29-31 May 2013
Dear Industry Professionals,
The environmental waste management approach is a key factor for the global resource-efficient and low carbon economy growth. South-East Europe successfully follows this global trend and changes its legislation with an aim to boost the progress of the sector. In order to get close to the European leaders however, the Region has to reinforce the application of  innovative technologies and international know-how.
45 speakers from 10 countries will participate in the 3-day Conference on Waste Management and Recycling Save the Planet (29-31 May, IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria). They will share their experience and best practices, which can help the Region to face the current challenges and avoid future problems. 
Experts from ACR+ will organize the session ‘How to prepare a good reduction plan through the 3R hierarchy of waste management’. Prof. Paul Connett will speak about the conception ‘Zero Waste’. 



The representatives of municipalities and business will get acquainted with some specific activities related to public-private partnerships, monitoring, data collection and taxation, as well as innovative recycling technologies. The session ‘Waste Collection and Separation’, organized by ENEP, will overview the collection methods of household -, electronic- and package waste. ‘Resource Efficiency and Recycling’ is another hot topic in the agenda. The third Conference day is devoted to the agriculture, landfill and wastewater biofuels.    
The  ‘Save the Planet’ Еxhibition features strong international presence - 64 % of the exhibitors are foreign companies from 14 countries which plan to launch their products or extend their network in the South-East European market.
Dear Industry Professionals, 
We would like to introduce the Bulgarian exhibiting company Meva Bulgaria and some of our international partners.

INTERVIEW with Mr. Tsenov, Manager of Meva Bulgaria
Mr. Tsenov, please present briefly Meva Bulgaria Ltd.
Meva Bulgaria was established in 1999, it is part of MEVA GROUP - founded back in 1898, and currently one of the most famous European manufacturers and suppliers of waste containers.
Which of your products and services have the widest application? 
For the time being, in respect to the new Waste Act and related regulations, I would say that containers for separate waste collection and the ones for hazardous waste are our most demanded and most popular product. There is a demand for bins to be used in officesas well as containers for separate ...


Waste Management World
As an international magazine and website, the Waste Management World brand covers every aspect of the solid waste industry for waste management professionals – including the latest legislation, technology transfer and transboundary waste transport. ... 
AT recovery

The journal  AT recovery has been informing its readership on developments and solutions to problems in mechanical process-engineering in the fields of  E-waste and metal recycling, recovered glass, waste paper, scrap car recycling, recovered timber, plastic recycling, household waste and all types of industrial waste. ...
European Network of Environmental Professionals (ENEP)

ENEP represents 22 European Environmental Organizations and over 45,000 individual professionals, making ENEP the leading environmental networking organization across Europe. In most countries, local or national associations have been founded to represent individual environmental professionals. ...
ARGE Compost & Biogas Association

The ARGE Compost & Biogas Association Austria is as the umbrella organisation of the national organisations now 9 years active, can refer to numerous activities and has established itself fully in Austrian and European professional circles....

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