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1. Eelke Kleijn - Eenoud - Navar Remix - Outside The Box Music
2. David Granha - There Is No Light EP - Mesmeric Records
3. Eelke Kleijn - Flierefluiter - Praveen Achary Remix - Outside The Box Music
4. Anthony G. - Nocturnal Phenomenon - Original / Jeremy Rowlett - Clinique Recordings
5. Mehmet Akar - Seni Seviyorum - Dale Middleton Remix - Bermudos
6. Agrande pres. Full Gear Flavor - Man Overboard - Erdi Irmak Remix - Mistique Music
7. Eelke Kleijn - Kitten Of Mass Destruction - MUUI Remix - Outside The Box Music
8. Shpongle - Nothing is Something Worth Doing - Santiago Garcia Remix - White Label
9. Dmitry Molosh - Flight Thoughts - Original / Verche Mixes - Agara Music
10. Mory Yacel feat. Bardia - Snow - Beat Syndrome Remix - Spring Tube Limited
11. DJ Samer & DJ B - Moonlight - Ri9or / Ewan Rill Mixes - Segment Records
12. Denis A - Not The Album LP - DAR Digital
13. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic - Follow Me - Original / Lank Mixes - Sound Avenue
14. Gav Fraser - Black Lite - Nicholas Van Orton / Beat Syndrome Mixes - Balkan Connection
15. Benzene - Never Enough - Robert Solva Remix - Crossfade Sounds
16. Withakay - Voices In My Head - Loquai Remix - Axon
17. Cut Knob - No Fear - Erdi Irmak Remix - OLD SQL Recordings
18. Che Armstrong - Too Much - Original Mix - Axon
19. Loquai - Proteus - Original / Digital Department Mixes - Suffused Music
20. Pierre Zamyatin - Zenith - Pete McCarthey Remix - Reelaux Digital
21. Andrea Fissore - Round We Go / Trust - Mindwarp Records
22. Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk - Long Time Coming - Original / Oliver Lieb - microCastle
23. Vinayak A - You May Sit and Wonder - Luke Porter / Rich Curtis Mixes - Dopamine Music
24. Darren Fisher - Khepri - East Cafe Remix - PHW
25. Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk - Where You Are - Original / Nhar Mixes - microCastle
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Dmitry Molosh
Like many other DJ/Producers who came before him Dmitry found himself playing small clubs and venues in his earlier years. He quickly and steadily gained the respect of his peers and was soon to be recognised as one of progressive house’ finest assets in his native city of Brest.

His passion for playing all things progressive stirred a deeper desire to play a bigger role and to contribute to the scene in a more meaningful way, this led Dmitry on what has been quite a short but intensely fulfilling journey into production to date. In such a short time he has already built an enviable body of work which is signed to some of the most well loved and respected progressive house labels in the industry and has recieved recognition and support from artists including Matt Darey, Beat Syndrome, Hernan Cattaneo, Fernando Ferreyra, Sonic Union, MiraculuM, Paul Lennar, Soulfinder, Dale Middleton and Vincent Furlong to name but a few.

From his production to his DJ’ing Dmitry is set to become one of the industries most sought after artists.He currently holds membership to one of the most well established and recognisable music festivals in the world….MAYDAY in Belarus and judging by his most recent string of successes and the rate of his accomplishments it will be no great surprise if you see him on the bill of bigger and more notorious events and festivals soon.

Dmitry's 'Flight Thoughts' is out now on Travis MacDonald's Agara Music, you can purchase the release: here
Hungarian producer Gyorgy Udvardy created the MiraculuM project in 1997 and after years of honing his studio skills he won a remix contest for the Official Hungarian Love Parade Hymn. But it wasn't until 2008 and a new found progressive sound that MiraculuM really came into the electronic music spotlight. His early progressive productions were signed by: Balkan Connection, Lowbit, Mistique Digital, Jetlag Digital and Spherax. In 2010 Gyorgy founded the Stellar Fountain imprint with Erich Von Kollar and Greyloop. The label developed into one of the most recognizable imprints around with productions from Cid Inc., Deepfunk and MiraculuM himself leading the way. As 2013 began Gyordy had one of his most recent productions 'Constellation' signed to Nick Warren's Renaissance Masters compilation. It was a huge moment in the Hungarian producers career  and we had a chance to chat with him about it and a variety of other topics just as the project  was being released. A transcription of the interview is below and we hope you enjoy it.

1. How old are you and how long have you been producing / DJing?

MiraculuM: I’m almost 35 years old, started to produce music in December 1997, since 15 years now, it’s maybe strange, but I haven’t started dj-ing seriously, I played just once live on stage, I used to be a bedroom dj since 1 and a half year ago, while making my podcasts and mixes since 4-5 years now.

2. What are your earliest memories of music, what did you listen to growing up? How did you get involved in electronic music and what made you decide to pursue it seriously?

MiraculuM: As a little kid I remember my mother used to listen huge amount of music, mostly pop and rock, and in that earlier age I enjoyed stuffs which has conception, like rock operas or soundtracks, where you can find a background story or a general meaning on the whole album, like Hair, Grease or Jesus Christ Superstar. As a teenager I was listening to hard rock, after that metal, reaching a more extremer sound, like death metal, around 1993-1994 I fed up with this style, it was a recreative experience for me to listen electronic music’s clean and crystal clear sound. From then I mostly listen to electronica, I became a producer when electronica went on some separate, commercial ways, and I thought this is a level, what I can achieve with my creations.

3. There are many great producers from Hungary such as yourself Lank, Kay-D and East Cafe. What is the music and club scene like there for progressive music? And do you get a chance to DJ very often in your own country?

MiraculuM: I won’t say that. In Hungary there’s a huge gap between producers and dj’s, and just a few of them can do both on the same high quality level. Another problem that the progressive scene doesn’t exists in Hungarian clubs. You can get tech-house and electro house from everywhere, so there’s no need for progressive dj’s, the little claim that is shown, like do the warm up before foreign, “bigger name” dj, that 4-5 old, proficient Hungarian progressive dj’s make this – however, they will not really known about their music as a producer - . Well known producers like Kay-D, East Café, Retroid or Dynamic Illusion good to have one appearance in every second month, and then only 30 people come to attend. So progressive scene only exists virtually in Hungary.

4. You founded the Stellar Fountain label in 2011 with Erich Von Kollar and Gergo Nemeth (Greyloop). What was it that brought you guys together and what made you decide to start Stellar Fountain. And was there a clear sound you guys wanted to focus on at the labels inception?

MiraculuM: The found of our label was a really long process, in the very beginning Greyloop managed – as a music fanatic – a blog, where he wrote reviews and articles from the 90’s electronic music scene, and asked me to join in with articles, as I had more time for that back then. We wrote usually about Hungarian producers or about successful artists who suddenly disappeared from the scene, and when the facebook-era hit the market we found a group based on the blog, where our main goal was to collect the Hungarian progressive musicians to discuss professional issues, to show previews from forthcoming productions, and so on.

We acquainted with Erik in 2011, when he playlisted my song Forsaken Astronaut on Proton Radio, and he searched me on facebook. I liked that he has a very good taste despite his young age, and it was impressive for me that he can gain a huge success at the radio, so I invited him to the group, where he met with Grey too, so when he received an offer to found a Proton sublabel the situation was clear, all of us has as much experience, knowledge and awareness, that it would be worth to start this business. Otherwise to have an own label is my dream since childhood, as a youngster I always did nominal compilations with my favourite tracks with covers, tracklist and logos.

