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Just Canadian Culture or a Sign of Things to Come?
WND ran a story this week about High River, Alberta residents being forcibly evacuated due to flooding and then having all their guns confiscated by local police.  The 13,000 residents are still kept away from their homes and a standoff has ensued at a Mounted Police checkpoint outside the city.
Police spokesmen are insisting that the confiscation “Is only for the citizen’s safety” and that the guns will be returned after citizens provide proof of ownership.  Alberta elected officials claim the guns were found in plain view during a search and rescue operation despite Canadian law requiring firearms to be in locked vaults.   Police officials claim that the guns were inventoried and secured at police headquarters and that the confiscation was so that “the guns didn’t fall into the wrong hands.”
Isn’t this the excuse the progressives always use?  That draconian measures are for our own protection?
Of course after a flood finding proof of ownership even for a legally procured weapon might not be an easy task.  How many of us keep a receipt for a purchased weapon?  How many people can  prove that that rifle or shotgun passed down from your father or grandfather is legally yours?
This is just another example of why we fight locally to stop the madness coming down from Washington D.C., the feds might pass the laws but it will be up to the local government to enforce the laws.  All the more reason that Oklahoma becomes a fortress for freedom and the rule of law.
Is Kim David Really a Republican?
By the Watchman
Tucked way out there Northeast of Okmulgee is the town of Porter, the home town of State Senator Kim David, in the Northern reaches of what is affectionately known here in Oklahoma as “Little Dixie.” That causes us to wonder why her political career is hailed as a victory by the big city political group in this article here. Did she sell her soul to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce just to get elected? We’ll investigate and let you decide.
As is our custom, we went to and went to the Senator’s brag sheet to see what information was available there. If anything, we can say she learned her lesson well. There is nothing there but basic information.
Our next stop was at There we were able to find out much more information to include family information. We also know she hold an Alternative Teaching Certification and spent a brief time as a teacher.
We next took a look at her Interest group ratings page. Now as she is still in her first term as a Senator, we didn’t expect to find a whole lot, but what we found shocked us. Here is what we found.
2012 Oklahoma National Federation of Independent Business                                 100%
2011 Research Institute for Economic Development Pro-Business Policy                   98%
These numbers this high tells you she cares very little about the consumer, and is extremely pro-business. Hang on to you wallets folks. Her and her companions at the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce will get every penny out of you they can.
We next went to to look at her campaign finances. The records there indicated deep financial ties to the companies that are major contributors to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce, numerous medical association and out of state companies that want to control our electrical grids.
We next went to to see what they had on her campaign finances. From the information available, she has not closed her 2010 campaign, and has not filed for office for the 2014 campaign. From what we can tell however, she has continued to collect political contributions right up through March 31, 2013. That was the date of the last report on file as of the date of this report. As we have discovered with other candidates, she is not averse to taking individual donations from out of state contributors. Here are a few examples of funds that should be returned.
Dec. 01, 2009  Stella, Mo.                 $    25.00
Dec. 06, 2009 New Orleans, La.        $  500.00
Dec. 19, 2009  Stella, Mo.                 $     25.00
Jan. 27,  2010  Rogers, Ar.                 $     25.00
Oct. 07, 2010  Dallas, Tx.                   $1,000.00
This is Oklahoma State Politics, the individual donations should come from Oklahomans not from out of state.
We next took a look at the contributions from committees, Political Action Committees(PACs) and unions. Here is some of what we found.
Apr. 04, 2010  Center for Legislative Excellence, Tulsa, Ok.           $5,000.00
Aug. 23, 2010  American Electric Power Committee, Columbus, Oh.           $   500.00
Sep. 07,  2010 Oklahoma Mental Health PAC            $2,500.00
Oct. 04, 2010  Okla. Society of Anesthesiologist PAC   $5,000.00
Oct. 26, 2010  Spirit Bank PAC             $1,500.16
The list just goes on and on. We could fill five pages with the list itself. These are just a few highlights. Only two of the numerous medical PACs are listed. That may account for her repeated voting Yea on bills to implement some form of Obama Care in this state.
Now the first one on the list has a real nice catchy name, Center for Legislative Excellence. The only trouble is, that excellence involves excellence for the City of Tulsa and no one else. You can read about the group here. We ask, what Porter has to do with Tulsa, except it’s a bought vote.
