkWatchdog- Positions on Consumer and Patient Advocacy 55%
The Research Institute for Economic Development is called the RIED score and the higher the number the bigger the RINO the politician is. RIED likes to “create” jobs using tax credits and to fund corporate welfare programs. You should begin to notice a pattern with leadership in the house developing. They all seem to score in the mid-50s when it comes to Consumer and Patient Advocacy.
Family and Children Issues
2008 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy 100%
2007 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy 70%
Gun Issues
2010 NRA - Positions on Gun Rights B+
2008 NRA – Lifetime Score B
2006 NRA – Lifetime Score A
2004 NRA – Lifetime Score 83%
Now the NRA scores are usually worthless as the NRA focuses on hunting gun rights, they did help write the Brady bill after all. But sometimes the NRA scores can indicate that a politician's opinions seem to change as election time nears.
I will give him some credit for at least taking the political courage test. I’m sure his constituents aren’t going to be happy with the results.
In the State Budget, he wants to increase spending in education (K-12), environment, health care, Law enforcement, transportation and highway infrastructure. He wants to maintain levels of spending in higher education and welfare.
Eliminate Estate Taxes
Increase Alcohol and Gasoline taxes
Decrease Capital gains and Income taxes
Education issues:
He supports national standards and testing of public school students. This is a problem. This would lead to the federal Department of Education taking over the education of our children. This is something we do not want. Of course you would expect something like this from a big government RINO Republican.
Environment and Affirmative action Issues
Supports providing low interest loans and tax credits for starting, expanding or relocating business, Provide tax credits for businesses that provide child care for children of low income working families. In other words, more corporate welfare....
Why do we need tax credits, because the legislators refuse to consider lowering the corporate tax rate to attract new business? One of these years we will get a few good politicians, with a little brains, that will realize this and will make this proposal.
Health Issues:
Ensure that citizens have access to basic health care through managed care, insurance reforms or state-funded care where necessary. In short Obama/Fallin care. This is something the people of Oklahoma have already rejected.
Now let’s take a look at who finances his election campaigns. We’ll stay with the 2010 campaign cycle. Again data can be found on project or www.
Carryover from 2008 $80,089.00
Government Agencies/Education/others $ 6,910.00
Energy & Natural Resources $ 6,750.00
General Business $ 3,450.00
Lawyers & Lobbyists $ 3,050.00
Labor $ 2,500.00
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $ 2,420.00
Construction $ 2,300.00
Agriculture $ 2,150.00
Personal Donations $ 2,100.00
Health $ 1,600.00
Transportation $ 1,000.00
Total $114,319.00
That’s a lot of money. Now Native American Tribes donated in the following amounts:
Choctaw Nation $3,000.00
Chickasaw Nation $2,200.00
Osage Nation $ 300.00
Total $5,500.00
Now there is another pattern developing here. The Chickasaw and the Choctaw Nations have been donating to House leadership in hopes of getting a favorable negotiating position in the water rights negotiations. I fear their efforts are in vain. These people in leadership could care less about the treaty that the Native Americans have with the federal government giving the water rights to them. They are trying to pass laws to take those rights away from them and do what they want with the water. I’m afraid they are in for a long court fight that they will lose.
Overall what we have here is a mediocre RINO Republican politician who has been placed in a position of power because a corrupt Speaker of the House could count on his vote. He knows that his position will end at the end of the 2012 legislative term and wants to hang onto that power for as long as possible. That is why he refuses to sign the discharge petition known as HR 1004. He knows that this resolution breaks the dictatorial powers of Speaker Steele over the House and along with it his power as Majority Leader.
Mr. DeWitt, for once in your political career, do the right thing for the people of Oklahoma. Stick your neck out for all your fellow Representatives whose voices the Speaker has silenced over the last two years. After all those voices speak for your fellow Oklahomans. Sign the discharge petition for HR 1004, or sign your resignation. We await your decision.
Social Justice Theory Straight From Attorney General Eric Holder's Playbook
Why do Criminals Deserve a Break?
By R. H.
By reading the first few pages of this bill you would think that this is a tough on crime bill. You would be sadly mistaken. Rules regarding the writing of the bill mandate citing the entire law being amended. A good portion of the tough on crime aspects of this bill in the first few pages are already the law in this state and have been for some time. What comes after is where the soft on crime comes in. It is in keeping with the Speakers soft on crime, social justice agenda that endangers all Oklahomans. We are talking about HB 3052. You can read the bill here
Here is an in depth analysis of the damage this bill will do to Oklahoma public safety and crime rates.