Maybe not so much a certain sound floated before our eyes, but our taste is almost the same – with little differences - , but rather the purpose, to ensure space for those people who don’t have so much possibilities, or we like to build a potential base for Hungarian producers. These principles maybe changed a bit in the last 1,5 year, but in my focus is much more to publish music which can reach the international standard. Otherwise it’s clearly now, that even it’s about upcoming talents, or Hungarians, there are plenty of alternate arise for us.

5. Stellar Fountain also just recently launched a new sub division 'Stellar Fountain Deep'. How does it differ from Stellar Fountain?

MiraculuM: We got so much good music as demo, and the label’s schedule became so stuffed, so it seemed reasonable to do separation between genres in our upcoming projects. So the audience can know better what to expect, on our main label progressive house, on the deep imprint more experimental and underground, 4/4 based styles are waiting on the pipeline. It made some minor problems, that EP’s with different styles comes sequentially on our main label, but we can fix this now.

6. Does each member of Stellar Fountain have a different role? or is it just a collective effort on everything like A&R, promotion, distribution etc?

MiraculuM: Primarily Erik and Grey are responsible for the A&R, they are more patient and friendlier guys than me. I do the rest of the background work, uploading files to backstage, promotion, cover designing, mastering, arranging the schedule, I just pass that mailing duties. Almost forget, that Grey writes the text for the releases, his English is better than mine.

7. What advice would you give to producers hoping to get their tracks signed to Stellar Fountain? How would you suggest they approach it?

MiraculuM: First be maximalist in implementing, you can hear exactly how much work and time invested in the track, there are no tricks to keep this thing hidden. Every little detail must be developed, it’s not enough to put a nice idea next to some templates and that’s it! If you think your track is done, go and work on in it for one more week! Otherwise we are very grateful, we keep ourselves primarily as music fans, and we can fall in love with a good demo.

8. As a producer under the Miraculum alias you've been releasing tracks since the middle of 2010. Looking back on your discography which productions are you the most proud of? Which are your favourites?

MiraculuM: There are a lot of them, mostly because I compose originals when I try to express a feeling, which determined my everyday life in that period. The Forsaken Astronaut is about unemployment, Good Morning Angel or Roses Growing In Her Footprint is about love, Requiem For Two Fading Flowers is about death, As A Heart Started To Beat is about desire for a child, Constellation is about a longer period, when I felt nothing succeeds, I’m just struggling. These are all important tracks for me, and I’m proud, because I believe I can mediate feelings with them.

9. Nick Warren has used one of your productions (Constellation) on his recent 'The Master Series' mix compilation for Renaissance. This must have been a huge moment in your career, how does it feel to have the support of one of the world's biggest DJs and talk about the importance for you to appear on such a legendary compilation series.

MiraculuM: Admittedly this is the biggest happening of my carrier, and I’m so proud about it, but in total I don’t call it a breakthrough moment, just a very important brick in a greater construction. It will be always good to put out the CD, nobody can take away this success from me, and as we take a look on the previous Master Series pieces it’s nice to know, this disc will surely spin in players 10-20 or 30 years later. It won’t change my weekdays or my purposes.

10. Your productions have a spacey, psychedelic quality that is quite unique and really amazing to listen to. Where do you get studio inspiration from? What producers consistently inspire you? Who are some of your favourites?

MiraculuM: You can find the impact of the early 90’s trance tracks on my sound, I loved Oliver Lieb and his side projects, and artists like Resistance D, Man With No Name, Urban Trance Plant, Jam & Spoon, Humate, Blue Planet Corporation. Until today my purpose is to keep that unique sound and convert it in a fresh, more modern form and pass on to the present listeners too.

But besides I’m currently inspired by creative electronic musicians like Deepfunk, Henry Saiz, Ormatie, Derek Howell, Petar Dundov, Mathew Johnson, Rennie Foster, Damabiah, Eelke Kleijn or Oliver Prime.

11. Production wise what are you working on right now, anything you can tell us about?

MiraculuM: I’m working on two productions at the moment, one original track, and a remix for Breeze & Quadrat and LoQuai’s collab on Clinique Recordings. I try to focus more on my own creations, in 2012 I did more remixes, compared to myself.

12. What artist or track would you love to remix?

MiraculuM: Almost everybody’s work from the above mentioned list of artists, but in general I like to reedit tracks, which has a lot of melodies inside, because I have more space about where to start my version. If I have to build a whole new production from zero, I rather write an original.

13. What do you like to do for fun outside of the music? and do you have a regular job? What is a typical day like for MiraculuM?

MiraculuM: As my main occupation I’m a department leader in a drugstore, dealing with games and stationery, and I’m conducting for a few people what and how should they do. It takes a lot of my time, but so far as I considering on the conditions and the colleagues this is the best job I ever had. Besides I’m a movie fanatic, my DVD collection is close to one thousand, in another life I like to be a film director or producer. If I have time and my money allows I like hiking in the mountains, preferring the higher mountains, but I’ve never been above 2500 meters.

14. Apart from electronic music what other genres do you listen and who are your favourite artists outside of electronic?

MiraculuM: I used to listen a lot of pop music from the ‘80s and ‘90s, with no quality limitations, because I like nostalgic feelings, or it’s not uncommon that I spin some hip-hop, mostly commercial ones. On special days I always pick classical cd’s, like Morning Mood from Edvard Grieg or my currently favourite Vltava composed by Bedrich Smetana.

15. MiraculuM Current Favourites (you can list more than one per category if you like)

Food: Potato Casserole
Drink: Long Island Cocktail
TV Show: almost nothing, except vocal talent shows
Movie: Tree Of Life, The 25Th Hour, Solaris
Video Game: NBA2k13
Album: Nick Warren - Renaissance Master Series 18.
Track / Song: Jozef Kugler - On The Dancefloor (WOK Recordings)
Producer / Band: Petar Dundov, Deepfunk, Verche
Record Label: Natura Sonoris, Bermudos, Hope
Nightclub: Abraxas Mallorca
DJ: Nick Warren

16. If the final DJ set of your career was next week what would be your last record be?

MiraculuM: MiraculuM - Constellation or Paragliders - Paraglide (Blue Sky Mix)

17. What can we expect to see in 2013 from MiraculuM and Stellar Fountain?

MiraculuM: I hope there will be more originals from me, which can catch the attention of a wider audience. In label wise as we take a look on the next half year’s schedule I can promise there will be better and better releases on both of our imprints.

Release Promo would like to send a huge thanks to Gyorgy for taking the time to do this interview and also to Greyloop who helped with the translation.

MiraculuM's remix John Drummer's 'Pause' is out now on Stellar Fountain, you can purchase the release: here

Dmitry Molosh - Flight Thoughts (Agara Music)
featuring remixes from: Verche
Travis MacDonald's Agara Music imprint is gaining momentum fast, the labels first two releases focused on a contemporary progressive and melodic techno sound that featured Beat Syndrome, Madloch & Yunta,  Mauro Norti, Max Cue, Indieveed and Travis who all delivered some of their best work to date. The labels third overall release is out this week and it features a new single from Dmitry Molosh who had several top notch releases in 2012 most notably his 'The End of the Labyrinth' on Reelaux Digital. Dmitry's new single for Agara is entitled 'Flight Thoughts' and it comes with a remix from Verche.

For those of you that loved Dmitry's 'Labyrinth' record you should absolutely love 'Flight Thoughts' as well. Dmitry's deep, balmy and abundantly textured sound really shines here.  A warm pulsating bass line sits at the foundation while some choppy drums and wonderfully hypnotic bells add mightily to the sultry groove. The wispy atmospheric backdrop seems to be forever growing as the track reaches the main drop. The melodic elements really get to breathe here and thus the gorgeous processing on those bells really becomes apparent. As the break evolves a set of soft ascending tones rises  slowly for a subtle apex which reveals the pulsating groove and gorgeous atmospheres once more for a perfect finish to the composition.

