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Visit Site |08/14/13

Top O' the Mornin' Noon 'er Night Time to You ‘n Yours.

Let your eyes wander below and find out the great news from Paddy hisself, including:
   - Football Watch Parties and the Special Specials
   - Eight Way Wings: 7 fer $5 Weekends
   - Boulevards New Brew and the August 15 Unveiling
        and of course
   - The Patio Music Schedule
And you know – the start of school is but around the corner and while the end of Summer’s break may be a sad occasion for the wee lil’ ones, it certainly doesn’t mean an end to glorious evenings, great food, and fun times at Paddy O’Quigley’s…especially with football right a-coming up and the Royals in a race to the Playoffs!
Football Watch Parties – The Special Specials
If you’d like to gather together for the games and enjoy Paddy’s excellent eats n’ some fine viewing, just give us a call to reserve a spot.  Groups o' 10 n' more will receive what we like to call the “special specials” – making it worth your while to give us a call at 913-901-3511 n' ask for Judy or Amy and they’ll give you the special specials that are tailored just for you.
Eight Ways Wings – 7 for $5 Weekends
And while we’re on it, one of the regular specials that goes great with watching football
 or weekend baseball is our wing special that starts every Saturday and lasts until the very end of good ole Sunday Funday.  That's a whole weekend every weekend of some of the best wings you'll ever have...
Just $5 for 7 big, fat, juicy wings that are never frozen and never pre-made, but made your way in one of eight ways:
Original Buffaloed – enough said
Paddy O’d – Paddy’s fave…dusted up nicely in Cajun blackening seasonings
BBO’Qued – slathered up nice and good with our homemade BBQ sauce
CharBuff’d – like the originals but finished up with a little char-grillin’
Plain – they might be for the faint of heart, but pack plenty of flavor still
PepperQued – like BBO'Qued but then tossed with cracked black pepper
Banshee Burners – they burn like banshees sound
                        And the one and only, world-renowned and proprietary…
HotRods – mixed up and made up with a blend of BBQ and Buffalo
Wash ‘Em Down – Boulevard’s New Brew
August 15th is a comin’ up…Boulevard is kicking it in high gear
with a new brew called Pop-Up Session IPA.  
"Boulevard Pop-Up Session IPA joins its big brothers Single-Wide and Double-Wide in our trailer park of hop-centric beers.  This "session" model is built for frequent excursions, with a very drinkable character and relatively lo bitterness tucked behind a big, fruity aroma."
We'll be seein' you and yours at 7:00pm on Thursday for one of those special specials as everyone gets to take this’n for a spin or enjoy other favorite Boulevards on tap at special prices.
Paddy O’s Patio
Fall ball also means great patio weather and nothing is better than a patio with your favorite tooners and crooners…coming up we have: 
Friday, August 16: Phil Vandel - always a croonin, toonin favorite
Saturday, August 17: Scott and Rob - the dynamic duo is back!

Friday, August 23: Joel McNulty - ticklin' the ivories
Saturday, August 24: Joel McNulty - the music so nice, he'll be here twice!
And by the way, if’n you don’t take our word for it…perhaps you’d like to see what 435 Magazine has to say in their list of the Most Fabulous for 2013
Best Outdoor Patio
Paddy O'Quigley's
Warm Kansas City days mean perfect Kansas City nights.  At Paddy O'Quigley's Pub & Grille, you can enjoy an order of Nach Yo Mama's Nachos and wash it down with a cold beer, all while sitting on Paddy's spacious southern Johnson County patio.  It's at the perfect angle to catch the breeze, enjoy the company and soak in the atmosphere.

Slainte' and God Bless

Paddy O'Quigley's