The American Electric Power Company already has a strong hold on electric transmission lines in this state. You can see the territory the cover here. PSO - Service territory. They are also looking to expand. What better way than to have legislators in your pocket through campaign donations. This is the sixth legislator we have identified so far, along with the Governor who has accepted campaign donations from these people. We are beginning to smell a nest of rats.
We next took a look at how she voted on bills that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.
HB2171 Obama Highway Bill, Voted Yea-Liberal
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea-Liberal
HB 2131 Soft on Crime Voted Yea-Liberal
HB 2169 Obama Care Funding           Voted Yea-Liberal
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act Voted Yea Liberal
As you can see, she voted liberal much of the time. That gives her a RINO Index rating of 25%. If she wants to consider herself a Conservative, she has a lot of work to do. She also voted yea three different times this year on schemes to bring Obama Care to Oklahoma against the will of the people.
We next did a simple Google search on Senator David to see what information was available there. We ran across this article on the We found it curious because in it she is bragging about House Bill 1953, the Governors Quick Action Fund, or as we refer to it as a slush fund. Now the date on the article is June 25, 2013. This bill was passed into law during the 2011 session. What took her so long in bringing it to the attention of her constituents? Was she trying to hide it from them?
She also made the statement in the article that the Department of Commerce would administer the fund. We were curious, so we went looking. Here is there web site. If you can find anything related to the Governors slush fund you are doing better than us. We couldn’t find a thing, other than the fact that we found reports on anticipated job growth.
We also found this article from the Tulsa World dated February 19, 2012.
So basically what we have here is another Matt Pinnell legacy legislator. She has been bought and paid for by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and the Medical Political Action Committees. She could care less about the constituents in her district as long as the money keeps coming in for her re-election campaign. She’s a Democrat in Republican clothing just like so many of the people Matt Pinnell helped to elect to office.
Obama Care Implementation Coming Down the Pike
Who Says So?  Congressman Tom Cole’s Toady 
Dave Weston, the new Oklahoma GOP Chairman put out a blog last week refereeing to all the “unwitting dupes” and left leaning media that supported Obama Care at the national level.
Weston points out the obvious:  “It should come as absolutely no surprise to any of us here in the reddest Red State that backpedaling and doublespeak (aka: lies) usually follow from the mouths of White House talking heads to provide cover for what are nothing more than broken promises from the most "ethical administration in history".” Then he goes on to speak of Obama’s serial prevaricating and Gov. Fallin lambasting the decision to strip Medicade funds from the Oklahoma based Insure Oklahoma program and blames the loss of 30,000 Oklahoman health care plans on the Obama administration.
Sounds good, eh?  At least until your remember that the Republicans helped place this raid on state tax dollars so that some of their State Chamber sponsors don’t have to pony up for employee health care.  Weston goes on with hyperbole calling the Obama administration as purveyors of lies and legerdemain, forgetting though that it was 56 Republicans that tried so hard in 2010 to force Obama Care down our throats.
Alex meeting set for July 14th
B.L. Cozad continues to rally rural Oklahoma residents including game fowl raisers, farmers, ranchers, hunters, fishermen, gun owners, Constitution defenders and ANTI-Agenda 21 advocates.  Their next meeting will be in Alex Oklahoma on Sunday 14 July 1200 (noon) at the Community Center. Anyone is welcome to attend and B.L. has become a very expert speaker on the Agenda 21 threat.  You can contact B.L. at 580-246-8027 or email him at
Governor Fallin Dislocates Arm While Patting Herself on the Back
Film at 11:00 
By the Watchman
It would appear that Governor Fallin has kicked her 2014 campaign into high gear.  She started it off with an email from her campaign praising the accomplishments of the legislature over the last year.  We will admit, there were several accomplishments, but we balked at the statement that said “Governor Fallin worked with the Legislature to deliver a fiscally Conservative balanced budget that cuts taxes for working Oklahomans.” You can visit her campaign web site here, Mary Fallin For Governor.
Now in all the years that the members of this group have been associated with the Republican Party, the GOP has stood for a smaller government and fiscally sound principals. In the three years the Governor Fallin has been in office, and controlled the budget, spending has grown by over eight hundred million dollars ($800,000,000.00). The size of government has grown and the people of Oklahoma have very little to show for it. Those tax cuts she’s so proud of, don’t take effect until 2015. By that time, they will most likely disappear to pay for Obama Care that they keep trying to force on us. It would appear the Governor suffers from a severe case of continual campaignitis.