The lone remix is provided by Verche who given the elements from the original seems to be the perfect remixer choice. The Croatian producer is known best for running both Sangria and System Recordings, aside from that he is loved across the globe for his richly textured, melodic sound which he has been pushing for the last couple of years with great success. For his 'Flight Thoughts' interpretation Verche has taken all those great elements from the original and put his own unique twist on them for a fabulous construction. It's the shoegazy haze of Verche's production that we really love and it's worked wonders here with a gorgeous atmospheric sheen that coats the driving beats, techy percussion and fuzzy hypnotic lines.  Both mixes here are brilliant and Agara Music is really on a roll. Don't miss this! Release Promo Hype Chart #9

Mehmet Akar - Seni Seviyorum (Bermudos)
featuring remixes from: Dale Middleton, Future Motions
Bermudos returns this week for back to back releases, last week saw the label with its first single of the year which featured Argentina's Demian Moreno and two great remixes from Marc Moan and Erdi Irmak. This week sees one of Turkey's finest Mehmet Akar making his debut on the label. Mehmet really rose in the electronic music underground when he was announced as one of the finalists in Sasha's Burn Studios remix competition last year and recent productions for Manual and Outside The Box have only furthered that. His newest single foe Bermudos is entitled 'Seni Seviyorum'  and it comes with remixes from Dale Middleton and Future Motions.

Mehmet's original mix begins with some pleasure filled tones, lush vocals and a haunting atmosphere that sets a perfect backdrop for what's to come. The vocals are really spectacular; rich in soul and texture which breathes so well against Mehmet's more stripped down groove. The wavering atmospheres and subtle vocal pads just enhance the emotion even further. While the main break allows the guitary textures to shine and thus creating one of those great daydream interlude's that's filled with emotion. Fabulous stuff from Mehmet.

The first remix is provided by UK producer Dale Middleton who in just under a year has racked up a discography that includes releases on Outside The Box, Sound Avenue, Dopamine, Mirabilis and Lowbit. For his interpretation of 'Seni Seviyorum'  Dale has put a marvellous club friendly spin on the track. The rumbling grooves and cleverly used vocal snips set a wicked vibe early. Striking tones then provide some deadly hooks along with a sequence of  heavily emotional chord changes which should more than deliver some goose bump moments to your dance floor. Dale's remix has also just been featured by Hernan Cattaneo on his weekly Resident Delta FM radio show so you know it's one not to miss.

The final remix comes from Future Motions who is making his first appearance on Bermudos. UK based Phil Joannides aka Future Motions has long been one of the most under rated and underappreciated producers in progressive house. His productions are always immaculately crafted and come with a maturity and dance floor sensibility that is really rare nowadays. Phil had a relatively quiet 2012 with just a few releases on Lowbit, Spherax and an inclusion on Proton's highly influential Compiled & Mixed Series. He has certainly gotten 2013 off to a great start here as he's delivered a wicked interpretation of 'Seni Seviyorum'. Backed by a groove that's filled with buzzing energy and driving drums it comes with nice momentum out of the gate. The techy drive is complemented with gorgeous vocal snips, grinding chord changes and haunting atmospheric accents that really hit the spot. Great stuff from Future Motions and a big release from Bermudos. Don't miss it! Release Promo Hype Chart #5

Zan Prevee - The Risk Of Dependence (Mistique Music)
featuring: The Risk Of Dependence, Deteriorations
The 334th release on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic's Mistique Music comes from Zan Prevee who is making his second appearance on the label. The Greek producer made his debut on Mistique back in July of 2012 with his remix of DJ Massymo Tn & Franzis-D's 'Dark Planet'. Since then Zan has gone on to appear on KP Recordings, Elliptical Sun and Perfect Session to name a few. His debut EP for Mistique is entitled 'The Risk Of Dependence' and it comes with two brand new original productions.

The first track on the release is entitled 'Deteriorations' and it begins with a nice low end growl and some well textured kicks which provide some instant drive. A perfectly understated set of rhythmic tones and some hook heavy electronics then get introduced to form a wicked groove with the accompanying framework. The track builds some nice momentum as the airy atmosphere slowly rises and some delicate tension surrounds the track as the main breakdown approaches. Here the bubbly bass tones and rhythmic atmospheres create the perfect floor friendly interlude before a portion of the stripped groove returns and the piece flows smoothly to a wicked finish.

The title cut 'The Risk Of Dependence' closes the EP out with a cool glitchy groove at the tracks outset. The bass line goes through some lovely chord changes as the track grows and the incandescent atmospheres that surround the track are absolutely gorgeous. The composition peaks wonderfully with some long drawn out tones which continue to escalate and push the track towards the first break. Here the drums and bass line are left in as to not lose the groove and it really just serves as a nice transition back to the momentous groove which rebuilds once more to the main break. Here we get a full showcase of those spine tingling tones which should certainly provide some goose bump moments on the right dance floor. We absolutely love this EP, Zan Prevee is really one to watch in 2013. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

The Kinetic Movement – High Buildings, Small People (LuPS Records)
featuring remixes from: Stanisha, Jacco@Work, Constan
The 140th release of LuPS Records launches another new talent. Bas Visser aka The Kinetic Movement delivers a more downtempo crossover track with a distinctive groove and feel. His track High Buildings, Small People contains a few syncopatic sounds which he combined with long resonating atmsopheric pads. All together this is causing a fragile moody atmosphere track that grows with each listen.The first remix comes from Stanisha. His remix kicks of with one of the syncopatic bellsounds. All along the way Stanisha slowly builds up his remix in a very touchy and emotional way. For sure when he introduces a sublime and heartbreaking new melodyline at 1.50 minutes. This new melody really makes you feel small and tiny in the big outside world full with concrete skyscrapers. Once again Stanisha proves that he is still on fire.

The second remix comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. His reinterpetation of High Buildings, Small People contains a bouncing groove stuffed up with all sort of percussion and fx’s and white noises. On top he placed a raw sounding arped synthline which he combined with a couple of angelic pads. In the breakdown section the original elements are returning, together with a eerie female vocalsnippet. Halfway the breakdown the track turns into a funky raw breakbeat track for a short moment of time. Just this section really gives the whole remix a few extra balls and a great twist. For sure this is the most dancefloor friendly remix of the package.

The last remix comes from Constan. His remix contains the usual Constan groove. A steady kickdrum and a few sharp percussionloops. Once again Constan managed to build a remix with a hypnotic and druggy atmosphere that contains a haunting dark bassline. This remix is for those very late night afterhour moments.

Gav Fraser - Black Lite Remix Edition (Balkan Connection
featuring remixes from: Beat Syndrome, Nicholas Van Orton, Neftali Blasko
Gav Fraser's 'Black Lite' first appeared on Balkan Connection's 'Connections IX' compilation which was released in November of 2012. Not only did it lead the compilation off but it was also one of the standout tracks as well. It's up tempo groove, funky hooks and dark undertones went down well on the dance floor and now for Balkan Connection's 211th overall release we see a new set of remixes for  'Black Lite' from: Beat Syndrome, Nicholas Van Orton and Neftali Blasko.

We've been singing the praises of Beat Syndrome a great deal lately and with good reason, the Toronto duo have just completed their European tour and production wise have gotten 2013 off to a great start with releases on Crossfade Sounds, 99percent and Reelaux Digital. For their 'Black Lite' interpretation Beat Syndrome have turned in a groovy, percussive gem of a remix. Navid and Hamed have created an abundance of dance floor bounce with layers of rolling drums and cool electronic hits which really give the track a vibrant feel. The subtle vocal pads and big sweeps are the perfect accents for the rocking groove which is perfectly tailored for prime time action. Top stuff from Beat Syndrome once again.

