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December 2008


EFT for Pets

Your pets might feel the holiday stress too!  Their home may be filled with new packages, decorations, strange smells, sounds and holiday guests. 

Most animals do not like change in their home or routine.  Many are frightened of strangers.

Be sure that your pet has a "safe place" to hide when company comes over, or the humans' holiday activities become overwhelming.

Your pet may also pick up your holiday stress or fears, or try to take it on in an attempt to keep you safe.

Remember to give your pets the gift of Surrogate EFT applications either proactively or as soon as you notice behavior that indicates they're feeling stressed, like the cat below.

Click here for holiday safety tips for Pets from the ASPCA

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Have you used EFT on yourself, pets or family but have not received the results you wanted?

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Only $75 USD for an hour of surrogate muscle testing, tapping, laughing, fear blasting and SWEET RELIEF!

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DISCLAIMER: EFT is gentle acupressure and has produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 


If you apply this newsletter's techniques to yourself or others, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for any side effects and/or outcomes.

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Happy Holidays to All My

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Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of the year, you might be feeling added stress.  In a recent survey, people listed the below as their top reasons for year-end holiday stress:

  • Lack of money (61%)
  • The pressures of gift giving (42%)
  • Lack of time (34%)
  • Credit card debt (23%)  

If you're feeling stress due to any of the above, these setup statements might release your fears and allow the holiday spirit to brightly shine in your heart!


Even though I'm afraid that....


  • I lack the money to buy gifts for everyone, I choose to release this anxiety now!  I feel safe to be honest with my loved ones about my finances and suggest that we all cut back on the expensive gift giving this year.


  • I won't find all the right gifts for everyone and the pressure of gift giving feels overwhelming, I now tap away these fears and tap into the holiday spirit.


  • I lack the time to get every holiday task done, I release this fear now!  I choose to cut back or eliminate some tasks if possible, and not feel guilty about not being everything to everyone. 


  • I am drowning in credit card debt but I still need to buy gifts for my loved ones, I tap away this fear and look at this situation logically.  I now feel safe to honestly tell my loved ones that I cannot afford to buy more than one small gift for each of them. 


No matter how you feel about the holiday season, you can tap in positive affirmations to get into the holiday spirit:

Eyebrow: I get all my tasks done early this year so I can enjoy the holidays.

Side of eye: I always remember to tap away my holiday stress and anxiety.

Under eye: I quickly and easily find the perfect gifts for all my loved ones!

Under nose: I schedule my time and tasks, and accomplish much every day!

Above chin: I feel safe to ask my loved ones to help my finish my holiday tasks.

Collarbone: I release the need to do everything perfectly this holiday season.

Under arm: I deserve and receive love this holiday season, no matter what kinds of gifts I buy.


Take a few moments daily to tap away the fears and may have the BEST holiday season ever!


Not sure what to tap on?

As my clients know, I often use Louise Hay's books to identify the emotional causes of their physical conditions, then we tap them away.


If YOU or a loved one need help in identifying then clearing any negative emotions, regaining your health and peace of mind, check out "Heal Your Body A-Z" by Louise Hay, shown on my website Products page with many other fabulous gift ideas.


Another great holiday idea is to give the gift of EFT to a loved one via a gift certificate for a session with Colleen!  Gift certificates are only $75 for an hour session.  Contact Colleen for details. 

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