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The Conservative Movement Needs your Help Tonight and in the Morning
Folks, it is rare when we do more than one email a week out of respect for our readers.  But this is very important.
Tomorrow is the House Pro Tem election and Rep. John Bennett is running against Rep. Harold Wright and Rep. Charles Ortega.
John Bennett has a RINO Index score of 59 (seven votes  wrong out of 22)
Harold Wright has a RINO Index score of 18 (three votes right out of 22 votes)
Charles Ortega has a RINO Index score of 11 (one vote right out of 22 votes)
Bennett is usually one of the top ranking conservatives but this year he voted for a lot of the budget fee increases because he had a well liked and well financed Democrat trying to unseat him.  The teachers were breathing down his neck!   This last year was hard on conservatives but he still scored very well considering we doubled the number of votes in the Index.
Bennett is a man of great integrity and having him on the House leadership team would allow conservatives to give House leadership the benefit of the doubt at the start of the session and give McCall some time to prove himself capable of conservative leadership.
What we need you to do is to start emailing and calling your state representative at their House office by finding the email and phone number below.  Voice mail will catch the calls and they will hear the calls in the morning when the legislative assistants start checking calls and email.  Here is the link to the House website.   It is probably out of date so look up the House District number and call that office even if there is a newly elected state rep, they will get the message. 
State representative list  Click on their name to find their email address and office phone number
If you don't know who your representative is follow this link and enter your address to find out.
If you have time first thing in the morning call me at 450.412-6233 and I will most likely have a number for the state rep that you can call directly. 
And if you know of anyone that has a personal relationship with a new state rep get them to call as well.
Next session we are facing another half billion dollar plus budget deficit.  They will raise fees and taxes again if we don't get off our butts and ensure that leadership  has the talent and the desire to look at spending and corporate tax welfare benefits that can be cut.
Please email and call tonight and call again in the morning after 8 am or get in touch with me for an alternative number if needed.