One of the items she trumpeted as a success was the Economic Development Pooled Finance Program. From our understanding of the bill, this gives them the authority to enter in to debt to get projects through, without state oversight. How is this a benefit to the citizens of Oklahoma? Simply put, it’s not. You can read the bill here.
She goes on to brag about how concerned she is about the mental wellbeing of her fellow Oklahomans. She must not be too concerned. The budget only saw a one million dollar ($1,000,000.00) increase in their budget while HB 1532 directed the states lottery system to send them an additional two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000.00). They also get an additional two million five hundred thousand dollars ($2,500,000.00) to build a third crisis center. That’s not near enough.
We also found that the state’s budget gave the Department of Human Services an additional forty four million dollars ($44,000,000.00) to support operations including implementation of the Pinnacle Plan. You all remember the Pinnacle Plan. That’s the plan that was forced down the throats of Oklahomans and approved by the Governor without legislative oversight. It was a payoff to big east interest groups.
Now comes the part we really like. Her statement in the summary of Supporting Education would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. The statement reads in part “promote increased access to education and support college diploma and career certificate attainment”.  Friends you must remember she is a member of the National Governors Council, and they support the Common Core Curriculum.  This Curriculum is designed to weed out those that will attend college and those that will go to a vo-tech to learn a skill. It is also designed to remove special needs children from the mainstream education system. This system is endorsed by the Governors Association, our current Superintendent of Public Education, and the Obama Administrations Department of Education and has now even infected the college entrance examinations your children will take. The Governor, the Legislature and the Oklahoma State Department of Education are aiding and abetting the federal takeover of your schools.
We could go on and on, but it’s pointless. There is a war going on at the capital and it has been exposed. The battle is between the Governor, the Senate, the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce, the House of Representatives and the Citizens of Oklahoma. The Governor vetoed sixteen bills (16) this year. Some of those bills didn’t make a lot of since. You can read an article on the subject here . The one that stands out is Speaker Shannon’s Doomsday Bill. It would have required all state agencies to develop a budget that would have been 25% to 31% less than current levels should all federal funding cease. Sounds like a good plan to us, but one that would be unnecessary if the state wasn’t giving away 37% of your tax dollars to special interest groups like the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Members. Just think with that 37%, we wouldn’t need federal dollars at all.
Now it appears that one of the bills she vetoed was because she didn’t get her way. This is kind of like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Because this bill didn’t include her proposal to consolidate a half a dozen employee pension funds, she vetoed it. Hey they bill wasn’t perfect, but it was a start. You can read the article here.
If you want to know about Mary Fallin visit  Mary Fallin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This entry gives you everything you ever wanted to know about the Governor. It even tells you the vote count for each of her elections to office.
We next went to to see what information was available there. There was no information in her biography that we didn’t get from Wikipedia. There is however a very long record of her ratings from interest groups. Here are just a few examples.
2010 NARAL-PRO-Choice America                               0%
2010 Planned Parenthood                                                                           0%
Obviously the Governor is Pro-Life. Good for her.
2010 Citizens Against Government Waste                         86%
2010 National Tax Payers Union                                          90%
We find these to be high since she allows 37% of our tax dollars to be given away to special interest.
2010 United States Chamber of Commerce                  100%
2010 American Council of Engineering Companies       43%
2010 Associated General Contractors of America          75%
She obviously favors some firms over there.
2011 Global Exchange-Percent Loyal to Finance, Insurance, Real Estate     100%
She’s a globalist.  Good old U.N. Mary.
It just keeps going on and on. She did not represent the values of Oklahoma well during her elected life. She is not doing so now.
We next went to to look at her campaign finances. We immediately were struck with the fact that they were incomplete and showed her campaign from 2010. We knew we had to do some additional research.
We next went to to look at the Governors campaign finances. The first thing that we noticed was that she did not close her campaign from the 2010 race until Dec. 2011. She filed her campaign Statement of Organization for Governor for the race in 2014 initially on Oct 14, 2011. She collected campaign donations all of this time. The information we will include here will cover from Oct. 14, 2011 through March 31, 2013.