The second remix comes from Balkan Connection South America head man and studio veteran Nicholas Van Orton who is making his 41st appearance on the label. Ariel Gandolfo aka Nicholas Van Orton hails from Buenos Aires Argentina and has been a firm favourite of Hernan Cattaneo for many years now. His 'Black Lite' remix goes down as one of his best productions to date and is the most club friendly version on the package. Filled with sequences of rhythmic stabs, cool beats and gaseous atmospheres Nicholas' mix rocks from start to finish and with loads of support already in you know it's one not to miss.

The final mix on the package comes from Neftali Blasko who is making his 9th overall appearance on Balkan Connection here. The Mexican producer runs the TRR label and his discography not only includes Balkan Connection but also Dark Pleasure, Iboga, LuPS and Deepsessions. Neftali has turned in a great interpretation of 'Black Lite' which comes with a very powerful and floor friendly groove. The well textured electronic sheets are quite epic and provide the perfect hooks to coincide with the rocking groove as the track builds towards the main breakdown. Here the spacey atmospheres and gaseous sweeps lay down the perfect transition back into the atmospheric groove for an exhilarating finish. Great stuff from Neftali who we can't wait to hear more from. Balkan Connection on top form again! Release Promo Hype Chart #14

Anthony G - Noctural Phenomenon (Clinique Recordings)
featuring:F-Act and Jeremy Rowlett
The 12th release on Breeze & Quadrat's Clinique Recordings is out this week and it sees Bulgarian producer Anthony G returning to the label for his second overall appearance. Anton Angelov aka Anthony G first appeared on Clinique back in September of 2012 with his 'Spring Burst' EP. His new single for the label is entitled 'Nocturnal Phenomenon' and it comes with remixes from: F-Act and Jeremy Rowlett.

Anthony's rolling energetic original leads the release off with a wicked prog house vibe. The galloping rhythms, haunting atmospheric backdrop and cool vocal stabs drive the track towards the main break. Here a wispy haze of gaseous trails and angelic vocal pads create a gorgeously serene soundscape which should have your dance floor completely captivated. The track peaks with all the elements coming together for a breathtaking melodic conclusion.  The first remix is provided by the Swiss producer F-Act who is well known for  his progressive house bombs on the excellent Limeroads label. F-Act's 'Nocturnal Phenomenon' remix lightens the mood somewhat as he delivers a version which focuses more on the amazing atmospheric elements from the original while still keeping things firmly on the dance floor. The final remix comes from one of the most underappreciated producers in progressive house: Jeremy Rowlett.  Jeremy hails from Wilmar, Arkansas and has been delivering perfectly produced progressive house cuts for the last several years on labels like Mistique, OLD SQL and Jetlag Digital. Jeremy's 'Nocturnal Phenomenon' currently sits at no.12 in our overall Hype Chart and after you hear it you'll understand why. Jeremy's infectious rolling energy translates really well here with some deep chord changes and those great vocal pads which provide the perfect emotional content at the records dynamic peak. Huge stuff Jeremy and a killer release from Clinique. Release Promo Hype Chart #4

Inkfish - For Love EP (PHW)
featuring remixes by: Matt Fax, Demian Moreno, Blood Groove & Kikis, Yan Lhert, Loquai, Arctic Night
It’s time to reveal another top notch release here on PHW and today we are so pleased to give you the chance to dig in to one from the legendary Swedish alias of Inkfish. These guys have been around for a long spell and we so hope they will be with us in the future also. Here they are with a progressive monster called “For Life”. The original is nothing less than a dope production, expect some nasty deep kicks, pounding bass chords and swirling pads, on top of that some majestic synth loops that all together is just phenomenal.

As always when getting the big guns in, a lot of guys want to work with their material and we are thrilled to unleash the full package here, including 6 remixes from some of the hottest names out there.

First up is a brilliant take form French youngster, 16 year old Matt Fax that turns pretty much everything into gold and here he has done it again. Being on pretty much all of the major labels at his young age, there is nothing more to say than that we hope he takes care of his huge talent and gift. Here he is bringing the drive in the track up a bit. He’s added on some superb melodic work to the original idea from the Swedish masterminds and working the bass sounds so well, a magic ride is about to come my friends.

Next up is a beautiful take from newbie on the label, Argentinian ace Demian Moreno. We are truly happy to see this fantastic producer in on the label with this massive rework of the original. For those of you loving the deeper side of progressive, well here you will have a BIG one coming up. Some really cool added on vocal chops will make this one interesting. of course there is a nice drive in the track, including some smooth bass sounds, dramatic synth riffs and smooth pounding kicks. It’s a genius take we feel.

We are also very very happy to have the chance to have one of the best acts 2012 back on the label, the Latvian duo behind the alias of Blood Groove & Kikis. As always they have built something very special here, bringing a piano driven interpretation to the world. With their razor sharp sound design, and crisp textures, we couldn’t be happier than we are to show the skills from these guys once more. This is another fantastic remix contributed to the release.

We are also pleased to add a new name to the roaster, this time the über talented US producer Yan Lhert. Being on great labels such as Nueva Digital and Lowbit in the past, we are all aware of the great reputation and talent that it is all about when it comes to Yan Lhert. Here he is with a deep and twisted interpretation of this Inkfish production. Expect deep bass chords, cool percussion and driving elements throughout the track.

Next up is the legendary German producer, known from all the major labels going for the deeper side of progressive. Yes, we are talking about a welcome return to the label from Konstantin Alt aka Loquai. As always he put a special touch on his productions, here with a superb underground laden track, with a smooth and well driven machinery that will put your ears to the test.

Last out, a good friend to the label, and on PHW for the first time. We are talking about the Russian producer Arctic Night, also the head honcho of the progressive labels Elliptical Sun. He has made a great effort for us here, bringing a deep touch to the original idea, still with a very underground melodic take on the track, it’s really special. We are more than pleased with what he has put in for us here and we want him to come back in a near future. All together we feel we have another massive release coming up here, and we also hope there is something for everyone included. Release Promo Hype Chart Top25

Deeplake - 1000 Miles (Stellar Fountain)
featuring remixes by: Julian Marazuela, Vlada D'Shake, Ivan Vega
After a very succesfull debut on Stellar Fountain with the summerish sounding 'Bora Bora' EP Deeplake put himself on the scene's map. With his return to the label '1000 Miles' will guarantee an ultimate journey through progressive waves. This lovely package comes also with a Julian Marazuela, Vlada D'Shake and an Ivan Vega remake.The original mix starts with some mellow, and then the baseline takes it to another level. The breakdown is about the perfect harmony, synths and strings circulating together, until the basedrum starts pumping again.Vlada D'Shake is on fire at the moment, whatever he touches, it becomes gold. He kept the original melody, but dreamed a whole new soundscape, with a hint of psy factor. Amazing, driving stuff!Ivan Vega was fond of the original track, the incredible - almost trancy - melody section drifting on a serious, club sounding background. Julian Marazuela did an amazing nu disco retouch, he redefined the original, set the speed slower, and build almost a new track.

