IH Parts America Inc.
  December 21st, 2017
We at IH Parts America would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!  As we close out the year, IHPA would like to take a moment to thank you, our customers, for yet another amazing year!  Now that we have settled into our new facility, have the new showroom decorated and stocked, and increased production from our shop, we are back to doing what we do best and thats building a better IH, or a part for one. We have continued to add more enhancements to our online store such as discounted USPS flat rate shipping and our IHPA Loyalty Rewards program continues to rack up savings for you our customer. All to maintain the first in class service that you have come to expect from IH Parts America.
As we look forward to the next year keep your eyes out for even more improvements and changes that continue to make IHPA your One Stop IH Shop!  From all of us here at IH Parts America to all of you

Last Minute End of Year Savings!
In honor of the Christmas Holiday and New Year Holiday, IH Parts America is offering the following Coupon Code for online orders.  For the rest of December until January 5th, just enter NEWYEAR18 at check out and receive 10% off your entire purchase.  Sale not to be combined with any other offer, $50 minimum order required, maximum discount is $50, coupon is limited to one use per customer and is valid for online purchases only.

Aluminum Dash Panels for the Scout II are Back!
 After nearly two years of delays and five different manufacturers, we have finally found a shop local to us who can make our dash panels to our specifications for the 1971-80 Scout II, Terra or Traveler. They are an improved design over our previous dash panel as they are now one piece, fit better and come with a DA Sanded finish so any scratches are easy to hide. Currently in stock are the Small Hole with Radio Cutout. More versions to follow Mid-January, 2018. Proudly made in the USA.

 IH Parts America Calendar  is still available for sale and ready to ship!  Now is the time to get this great annually made  Calendar before the start of the New Year! This is a great gift idea or just get a few for yourself.  As always shipping is free, so place your order today to make sure you get yours for the start of the New Year! 

 IH Parts America is always trying to find exciting new products to add to our store. Now in stock, displayed in our showroom, as well as available online is a full line of International Harvester and Case IH Neon Signs. Get yours today!

Looking for either a running IH or a project? Well look no further. IH Parts America is constantly bringing in vehicles for either build ups or to flip over to the next owner. If you have interest in any of these fine automobiles feel free to contact our sales department at 530-274-1795 or email sales@ihpartsamerica.com for more information or additional pictures.
  • (1)1963 1200 Travelette 2wd - 345, T98 Man. Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes - $12500
  • (2)1952 L110 Pickup - Project vehicle. Some rust but mostly a solid project vehicle. - $3200
  • (3)1973 1210 Pickup 2wd - 304, T19 4 Speed Trans, Runs and Drives but has engine noise. - $3500
  • (4)1970 Scout 800A 4x4 - 345?, T18 4 Speed Transmission, Engine runs but is a project vehicle. - $4500
  • (5)1971 1100 Pickup 2wd - 304, 3spd Man., Shortbed, Man. Brakes & Steer. Ran when parked. - $4200
  • (6)1973 1210 Pickup 4x4 - 304, Auto Trans, A/C, P/S, P/B. Some rust in bed. Project vehicle. - $3200
  • (7)1960 B120 Pickup 4x4 - ???, 4 Spd Trans, Ran when parked. Rough vehicle but little rust - $2000
  • (8)1966 1200 Travelall 4x4 - 304 V8, T98 4 Spd Tran. Rust in cowl area. Project vehicle. - $3500
  • (9)1962 Scout 80 4x4 - 4cyl Eng, No doors, No top. Very rust free. Damaged right rear corner - $1700
  • (10)1964 Scout 80 4x4 - 152, T90, Dana 18, D27 Frt, D44 Rear. Project vehicle. Many new Parts - $2500
  • (11) 1969-73 Short Length Fleet Side Bed with Camper Shell. Has rust in floor. - $1200 for Both

Holiday Hours of Operation
The Following are the hours of operation for IH Parts America through the Holiday Season.  All times are PST.
       December 2017 - January 2018
  • Open December 22nd until 3:00  -  MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • Closed Monday December 25th -  MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • Open December 26th through 29th Normal Hours (Limited Staff)
  • Closed January 1st - HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  • Resume Normal Business Hours January 2nd
Online Overnight and 2day priority service orders will not be processed on days we are closed. 
No shipments made will be made on December 25th, or January 1st.