We’ll begin with the individual donations. Now we didn’t print a list of all of them, although we do have access, and we will not name names, we will list out of state donations. We must ask why the Governor needs to accept funds from individuals from out of state. We will further ask that the Governor identify these donations and return them. This is an Oklahoma election. Let’s keep the funding from Oklahoma.
Dec. 29, 2011 802 Colonel Anderson Parkway, Louisville, Ky. 40222            $1,000.00
Jul.  11,  2012 P.O. Box 1921 Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. 92067                   $1,000.00
Aug. 14, 2012 P.O. Box 9790 Jackson, Wy. 83002                    $5,000.00
Sep. 05, 2012 702 Prince St. Alexandria, Va. 22314        $     20.00
The list just keeps going on and on. We found) additional entries for people from out of state who have donated to her campaign. Governor it wouldn’t hurt to return that money.
We next took a look at the corporate, political action committees and union donations. This is where we find out how much of an influence the Oklahoma State Chamber of commerce will have on the Governor. We were not surprised at what we found. Here are just a few examples.
Oct. 17, 2011 Enterprise Holdings Inc. PAC St.Louis, Mo.                        $2,500.00
                        Oklahoma Physical Therapy PAC  (Failed to enter date or amount of donation)
Dec. 12, 2011 Oklahoma Public Employees Association PAC                        $5,000.00
Dec. 29, 2011 Corrections Corporations of America PAC                         $1,000.00
Jan. 23, 2012 Bank of America PAC Wilmington, De.                            $2,000.00
Jan. 23, 2012 American Electric Power, Columbus, Oh.                            $2,500.00
Oct. 26, 2012 General Electric Company PAC, Washington, D.C.                             $2,500.00
Mar. 06, 2013 Eli Lilly & Co. Indianapolis, In.                              $5,000.00
Mar.06, 2013 Oklahoma Medical PAC                         $5,000.00
Mar.06, 2013 Cox Communications Oklahoma PAC                $5,000.00
Mar. 29, 2013 AT&T Oklahoma PAC                   $5,000.00
Mar. 29, 2013 Chesapeake Oklahoma PAC             $5,000.00
Let us tell you a few things about these political action committees we’ve listed above. We’ll begin with Enterprise Holdings Inc. PAC. This PAC is basically the same people as Enterprise Rent a Car. They are politically more left of center than they are conservative as they donate about 60% of their funds to the Democratic caucus. You can read about them here.
The Corrections Corporation Of America PAC is the company that runs all of the private corrections facilities in the state. They are primarily a RINO Republican organization donating less than 2% of their funds to Democratic candidates. You can read about them here.
The American Electric Power PAC is an organization that controls a vast majority of the power grid in the Northeast. They are looking to expand. They have several allies in the Oklahoma State Senate and now it appears they have an ally in the Governor’s office. It appears they are trying to sell our electric grid down the tubes.
Why any decent Oklahoma Conservative politician would accept campaign funds from an organization that doesn’t pay taxes is beyond me. The Governor has accepted funds from the General Electric PAC though. They haven’t paid any federal taxes in years. It’s disgraceful.
While we were doing our Google search on the Governor, we were looking for stories on her recent trip to the Paris Air Show. We know that she was there to promote Oklahoma’s Drone industry, so we were hoping to see some news about contracts to produce drones for various countries and the like. Now we really have no idea as to how much this trip cost the tax payers, but if this is all the trip produced, Gov. Fallin announces French aerospace manufacturer for Grove | Tulsa World, then it was an awfully expensive twenty (20) jobs. It might even be up there in line with some of the President’s green energy jobs.
Governor, you’ve made enough off the blood, sweat and tears of Oklahomans. It’s time for you to bow out of politics. You’ve failed to protect the citizens from the invasion of our privacy from the very drones you went to Paris to promote. You’ve failed to protect our children from the dragnet and takeover of our schools by the federal government by helping to install the Common Core Curriculum and you’ve failed to return thirty seven (37%) percent of our tax dollars to the treasury in order for it to be used in projects this state so desperately needs in favor of allowing elected officials to pay back their slave masters at the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. No matter what the legislature accomplished, these failures will be your legacy.
It’s never too early for someone to start a bid for replacing the governor in 2014. She has a massive war chest, I would suggest you start now.

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