Pierre Zamyatin - Zenith (Reelaux Digital)
featuring remixes from: Reelaux, Pete McCarthey
Pierre Zamyatin needs no introduction for the fans of Reelaux Digital, his previous productions found their place in so many dj-bags. But we are convinced that Zenith is his strongest work so far. Not only is it deep and groovy, but very emotional and catchy as well. Its not trendy, its a trendsetter! To complete this monster tune here come 2 remixes: The first comes from the studio of Reelaux, who used the main elements very smart, including the speech, and inserted an enormous acid bassline to the bottom end which simply drives the track to outer space and then back. In this remix the break part also plays a big role. You will hear why. The second rework is provided by Greece-based Pete McCarthey, who created a remix which will probably be a big favourite of late-night and afterhours sets: 100%% pure techno, Ladies and Gentlemen! A pounding bassline and minimalistic, but very efficient groove ensure that the dancefloor explodes after the main break part. All in all, this is an excellent EP that will make an impression in every part of the night. One of our biggest releases so far.

Withakay - Voices In My Head (Axon)
featuring remixes from: Loquai, Onkakmir
After some superb releases with us in 2012, Withakay returns to the label with yet another great release. His previous releases gained some feedback from DJs such as Nick Warren, Tilt, Cid Inc and Luke Porter. We hope this continues with his first release of 2013. Filled with elements of deep melodic techno, 'Voices In My Head' has a wonderfully melancholic feel to it. Making great use of his modular synth, the track features Withakay's unique analogue sound. He was also kind enough to provide us with the alt.mix, for those who like a glitchy alternative sound. Backing up the original mixes are two superb remixes from LoQuai and Onkakmir. Each providing a different take on the orignal mix, the guys have done amazing jobs here, reworking the track in to their own style. The remixes complete the package perfectly, but definitely make it hard to pick a favourite!

Peter Wagner - Deeping Funky (Sounds Of Earth)
featuring remixes from: Jabba
Peter Wagner has quickly become one of the hottest names in the underground dance music scene in Portugal. He is not only an amazing DJ, but his productions are solid and unique. It's hard to put Peter only one music genre only. He flows between techno; progressive house, tech-house and can easily go into deeper directions. His talent has been published under renowned labels like Baroque, Fever Sounds, and of course, under Sounds of Earth. This EP is a sweet, crunchy and elegant fusion of styles. Deeping Funky has a solid techno foundation but it is filled with groove and magnetic sounds, a great piece to move the floor. We Should Know is more melodic; a beautiful hypnotic lead will catch you and make you move. Last but not least, Jabba -from Mexico City- delivers an excellent remix to We Should Know, a deeper and epic work. Enjoy this release!

David Sonido - Thought Is Everything (Electronic Tree)
featuring remixes from: Color Ray, Deep In Calm, Neptun 505, Mindshield
It's great to see David Sonido back on the label with his new track called 'Thought Is Everything”.Something special about this tune is the fact it won the prestigious competition in Polish music magazine 'Estrada i Studio” for the best electronic composition regardless of genres. As a winner David has been invited for 2-years study of sound engineering for free! Smooth house groove with piano accompaniment is soaked with fantastic positive vibe here. Beautiful and wise vocal is like a cherry on top for this awesome work. Color Ray from India is responsible for the first interpretation in the package. His hypnotic and groovy dancefloor bomb is ready to detonate at peak time in the club. Deep In Calm, whose last release on Soundteller was picked to bests of the year on Beatport progressive house section delivers deep and funky version, while Neptun 505 turned it to more atmospheric and dreamy areas. Argentinian talent Mindshield closes the tracklist nicely staying near the mood of original and putting on more bouncy house rhythm.

Marwan Jaafreh - Crossing The Line EP (Deepsessions)
featuring: Crossing The Line, Wet Moments, Pandora
The 209th release on Greece's Deepsessions Recordings is out this week and it features Marwan Jaafreh returning to the label for his second appearance. The Ukrainian producer now based in Amman, Jordan first appeared on Deepsessions with his 'Nirvana EP' which was released in November of 2012. Marwan's new EP for Deepsessions is entitled 'Crossing The Line' and it comes with three brand new original productions.

The 'Crossing The Line' original gets things underway with a tough energetic groove that's accented with some smooth melodic lines. The melodies come to the forefront quickly and a cool hypnotic vibe hovers over the tough framework. The main breakdown is epic and focuses on some scattered melodies, trippy electronics and a quick build which propels the energy forward even more. The track climaxes with layers of interwoven melodies teasing the senses as the massive groove keeps the floor rocking. The second track 'Wet Moments' comes with another gorgeous melodic vibe but with a slightly deeper more melancholic feel than 'Crossing The Line'. The soft keys and subtle pianos paint a gorgeous soundscape during the drop and when the groove kicks back in along with some soaring pads the vibe is amazing. Perfect for the trancier progressive floors out there. The EP is closed out with 'Pandora' which begins with a similarly tough groove as the previous two cuts. A set of muffled stabs along with a catchy melodic lead soon fade into the mix for a somewhat ominous sounding vibe. The breakdown here is certainly the moodiest on the EP with dark undertones, spooky electronics and almost apocalyptic sensibilities. The break concludes with the romping groove and ominous melodic lines crashing back in for what might be the biggest moment on the EP. Fabulous sounds from Marwan and another good release for Deepsessions.

Luis Bondio & Santiago Garcia - Bottomless (Mesmeric Records)
featuring remixes from: Cid Inc.
Mesmeric Records is back after the holiday season with their first release of 2013 this week. The label finished 2012 as one of the top progressive house labels in electronic music, the highlight of their year would have to have been Guy J's amazing interpretation of Circulation's 'Turquoise' which went down as one of Spring / Summer's biggest records. The labels first release in 2013 features a massive collaboration from two of Argentina's finest: Luis Bondio and Santiago Garcia. These gentlemen are responsible for two of the hottest imprints around at the moment: Classound Recordings and Baires Records respectively. Luis and Santiago have been favourites of Hernan Cattaeno and Nick Warren over the last year and 2013 promises to be even brighter for the pair. Their debut single for Mesmeric is entitled 'Bottomless' and it comes with a massive remix from Cid Inc.

Anytime Santiago and Luis collaborate together it always results in something extra special and with 'Bottomless' they've worked their studio magic once again. A shuffling tech house groove gets the track underway along with some ominous sounding electronics which set the mood nicely. A set of big round bass tones soon get dropped in which leads to a much more atmospheric section of the record which is filled with airy pads and wispy electronics. This serene sound scape is showcased even further during the main drop as waves of glistening melodies, aquatic emissions  and tranquil ambiences fill the air for a blissful  vibe that should send shivers to your dance floor. Spectacular work form Luis and Santi, don't miss this one!

The lone remix of 'Bottomless' comes from Cid Inc. who is making his first appearance on Mesmeric here. Finnish producer Henri Hurtig aka Cid Inc. has gotten 2013 off to a great start, his remix of Praveen Achary's 'Space Machine' was chosen by Beatport as the #1 Must Hear Progressive House record for the week of it's release and at the time of this writing the track is still in the Beatport Prog House top 100.  Cid Inc. has once again delivered an incredible interpretation that sounds tailor made for a rocking dance floor. Henri's drums are always bang on the money and here they really pack some serious punch as they've added an extra vibrancy and bounce to the already energetic groove. The momentous beats propel the track forward through fields of atmospheric haze and swirling electronics before a hook heavy acid lead fades into the mix and in turn reveals the main drop.  The bubbling lines and soaring atmospheres really shine here and when the electronics build to a boil the widescreen atmosphere dissipates and the drummy groove returns for a peak time finish. Cid Inc. on the money as usual. Guaranteed to rock your dance floor, a great first release of 2013 from Mesmeric. Release Promo Hype Chart #1

Luis Bondio / Cesar Lombardi - Circulate/Everlasting (Movement Recordings)
featuring remixes from: Madloch, Greger
Movement Recordings released an outstanding collection of music entitled Beach Stories  in September of 2012. Two of the standout tracks on the compilation came from two exceptionally talented Argentinean producers Luis Bondio and Cesar Lombardi. 'Circulate' and 'Everlasting' once again showcased Luis and Cesar's passion for that cool and contemporary progressive house sound. Now for Movement's 64th overall release both tracks receive their official release along with fresh interpretations from Sound Avenue headman Madloch and up and coming Greek producer Greger.

