How is 2006 going for you so far? We are very busy here, as usual,
rescuing cats, kittens, dogs and puppies that were given as Christmas
gifts. It happens every year: It's a nice thought, but after the
novelty wears off, many are relinquished or dumped at shelters - or
simply by the side of a country road.

Not that we're against giving the gift of companionship to our loved
ones as well as the gift of life to many homeless pets - it's just that
the process needs to be revamped. How about checking with the recipient
first? Perhaps this is not the time for surprises. As cat lovers
ourselves, many of us are in a unique position to explain this to
our friends and family members who may not understand it.

With birthdays coming up throughout the year, and Valentine's Day coming
very soon, let's spread this idea around.



Last issue I mentioned the Virtual Pet Cemetery as a great place to
post a cyber-memorial for your pets that have passed. Here is another
option, sent in by a reader:

http://www.critters.com -- virtual pet memorials - free for text-only
entries, or $35 for full web page with pictures.



What do cats use to make coffee?


A purrcolator.



The rescue work continues in the south, collecting pets that are still
in danger after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Many have died, sadly, but many
are still coming out of wrecked homes they were trapped in, and are being
given medical care as needed. So many are starving. So many have nowhere
to go.

Best Friends Animal Society in Utah is still working there, and
has developed a plan that may help: Working with another group called Save-A-Pet,
names of shelters are being collected from all over the U.S. listing those
that have room for at least 10 animals. Best Friends will pay
to transport them to those locations.

Our shelter has volunteered to take 10 cats. Will let you know if
they send us any.

If you want to read about this, or would like to volunteer in any capacity, please
visit this web site to see what is still needed:




Trying to make one litter box stretch to accommodate all the cats
in one home can be risky. Many cats don't like to share
their sand and may elect to go elsewhere - even if there
is no box there.

But more importantly, stepping into someone else's used sand
increases the exposure potential to diseases - such as Feline
Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), which can be transmitted by
saliva, feces or urine.

If you have a multi-cat household, provide several litter
boxes so no one has to wait or use contaminated sand.



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