This bill is a disaster for the people of Oklahoma. To begin with there are fiscal considerations in this bill directly effecting the Department of Corrections. Those are the establishing and staffing of Intermediate Sanction Facilities, the financing of the mandated testing as spelled out in this proposal, the complete lack of funding designation for the Justice Reinvestment Grant Program and to top it all off, the Speaker didn’t think that we even needed a fiscal impact statement to go along with this bill.
Mr. Speaker, Oklahoma cannot afford you or your social justice ways. We know who voted for this bill and you 66 should be ashamed of yourselves. Just because this bill is proposed by the Speaker doesn’t mean you have to see how brown you can get your noses to earn points. Congratulations to those 27 of you who said no to this evil concoction of a bill. Thank you for looking out for the safety of your fellow Oklahomans.
Senator Bingman, shame on you for putting your name on this bill. You would be wise to withdraw your support and let this bill die in committee. To those of you in the Senate. The gloves are off. We are now watching you. Step lightly on this bill. Social Justice is not a suitable replacement for Justice under the law. Criminals should do their time. Fund the Department of Corrections adequately so they can do their jobs and keep prisoners locked up. What we need is more prison beds not more ankle monitors.
Former CIA Director Woolsey
to Speak in Oklahoma City 
BREAKING NEWS! We’ve just learned that former CIA Director James Woolsey is coming to Oklahoma City to speak on Friday, March 30th. We don’t have all the details yet, but there is going to be a banquet held on the evening of March 30th that will be open to the public. Stay tuned for more information on location, cost, etc.
In case you’ve forgotten, that is the same weekend that CAIR is having its annual meeting and banquet. Gee, I wonder if Director Woolsey will have anything to say about CAIR? Actually, I have learned that Director has quite a bit to say about Shariah Law, the Muslim Brotherhood and, oh yes, CAIR as well. Director Woolsey co-authored a report commonly referred to as the “Team B II Report” subtitled “Shariah-The Threat To America.” This report is a hard-hitting, fact-based analysis of the intelligence and evidence that cuts through the hype and smoke.
Let me say just a bit about the “Team B II” Report. Back during the Jimmy Carter Administration (remember him?), there were a number of conservatives who became convinced that the Carter Administration’s foreign policy of détente with the Soviets, weakness with Iranians who were holding American hostages in Tehran and the general “blame-America-first” policy of the liberals was precisely the wrong foreign policy (seems like some things never change with liberals). As a result, a group of them sought-and received-permission to review certain classified documents from the CIA headed by former CIA Director George H.W. Bush.
Following the review of the classified documents, this team of conservative thinkers issued a report entitled “The Team B” Report. In sum, these visionary leaders took the position that the Carter Administration had it all wrong. Instead of projecting weakness, they posited, America needed to seek peace through strength. When Ronald Reagan came into office, the Team B Report formed the basis for his foreign policy and the rest, as they say, is history.
Just like the original leaders behind the Team B Report, there is a group of leaders today who see the storm clouds of Shariah Law, driven by the Muslim Brotherhood, gathering on the horizon. I have not read all of the Team B II Report yet but, from what I have seen, this report is the most comprehensive, fact-based analysis of the current threat posed by radical Islam ever done. Probably the most telling indicator of the quality and effectiveness of this report is how vehemently CAIR has attacked the authors. The problem for CAIR, however, is how do you say that a former CIA Director who has reviewed the intelligence and evidence doesn’t know what he’s talking about? I’m sure that Director Woolsey will have something to say about the Team B II Report. I also suspect he may a few interesting things to say as well about CAIR.
More information next week about how you can hear Director Woolsey.
Since When Did Becoming Speaker of the House
Make you into a Dictator?
By R. H.
Speaker Steele is, thankfully, term limited this year. His dictatorial rule of the House of Representatives will come to an end. This dictatorship started last year with the passing of an onerous 73 page House Resolution that was to be known as the House Rules. You can read the full resolution here: This basically allowed the Speaker to run rough shod over the House.
The Speakers lust for power became evident after his candidate and chosen successor for the next Speaker of the House was soundly defeated in the elections held in the caucus by the conservative candidate. He promptly started firing committee chairman and assigning those vacant chairmanships to junior Representatives who had supported his candidate. This is what happens when too much power is given to one man.
Speaker Steele seems to pattern himself as the Jeremiah Wright of Oklahoma. His legislative agenda is not the protection of Oklahomans', but rather the protection or social justice agenda. Throughout his career he has introduced soft on crime bills including one this year, HB 3052, which you can read here:  
This bill will put people with multiple sexual offense convictions on the streets with nothing more than ankle monitoring devices. It seems he doesn't see these as violent offenses.
Being Speaker does have its perks. In 2011 the Speaker presented 31 bills to the House, of which 8 of them became law. But this is a misleading number. Some of those bills he is only a co-author of, and only became so after it appeared that the bill would indeed pass. In other words, he is claiming credit for other people’s hard work.