Dominique Heyninck of Mitrinique and Sound Avenue fame created his Madloch solo alias in September of 2012. His first single under the Madloch guise was entitled 'Colorshock' which proved to be one of Sound Avenue's most hyped releases of the year as both the Marcelo Vasami and Paul Hazendonk remixes appeared in Hernan Cattaneo's September and October charts respectively. As Dominique continues to build on the fast rising Madloch alias he's delivered another top notch production here for his 'Circulate' remix.  Dominique has taken the cool vocal samples, grainy textures, rolling beat patterns and all round great party vibe of the original and transformed it into something much deeper and intoxicatingly hypnotic.  Long grainy sweeps, subtle electronics and a menacing subterranean groove have this one aimed squarely at those dark room dance floors.

Cesar Lombardi's 'Everlasting' was heavily supported by Hernan Cattaneo after its inclusion on 'Beach Stories'; most notably at Moonpark to an amazing dance floor reaction. 'Everlasting' is surely one of Cesar's best productions to date, it's driving psychedelic vibe is complemented with killer drums, a wicked stab and an ominous atmosphere that just builds and builds throughout the record.  Gregory Tetradis aka Greger hails from Greece and although he is only 3 releases into his production career he's already had two remixes on the well known Dutch label LuPS Records.  For his remix of Cesar Lombardi's 'Everlasting' Greger has taken the much larger sounding original and crafted a more minimal interpretation that opens the track up for techno and tech house DJs. A menacing bass line sits at the tracks momentous foundation while charging drums, escalating hypnotics and a trippy break round out what goes down as Greger's best work to date. Release Promo Hype Chart #3

Tolga Diler - I Hear You Calling (Mistique Music)
featuring remixes from: Domased Electronica, Timewave, Wav-E
The 332nd release on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic's Mistique Music sees Tolga Diler returning to the label for his sixth appearance. Tolga is one of Turkey's most well known progressive house producers; he first came to our attention with his releases on Deepsessions, Underground City Music and Vise Versa Music in early 2011. More recently Tolga has had great productions on Mistique, OLD SQL and Green Snake. Tolga's newest single for Mistique is entitled 'I Hear You Calling' and it comes with remixes from: Domased Electronica, Timewave and Wav-E.

Tolga's original mix begins with a floor friendly groove that comes with a nice shuffle and lovely hypnotic accents. Effects heavy vocal trails soon enter the mix  and paint a lovely angelic vibe over the powerful groove. The vocal progressively becomes more audible and a drop dead gorgeous melodic lead begins to take shape as well. Sections of perfectly clustered keys make up the melodic centre piece along with some anthemic chords which we could see providing some goose bump moments on the dance floor. The vocal elements here are really incredible; just silky smooth and oozing with quality combine that with the bang on the money melodic themes and you've got what is easily Tolga's finest work to date.

The first remix is supplied by Domased Electronic who just made a spectacular return to the scene last week after a more than two year absence. His 'Temple of Art' single was released on Mistique and will likely go down as one of the biggest releases on the label this year. The Slovakian producer has provided an excellent interpretation of 'I Hear You Calling' that complements the original version really well. Domased has crafted a much techier framework for the mix which comes with an electric bass line that provides a wickedly pulsating groove. The drums add a cool hypnotic element which play perfectly off the bass line to lock the groove down just that much more. The vocal elements have also been used to great effect as they create an amazing sense of space between the pumping groove and soaring atmospherics. This is very reminiscent of something Digweed would have played many years ago so it's certainly something you should have in your collection.

The next remix comes from Timewave who makes his first appearance on MIstique for 2013 and 29th overall. The Finnish producer closed out 2012 on a very strong run with releases on Armada and Joof; he continues to build on his tough, techy progressive trance sound and has become a favourite amongst DJs like John 00 Fleming and Airwave.  For his 'I Hear You Calling' remix Timewave has stuck his guns and delivered those rock solid beats and crystalline melodies that we love. The crunchy rhythms and razor sharp synth lines rip through the air with such force that it's sure to cause chaos on the trancier dance floors out there and the soft melodic lines and smooth chord changes following the epic drop put the perfect cap on another Timewave masterpiece.

The final remix on the package comes from Wav-E who is making his 19th appearance on Mistique. The Macedonian producer who is now based in Austria closed the year out with productions on OLD SQL, Elliptical Sun and L*C*D* Recordings. Wav-E has long been known for his emotional piano melodies and his broad productions style which over the years has incorporated House, Chill Out, New Age, Trance, Techno, Breakbeat, D&B and even some Rock stuff.  Wav-E's 'I Hear You Calling' interpretation comes with a big, spacious progressive bass line, lovely vocal gates, euphoric melodies and a wicked breakbeat section to close the record off which is actually quite unique. The production on Wav-E's music is also top notch, a really crunchy, processed sound that works quite well for this style. Great from mix from him and another very good package from Mistique.

Ilya Deep - Icarus (LuPS Records)
featuring remixes from: Mindshield, Kaya, Fiddler, Fake Truth
LuPSRec 148 sees the debut of Ilya Deep. This new breed Russian producer delivers an atmospheric, foggy and breakable track. Long layers of oozing sounds are creating a melancholic fragile atmosphere where you can hear the elfs and angels sing.

The first remix comes from Mindshield. He turns the track into an even deeper melancholic scene and explores every inch of your soul. A bold gorgeous reverbed bassline is doing the job here. It carries the track on such a way that this remix just sneaks under your skin and find itself a way towards your brains. Halfway the track Mindshield inserts a superb synthstab which is the icing on the cake. Allthough his remix is called Last Breath Remix it surely proves that Mindshield is a producer to look after for the upcoming years.

The second remix comes from producers duo Kaya . Hailing from Ireland those youngsters are entering the scene with a cool mixture of styles. This is not an average prog house remix but a fine blend of Tech House, Trance and Progressive. It all causes an epic remix of Icarus which will shake some dancefloors for sure.

The third remix comes from Fake Truth. His Trancey Wings remix is a splendid crossover between Progressive Breaks and Trance. This remix just grabs your soul and doesn’t let it go until the track ends.

The last remix comes from Fiddler. He also created a sort of moviepicture sound with long epic organsounds and breathing synthlines. He combined it with a steady rhythmstructure which causes an hypnotic and spooky remix.

Re-Bound - Close Your Eyes (Stellar Fountain)
featuring remixes from: Jelly For The Babies, Homegroove Project, Harlem Knights
Let's dig deep into club rhythms! With 'Close Your Eyes' the hungarian talents Re-Bound make its debut on Stellar Fountain. The EP contains 3 tasteful originals and 3 energetic remixes by Harlem Knights, Homegroove Project and Jelly For The Babies.'Close Your Eyes' nice medly of deep and progressive house. The rhythms and the groove belongs to the deep, while the melodies reminds us to the progressive side. Jelly For The Babies focused more on the groove, the well used fine tuning effect just drive the whole composition crazy! Homegroove Project make a beautiful crossover track, with funk and jazz roots melted into deep. Harlem Knights brings us a happy, booty shaker tech house edit. The result is a satisfied smile on our face.'El Rhythmics' is straight club music from the finest, while 'Should A Few Bucks' uses hypnotising progressive textures.

