What have I been up to...

I've had a good month! Hibiki was in town and brought sweet Coco (her Japanese slave) we did a shoot together and helped out for her performance on Wasteland. Also playing on Wasteland was the huge video wall of Wilhemus Vlug that we participated in.

The lesser part of this month was that facebook decided to erase my page, not very friendly or helpful.

Together with Spanish hottie Nereida we lit up the Party "Faces", literally, with a high-flying blacklight rope bondage act for a non-kinky crowd! That was fun :)

And last I visited BoundCon, the bondage weekend (third edition) as a guest this time versus working my ass off as usual.


BoundCon - the bondage weekend, Munich, Germany

The third BoundCon bondage weekend, the more intimate variation of the big BoundCon that is in Spring each year, took place in Munich. This time I decided to enjoy the event as a regular visitor instead of working my ass off. [Read the blog...]

BoundCon | RopeMarks



We don't remember names, we remember faces.

But honestly, even the faces are a blur at the moment... What and awesome party! Nothing Kinky, fetish or bondage-ie about it, this was one hell of techno party with a "vanilla" crowd. This edition the party location, Panama, was transformed into a blacklight and fluorescentic paradise.

When Faces asked to combine forces between RopeMarks and Spanish hottie Nereida... well... something kinky was about to happen; and it did! We lit up the "Faces", literally, with a high-flying blacklight rope bondage act for the non-kinky crowd! That was fun :)

Photos and video has been shot so I hope to show you what we came up with, soon!

Faces | Nereida DeadlySin | RopeMarks


RopeMarks Facebook page

I've had a good run, I think it was up for at least 8+ years, don't really recal, which is a good thing, but now Facebook in all its wishdom has decided to delete it.

The RopeMarks Facebook page has been wiped from existence, not a trace left except in caches and logs. Read the blog...

RopeMarks Facebook page | RopeMarks

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Hibiki and Coco

Hibiki graced my little country, the Netherlands, with a visit. This time accompanied by sweet Coco.

ME-Chiel was contacted, outrages material shot (so awesome) and a wonderful time was had; with icecream-bears...

Hibiki | Coco | ME-Chiel | RopeMarks

material will appear on
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Wasteland "Revolution"

Last month, see the previous newsletter, I participated in Wilhelmus Vlug's video wall for the upcoming Wasteland, this month it was Wasteland time!

Wilhemus Vlug's video was prominently featured (and soon on the RopeMarks site) and I had the honor to help out with Hibiki's show, creating the bamboo and rope construction and decoration. Her show rocked, she is a true stage animal, and I'm very happy to have been of assistance.

In other, related, news: a future Wasteland edition in 2019 will have a set up where I can show RopeMarks full force! Already looking forward to that one.

Hibiki | Coco | Wilhelmus Vlug | Wasteland | RopeMarks



We've had a few private workshops, and all of them have been recurring couples very keen on improving their skills. It's really amazing to see progress over the course of only a few workshops.

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The best place to know where I am and what I'm up to is my online schedule.


If you run into me, come and say hi and chat, remember to bring a drink :).



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