In 2012 he introduced 12 bills of which four have reached the floor, and one has passed already and is awaiting action in the Senate. It is imperative that the bill be killed in the Senate. It's soft on crime and bad for Oklahoma. He's also introduced 2 House Joint Resolutions, one of which is particularly disturbing. HJR 1093 is a pay raise of 6% for all top level state judges including Appeals Court and Supreme Court. You can read the resolution here:
 Now I don't begrudge anybody a pay raise, but I don't see anyone around here getting a 6% pay raise. A more modest increase would be more appropriate particularly since this state is coming out of a recession. The judges need to understand that they need to sacrifice along with the rest of their fellow Oklahomans.
To look at his voting record one would think that it is a fairly conservative record. Examining the record more closely however, one sees that the stand he took with his votes is mostly in line with what was dominating the polls at the time. If it was popular with the public, he voted for it. Some issues he was forced to vote yes on against his personal feelings. Right, wrong or indifferent he always pushed the Governors agenda. That's why we have bills such as HB 3052 being pushed and passed in the House that benefit the upper class first.
His campaign finances for the 2010 campaign season reads like a who's who of the liberal political activist organizations. You can read the entire list here:
I'll go over the top of the list.
Health $35,000.00
Energy & Natural Resources $32,200.00
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $29,200.00
Government Agencies/Education(Unions)/Others $25,990.00
Balance Forwarded $25,962.00
General Business $11,850.00
Individual $10.819.00
Lawyers & Lobbyist $ 5,250.00
Labor (More Unions) $ 3,950.00
Communications & Electronics $ 3,800.00
Construction $ 3,100.00
Ideology/Single Issue (Special Interest Groups) $ 2,500.00
Agriculture $ 2,350.00
Transportation $ 2,000.00
Republican Party $ 1,150.00
Total $195,071.00
Folks that’s a lot of money to get elected to represent one rural county. Clearly he bought the election in his lust for power. Now we all know that many of these organizations listed are “special interest groups”. What is disturbing in the finance report is the item list as “Ideology/Single Issue”. These are people out shopping for votes on a specific item. This type of money should never be taken for campaign purposes. In my books, it’s an attempt to bribe an elected official. Speaker Steele should return these funds.
Digging deeper into his campaign finances, we find that three tribal governments contributed to his campaign. They and their contributions are as follows.
Choctaw Nation $ 7,500.00
Cherokee Nation $ 5,000.00
Chickasaw Nation $ 1,000.00
Now these three tribes are embroiled in a water dispute with the State of Oklahoma. Simply put the tribes own the water by treaty with the federal government. The state is trying to confiscate the water through legislation. The tribes are willing to sit down and talk, but the state doesn't want that. I'm sure they contributed to the Speakers campaign in hopes of getting some kind of fair deal with talks started. I fear that is not to be.
Digging even deeper we find that he accepted contributions from an organization called the Working Oklahomans Alliance. This secretive group consists of Workers Compensation Attorneys. They have been accused of receiving some of their funds by skimming some additional off the top of the settlements of injured workers, without their knowledge. Now would you want to be associated with these types of people?
We also find that he received a donation from a prominent Democratic activist and Obama campaign finance bundler named George Kaiser. You remember him. He collected his payoff from Solyndra before the government did thanks to the Obama Administrations Department of Energy.
Speaker Steele's lust for power started with his dictatorial rule after passage of the 73 page House Rules last year. His lust and his power to control the committee chairmanships has managed to sway enough votes to keep them from passing HR 1004 which would end his control over which bills would be heard in committees. This is the reason he will not sign on to the resolution and this is the reason he has become one of the biggest disgraces to Oklahoma since statehood. Mr. Speaker if you hope to regain any semblance of dignity upon your end of tenure as Speaker and a member of the House you will do the right thing and sign the discharge petition for HR 1004..
              Rep. Pam Peterson/AKA
      Puff Pastry Pam
                                                      By Ms. D.B.
Puff Pastry Pam is another legislator that has been “studying” the condition of our DHS dept. for over 2 years. She too has obviously been stumped because she has never reported, or offered any finding as to the dangerous conditions.  Not until a reported national busting record did she bother to puff her way to the surface.
 Recently she has waved around a piece of paper sugar coated with some really lame claims of progress.  It is interesting to note that 3/4ths of her legislative duties surround some sort of human service.  So, what in the heck has Puff Pastry Pam Peterson been doing all these years? From the looks of her campaign money trail she has been busy with things concerning self-interest, and an occasional stop at Krispy Kreme.
She is a famous ex-news spokesperson and associate television producer you know. She hasn’t time to dilly- dally with human needs other than her own.  She has an image to uphold. The DHS project just doesn’t offer her the sweet exposure that she so desires, but the mucho $ does.