Demian Moreno - It's Killing Me EP (Bermudos)
featuring: Marc Moan, Erdi Irmak
De Wachtkamer's Bermudos imprint is back with its first release of 2013 this week. The labels 21st overall release features the return of Argentinean producer Demian Moreno for this third overall appearance.  Demian delivered 'The Love We Lost' EP for Bermudos in July of 2012 and followed that up with a remix of KAGO DO's 'Alright, Marley' in November. Demian's new single for Bermudos and first of 2013 is entitled 'It's Killing Me' and it comes with two standout remixes from Marc Moan and Erdi Irmak.

Demian's original mix comes with his trademark deep and atmospheric progressive sound. The smooth walls of sub bass and floaty late night synths set a wicked back room type groove early on and as the production grows we see the synth modulation getting turned up a notch which provides some growing anticipation. Hazily processed bells contribute to the atmospheric peak of the record which pushes the track well past the eight minute mark with those sonic synths leading the way.  Great stuff from Demian. The first remix is supplied by Marc Moan who has appeared on Bermudos once in the past with his remix of Stas Karpenkov's 'Castle'. The Russian producer has recently appeared on Sezer Uysal's Dark Pleasure, Green Snake and Baroque Digital. Marc's 'It's Killing Me' interpretation comes with an equally deep but somewhat funkier vibe that Mariano's original. The bubbly acid styled bass line provides that rolling funk and the main synth elements from the original have been chopped to perfection by Marc who has used them sparingly while focusing more on the floor friendly groove. A perfect complement to the package from Marc. The final remix comes from one of Turkey's finest producers Erdi Irmak who continues to impress us with his recent releases on Movement, Reelaux Digital, OLD SQL and Vise Versa. Erdi's gone a bit deeper for his 'It's Killing Me' remix but he's done so while keeping that great tech house groove that he's so loved for. The tough framework keeps things firmly on the dance floor while the brilliant atmospheric elements and lush vocal pads  from the original are incorporated in such a way that they breathe even more life in the piece. Erdi on top form once again and a brilliant first release of 2013 from Bermudos.

Mariano Mellino - Akiro EP (Balkan Connection)
featuring remixes by: Rodrigo Cortazar, Tintin, Andres W.
Argentinean producer Mariano Mellino makes his debut on Balkan Connection this week for the labels 210th overall release. The Buenos Aires based producer has just 4 productions credits on his discography but he has been DJing for quite some time and has shared the booth with Lee Burridge, Christian Smith, Jody Wisternoff, Silicone Soul, Deepfunk and a long list of international talent. His productions also are well noted having received support from: Hernan Cattaneo, Dubfire, Nick Warren and many others. Mariano's new EP for Balkan Connection is entitled 'Akiro' and it comes with remixes from: Rodrigo Cortazar, Tintin and Andres W.

The title cut leads the EP off with a drummy groove that really packs some serious dance floor punch. The warm bass tones that make up the bass line go through a series of wicked chord changes that create some wonderful momentum early on. Glowing sheets of atmosphere soon fade into the mix and bring some amazing emotion over the framework as the track approaches the middle portion. Here the groove strips down somewhat  and the warm atmospheres build some subtle tension which slowly rises before a quick drop brings the warm walls of sub bass back in for a great dance floor moment. Superb original from Mariano.  The lone remix of 'Akira' comes from Rodrigo Cortazar who is making his 20th overall appearance on the Balkan family of labels. One of Rodrigo's 2012 highlights was his 'Cassiopeia' production which appeared on Baires Records in October. The track was remixed by Ioan Gamboa and Luis Bondio & Cesar Lombardi and went down as one of the labels best in 2012. For his 'Akira' interpretation Rodrigo has crafted a bouncy dance floor groove that incorporates all the drum elements wonderfully along with a unique twist on the bass tones which provide some intense drive. What Rodrigo has added here though is an entirely new melodic theme which is absolutely brilliant. An intricately woven section of keys which work in perfect unison with the melodic bass line. Outstanding work from Rodrigo like we have come to expect from him.

The second original on the package is entitled 'Luhuk' and it comes with a bit more of a light-hearted melodic vibe. A tough shaker filled groove sets the stage with some soft electronic stabs and wicked melodic arps which provide some emotional and also hypnotic qualities. The main break strips the record right down and brings some sparkling electronics, soft melodic tones and transitional break beats which provide some dance floor oomph to the interlude. The track climaxes with the interwoven melodies playing off each other for an exhilarating finish. The first remix of 'Luhuk' comes from Tintin who is making his third appearance on Balkan Connection. The Spanish producer delivered 'Light Breaksdown' in September which was a fabulous debut that contained remixes from Nicholas Van Orton and Tip D'Oris. Here for his 'Luhuk' interpretation Tintin has delivered a wicked new school techno interpretation that comes with big sonic sweeps, hypnotic rhythms and a killer peak time vibe that's sure to light up your dance floor. The final remix on the package comes from Andres Wolovich aka Andres W who just appeared on Balkan Connection's 'Connections X' compilation last week with his 'Mandragora' production. Andres' 'Luhuk' interpretation complements the other versions quite well as it's a cool blend of melodic techno with some progressive sensibilities. Sparkling melodies, glassy electronics and subtle chord changes all work together in perfect harmony while the rumbling groove keeps everything firmly focused on the dance floor. Fabulous release from Balkan Connection who are on a real roll over the first six weeks of 2013.

Cut Knob - No Fear (OLD SQL Recordings)
featuring remixes from: Erdi Irmak and Franzis-D
The 93rd release on Ivan Nikusev's OLD SQL Recordings finds Cut Knob returning to the label for their 4th overall appearance.  The Columbian duo of BoomCardona and Diego Gómez aka Cut Knob  last appeared on OLD SQL with their 'Lights Out' single which was released in September of 2012. The duos new single is entitled 'No Fear' and it comes with remixes from: Erdi Irmak and Franzis-D.

The original mix begins with a sombre atmospheric sound that's sets a wonderful mood. A feverous bass line quickly fades into the mix along with some great vocal snips that get expanded to 'The darkness is calling me'. The rolling, percussive groove pushes forward with great energy as the main drop approaches. Here the heavily processed vocals create a spooky tension while the widescreen atmosphere provides a great backdrop. The forceful groove soon reappears for a driving finish that should work great on the dance floor. The first remix is supplied by Erdi Irmak who is making his second appearance on OLD SQL here. The Turkish producer has really come on strong in the last year with releases on Bermudos, Crossfade Sounds, Mistique, Movement,  Sangria, Soundteller and Stripped Digital. For his 'No Fear' remix Erdi has once again delivered something outstanding. A rolling, hypnotic groove sits at the foundation while emotional pads, powerful drums and subtle electronics fill the surroundings for what results in another exquisite production from Erdi. The final remix on the package comes from veteran producer Franzis-D who is best known for his many appearances on Greece's Deepsessions Recordings. Franzis has provided a floor friendly remix that is full of trippy electronics and  with a unique take on the vocal elements from the original he adds an extra eeriness to the mix. Great work turned in by everyone on the package and other top shelf release from OLD SQL!

Jimmy Vlach - Just Walking (Stellar Fountain Deep)
featuring remixes from: Tuxedo, AMAN
Jimmy Vlach is proud to present his 'Just Walking' EP on Stellar's deep imprint. The hungarian producer - who now lives in Germany - rings the door with two, deep-tech influenced originals, and two remixes written by Tuxedo and Aman. The original mix of 'Just Walking' dropping a fruity piano riff, while uses some symphonic elements to make the track sound ethereal.Tuxedo dig deeper with his version, the shiny sound hihglights the beauty between the beats.Aman's dreamy vision creates perfect atmosphere. This one is a free ticket to the stratosphere! 'Keep On Searching' uses a cool, pitched down male vocal sample, surrounded by calm melodies and gentle grooves.

