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May 2010 

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I created FREED, after Gary Craig (EFT Founder) announced his retirment and the end of his website.  FREED evolved after years of my experimenting with various types of energy work, including EFT.  FREED is a simpler way to release fears, phobias and negative emotions via a few quick strokes of the hand over ONE energy meridian. 
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Featured Article
Get FREED of Parenting Anger!*
by Colleen Flanagan

I salute all of you brave moms and dads who are parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, stepparents and all combinations thereof.  Although this article addresses stepparenting issues, the energy-work techniques can be used by anyone with disharmony in the home. 
All families have unique challenges. Blended families are no exception.  The mix of two or more families into one can lead to a blend of challenges!
Several of my stepparent clients have expressed guilt and shame about the resentment they feel toward their older stepchildren, who seemed determined to destroy their marriages and the blended family.  
When these stepparents tried to defend themselves in family conflicts, the birth parent spouses often became protective and took the side of their children.  The stepparents told me they felt disrespected and rejected.     
Many new stepparents are unprepared, even shocked by their stepchildren’s behavior and their spouse's response. 
If the stepparent and his or her spouse have children of their own, stepchildren who are used to being the ONLY child for many years may create severe family discord due to fears of rejection and abandonment. 
One client told me, “I know I’m the adult and supposed to forgive and forget. But sometimes I feel so resentful and hurt at my spouse defending the actions of this kid who seems intent on destroying our family.  Everyday I’ve got my guard up, waiting for the next outburst.  I don’t want my marriage to end but they won’t go for family counseling.  What can I do?”
Of course I suggested we use energy-work, either FREED or EFT.  To get to the core issues, I asked them to identify their most upsetting fears and memories.  We then applied the energy-work until the stepparent could recall the hurtful incidents, but feel NO emotional charge.  By changing one family member's energetic vibrations, harmony was restored to these families! 
Are you ready to release your fears and open your heart to love again?

The below stress releasing information can be used AT YOUR OWN RISK and with many energywork modality, including FREED, EFT, MTT, Reiki, Meditation or whatever you prefer! 
If you are new to EFT and want to try it, download my FREE EFT chart .  All my FREED clients can use their meridian fear releasing techniques, as we did in our sessions. 

Here's how to release your negative emotions about stepchildren issues --in 2 steps and a few moments! 
These can be modified and used by ALL parents to release their emotional triggers to a child’s misbehavior.
Step 1: If you're using FREED, apply your magnet or hand 3 times and repeat the below statements that apply to you. 
If you're doing EFT, tap on your karate chop point or rub your sore spot using the below as a setup statement 3 times, then do the 9 gamut procedure and reminder phrase tapping:

“I release these fears that peace and harmony will never be permanently restored in our home. I know that as I use this modality to change my energy, I will change the energy in my home for the better, too.” 
“I release these fears that my stepchild will never stop the negativity and I’ll never feel safe to relax.  I choose to feel strong, empowered, centered and safe, no matter what happens.”
“I release these fears of failure to be able to handle or control my emotions when my stepchild is acting out around me.  As I release these fear blocks and triggers, I will absolutely handle and control my emotions.  My stepchild no longer can push my buttons--the buttons are now released.”
“I release these fears that I will have to endure the unrest and tension at home for a lot longer until my stepchild either matures and changes or leaves home.  As I use this healing tool, I can change the entire energy of my home and family for the better.  I feel empowered and joyful - no longer afraid.  I take back my power now!”
“I release these fear blocks that I will always be placed 2nd behind my stepchild in my spouse’s eyes.  As I release these fears, I see changes in my beloved spouse's behavior towards my stepchild. My spouse is now choosing to work with me and support me.  My spouse is now clearly seeing through my stepchild's emotional manipulations.” 
“I release this fear now that my spouse will never stop paying his adult daughter’s credit card bills and enabling her shopping and spending addictions. I know he’s acting out of love and guilt about the divorce with her mother.  I choose to stop judging the whole situation and forgive him.”
Step 2: Relax and re-asses your feelings.  When you feel ZERO anger, fear or other resentful emotions, you are clear!  If you still have some emotional charge, do more energy work until you feel completely clear and relaxed... or as one client wrote, "I felt so peaceful I took a brief nap!"
After clearing every aspect of these fears, all stepparents reported feeling no emotional charge when they thought about past stepparenting issues, plus they remained calm during family conflicts after our sessions.
We found that changing the energy of ONE spouse can bring peace to the whole family.
After one stepfather, “Allen”, worked with me to GET FREED of his fears, he felt peace despite any button pushing the stepchild tried.  Because he no longer reacted, his wife no longer felt obligated to rush to her teenager’s defense.  With her maternal defenses lowered, his wife clearly saw the stepchild’s manipulative behavior.  This couple reunited to work together as an unbeatable team, backing each other up in disciplinary action, making the stepchild’s tactics ineffective.
“Allen” emailed, “I am amazed at how well this worked. A mega, mega thanks to you for this, and helping me.”  Months later he wrote that their home life continued to be “very peaceful and harmonious.”
FREED and EFT/MTT are fabulous tools to create and maintain a happy home!

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