The only shoddy attempt that she has made since the exposure of the abandoned DHS dept. is a shallow bill.  The contents were what any resourceful person would already know and inserted from the start.
 Even with that in mind she wasn’t able to come up with it on her own. Sadly enough the less than acceptable attempt at reform was a group effort. Even the director of Narcotics was in on the no-thinker. Puff Pastry Pam simply popped up to deliver the weightless piece of paper. She attempted to sugar coat it, but much like Pam it was full of air, but hey, Puff Pastry Pam—we are glad that you could make it in-between whatever It is that you do. How did the children of DHS get so lucky as to have but another useless individual put on their panel of pathetic panderers?
What do Bored, Rich Retired Publishers Do?
Ask David Dank
 By R.H.
Apparently Representative Dank decided to go into the Insurance and the Political Consultant business. Nothing wrong with that, and then he went into politics. Although the Chair of the Redistricting Central Oklahoma Subcommittee, and a legislator, he maintains his positions with the State and County Republican Party Executive Committee. These represent a conflict of interest. Representative Dank cannot remain impartial in deciding district boundaries while hearing the call of the State and County Party.
Representative Dank also sits on the Appropriation and Budget Insurance and Long term Care & Senior Services Subcommittees. This also brings him into a conflict of interest. How can the citizens of Oklahoma expect a man who owns an Insurance Agency to fairly and justly decide on legislation regarding any insurance? In fact on all matters regarding Insurance, Representative Dank should be recusing himself from the vote.
A person might ask where Representative Dank gets his political courage. Well, an organization called does ask. According to them “David Dank refused to tell citizens where he stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated request from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders. This candidate has demonstrated 0% courage during this test.” Now this doesn't say much for the man does it.
Now all Oklahomans need to pay particular attention to this paragraph. This is a particularly sad thing to say for someone who sits on an insurance committee. In 2009, the last year available to me, the Watchdog position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy for Representative Dank was 53%. In 2008 the Ok. Center for Consumer & Patient Safety rated him at 66%. It's obvious that he is looking out for his buddies in the insurance business and not the consumers and patients.
Now the NRA does give him an A rating. They are quickly proving that their endorsement is meaningless. The one gun bill that I can document was the open/concealed carry bill. As it didn't fit with Speaker Steele's agenda, he voted no. So much for that endorsement.
Although Representative Dank's voting record, for the most part, presents the air of a conservative one it is far from it. Most of his votes where along party line. His yes vote was needed to get the measure passed. Some of the bills passed, some died in the Senate, some died on the House floor. He's quick to claim his conservative vote, but fails to claim those that are not so conservative.
For the most part, Representative Dank finances his own campaigns. We'll take a look at the 2010 election cycle. The information is provided by
Candidate Contributions $161,577.00
Balance Forwarded $ 22,116.00
Finance, Insurance & Real Estate $ 10,600.00
Health $ 9,300.00
Energy & Natural Resources $ 8,850.00
Republican Party $ 3,750.00
General Business $ 3,550.00
Agriculture $ 2,200.00
Communications & Electronics $ 1,750.00
Private Donors $ 1,650.00
Lawyers & Lobbyist $ 1,450.00
Labor (Unions) $ 850.00
Government Agencies/Education/others $ 650.00
Construction $ 500.00
Transportation $ 250.00
Total $229,043.00
Folks that’s a lot of money for one state house seat. You could almost say he bought the seat, in political terms.
We know Representative Dank has power within the Republican Party. He recently tried to use that power at the Oklahoma County Republican Party Convention, and lost. He was less than polite about it too. Most of his current power in the House stems from doing what the Speaker wants. Things like not signing a House Resolution that would allow more bills to come to the floor. A resolution that would break the dictatorship run by Speaker Steele and his Army of assistants on the floor. This is something that the power hungry like Representative Dank knows is right, but refuse to concede to. They refuse because they know that along with concession to this resolution, HR 1004, a discharge petition, they will concede the power they currently have.
Dank, are you going to do the ethical thing and sign the discharge petition, or are you going to resign your seat in the House of Representatives? I don't see how you can serve as a representative if you won't support representative government.
A Rare Correction
We ran a story last week that contained some information given to us by Tulsa 912 leader Ronda Vuillemont-Smith.  Ronda confirmed some information that we recieved from other sources but later stated that she was still under the effects of the flue and might not have been clear on some details.  Specifically, she states that the Mulready conversation occured in the House Lobby, not on the phone as she had earlier stated.  
 Also, the whiteboard incident was conected with Rep Mark McCullogh, not Rep Glen Mulready.  Ronda gives credit to another organization leader for recognizing the importance of what was written on the white board but we believe that she is being too modest.
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