A.Erymin - You and Me (Reelaux Digital)
featuring remixes from: You and Me, Puzzle
Russian producer A. Eryomin is a new and promising artist in the roster of Reelaux Digital. His debut single contains two original productions. You and Me, the title track is a driving, sparkling proggy track with busy keys that keep pushing the track towards a flowing breakdown in which noizes swirl around everywhere until he brings the beat back just like an energy bomb. The other track, Puzzle is a more moody, techy track with warm sequenced synths, spacey effects and a straight groove. Surely this is not the last time we hear from A.Eryomin.

VA - Crossing Borders Volume 1 (Crossfade Sounds)
featuring: Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks, Antrim, Audiotox & Watson vs. Benzene, Beat Syndrome, Bollen & Fichtner, Guido Percich, Or Weisinger, Oscar Vazquez, Shimmer, Tuxedo, Uvo and Youlian
Sound Avenue's 'Crossfade Sounds' imprint hits us with their second release of 2013 and their first ever label compilation this week. 'Crossing Borders' is an expansive collection of 13 exclusive tracks from the likes of Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks, Antrim, Audiotox & Watson vs. Benzene, Beat Syndrome, Bollen & Fichtner, Guido Percich, Or Weisinger, Oscar Vazquez, Shimmer, Tuxedo, Uvo and Youlian. It's a daunting task for any label to compile a collection of this size and Crossfade Sounds have more than delivered here with a wide range of contemporary styles that should prove quite effective on the dance floor.

Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks return to Crossfade Sounds for their second appearance and provide the first track on the compilation entitled 'AhA'. It certainly gets things rocking early as the tougher, tech house groove is tailor made for the dance floor. Antrim's 'In The Wind' is next and provides a wonderfully spacey and atmospheric quality  that is remarkably dreamy yet still tough enough for the dance floor. The floaty atmospheres continue with Arnim's 'Dark Rose' which comes with some smooth bass tones, piercing electronics and gorgeous vocal pads.

Well known duo Audiotox & Watson make their Crossfade Sounds debut here with a track entitled 'Argentium' which was written in collaboration with Benzene. This one slows the tempo down someone with a very heavy groove that's accented with big sonic sweeps, cool metallic hits and wicked vocal trails. Canada's Beat Syndrome is next and once again do not disappoint with their 'Symmetry' production. Navid and Hamed have laid down an incredibly funky groove that's complemented by some lovely rhythmic tones, spacious drums and soulful instrumentation which all combines for one of the duos most genre stretching productions to date.

The beats gets heavier with Bollen & Fichter's 'The Experience' which has a stark minimal groove, trippy vocal samples and an eerie atmosphere that can change the mood of room instantly. Argentina's Guido Percich is next with his newest studio production entitled 'Bitteroot Range' which turns out to be one of our favourite pieces on the compilation. It's loaded with atmosphere, well textured beats and a deep, sultry groove that is completely intoxicating. UK producer Or Weisinger is next with a cool blend of glitchy electronics, glassy bells and deep progressive beats that make up 'Shallowness'. Oscar Vazquez brings a wickedly smooth groove entitled 'Born To Be Free' that's perfectly suited for those clued up techno and tech house floors.

Dutch producer Shimmer is next with 'The Art Of' which presents a powerful deep groove that's complemented with a wide array of vocal pads, soft tones and lovely melodic clusters. The man behind Electronic Tree 'Tuxedo' is next with his 'Hollow' production which is a refreshing tech house / progressive hybrid which is full of unique melodies and swirling atmospheres. The mood gets changed dramatically with Uvo's 'Go Away' which is a deep and dubby techno piece that comes with some metallic tinged keys and a wavering, hypnotic atmosphere that sounds absolutely brilliant.

The compilation is closed out perfectly with Youlian's 'New Age' which for us is another standout track from the collection. Julia Riera Fernandez aka Youlian hails from Spain and his 'New Age' is a deep and melodic techno production that just oozes class. Filled with fresh sounds, subtle melodic themes and enchanting atmospheres it finishes the compilation off an a very strong note. As we stated earlier a project like this is extremely challenging and Crossfade Sounds have delivered a fabulous collection that showcases a wide array of up and coming talent mixed in with a few of your favourites like Beat Syndrome and Audiotox & Watson. Crossfade Sounds may be Sound Avenue's little brother but they are fast becoming one of the most unique labels around as their releases are really coming with a wide range of styles and emotions that are always very refreshing. Release Promo Hype Chart #8

Luis Bondio & Cesar Lombardi - Incubus (Classound Recordings)
featuring remixes from: Mike Griego, Marc Poppcke
Luis Bondio's Classound Recordings first release closed out 2012 with a bang, it featured one of Luis' strongest originals to date (Waiting For) with another top notch remix from Deepfunk. The release earned support from: Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Microtrauma, Cid Inc.,  Marc Poppcke and more. Now for Classound`s first release of 2013 and second overall we see label boss Luis Bondio teaming up with one of his regular studio collaborators Cesar Lombardi. The two have worked together a few times in the past and the results have always been spectacular. Their newest studio creation is entitled 'Incubus' and it comes with two amazing remixes from:  Mike Griego and Marc Poppcke.

Luis and Cesar`s original begins with a deeply rooted groove of subterranean quality. Electronic accents with a lovely aquatic polish soon bubble up around the framework and add a tremendous amount of bounce to the production as it moves forward. Delicate pads and soft rhythmic tones add to the atmosphere and groove respectively as the track reaches the main breakdown. The break is short and serves to escalate the angelic sounding pads to heighten those already tasked dance floor emotions. The bubbly aquatics sound absolutely deadly as the break reaches its climax and the rolling groove thunders forward. The remaining third of the record is really powerful with the aforementioned aquatics playing havoc on your senses and ultimately lighting up your dance floor in the process. Easily one of Luis and Cesar's best productions to date.

The first remix comes from Mike Griego who we have been big fans of for quite some time now. Mike hails from Argentina and his releases on Nick Warren's Hope Recordings and Cid inc's Replug have been absolutely sensational.  This is Mike's first appearance on Classound and his 'Dark Vocal' remix of Incubus has turned out magnificently. A grinding, electric sounding bass line sits at the foundation which more than provides a wicked groove early on. A plethora of metallic electronics soon get scattered around the framework for what results in a wicked vibe. The track flows through a short transition where some chord changes come over the bass line, this leads to the introduction of some heavily processed vocal trails which just add to the sinister nature of the track. A set of delicate tones fill the centre section of the record which provide a cool, melancholic stretch before those epic chord changes reappear and push the emotions higher for the ultimate climax. A really complex track from Mike with so many cool ideas and themes. Outstanding work.

The final interpretation comes from another producer who we absolutely love at the moment: Marc Poppcke. The Berlin based producer continues to rise through the electronic music ranks at a rapid pace and with a recent EP on Sasha's 'Last Night On Earth' imprint he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Marc's also a brilliant DJ, his monthly 'Favourites' mixes remain one of our most listened to podcasts as they are always immaculately programmed and mixed. For Marc's 'Incubus' interpretation he's provided a much more spacious sounding rework than the previous two versions. The grinding tones of the bass line breathe really well with the surrounding drums adding the perfect amount of vibrant pop to the proceedings. The main break is bang on the money as well with some serious modulation on the aquatic elements from the original followed by a quick drop and punishing re-entry of the infectious groove which thunderous through for an vigorous finish.  Great stuff from Marc  as always and an outstanding release from Luis Bondio's Classound Recordings. If you're a fan of contemporary, cutting edge progressive or tech house music then you need this release in your collection.Release Promo Hype Chart #4

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