IH Parts America is having a HUGE Gift Sale!  The following Gift Items are on sale for the remainder of the Month of December!.  All sale items are currently in stock but are limited to stock on hand and are not to be combined with any other offer.  Sale prices valid now through December 31st.
  • International Harvester Wrapping Paper                                                                     SAVE $3
  • International Harvester Adult Camp Chair                                                                  SAVE $5
  • International Harvester Child Size Camp Chair                                                          SAVE $5
  • International Harvester Outdoor Floor Mat                                                                 SAVE $5
  • If it ani't Red leave it in the Shed Rain Gauge                                                              SAVE $3
  • Irma Harding 12" x 12" Metal Sign                                                                               SAVE $3
  • International Harvester Farm Use Embossed Metal License Plate                             SAVE $2
  • IH Scout Line Up Leggings                                                                                              SAVE $8
  • Girls Love IH Leggings                                                                                                    SAVE $8
  • IH It's in My DNA Leggings                                                                                            SAVE $8
  • International Harvester Neon Sign                                                                                 SAVE $30
  • International Harvester Logo Mens Wrist Watch                                                         SAVE $5
  • IH International Harvester Vented Large Umbrella                                                     SAVE $4
  • Leather IH International Harvester Key Ring Fob                                                       SAVE $3
  • IH International Harvester Metal Dust Pan                                                                   SAVE $4
  • 16oz Outdoor Citronella Blend Candle in a IH Bucket                                                 SAVE $4
  • 24oz Outdoor Citronella Blend Candle in a IH Bucket                                                 SAVE $5
  • 12oz Outdoor Citronella Blend Candle in a IH Bucket                                                 SAVE $3
  • Pink Sherpa Fleece Blanket with International Harvester Logo                                  SAVE $5
  • Farmall Genuine Parts Sherpa Blanket                                                                          SAVE $5
  • IH Sherpa Fleece Blanket                                                                                                 SAVE $5
  • 15" International Harvester Neon Wall Clock                                                               SAVE $10
  • Case Eagle International Harvester Neon Sign                                                              SAVE $30
  • International Harvester Farmall Genuine Parts Oval Neon Sign                                SAVE $30
  • CASE IH International Harvester Tractors 15" Back LED Lighted Sign                  SAVE $25
  • Art Deco Marquee IH Tractors Neon Sign in Steel Can                                                SAVE $100
  • International Harvester Hammock                                                                                  SAVE $15
  • Farmall Quality Equipment Metal Sign                                                                          SAVE $3
  • Farmall Genuine Parts Metal Sign                                                                                  SAVE $5
  • Vintage Reproduction IH Metal Produce Scale                                                              SAVE $5
  • International Harvester Red Farmall Toothpick Dispenser                                          SAVE $3
  • IH Reserved Parking Equipment Only Metal Sign                                                        SAVE $3
  • McCormick Farmall Pumpkin Vanilla Scented Jar Candle                                          SAVE $3
  • IH White Rooster & Hen Salt & Pepper Set                                                                   SAVE $3
  • International Harvester Pink Embossed Metal License Plate                                       SAVE $2
  • International Harvester Encyclopedia                                                                             SAVE $10
  • Limited Edition First Gear Scout 1/25th Scale Napa Scout Terra w/ IHPA Script     SAVE $15
  • First Gear 1/34 Scale International Harvester R-Series Grain Truck                          SAVE $10
  • First Gear Red/Tan 1/25th Scale 1979 Scout Terra w/ IH logo                                      SAVE $10
  • International Harvester Camo Cell Phone Holder -- Large                                          SAVE $5
  • International Harvester Camo Cell Phone Holder -- Medium                                      SAVE $5
  • International Harvester Cell Phone Holder - Blue Denim                                             SAVE $4
  • International Harvester Black Nylon Cell Phone Holder -- Large                                SAVE $4
  • First Gear 1/25th Scale Green 1979 Scout Terra                                                             SAVE $10
  • International Harvester Piston Can Coozie                                                                     SAVE $3
  • First Gear 1/24th Scale Plastic International WorkStar w/ Slideback Carrier            SAVE $15
  • First Gear 1/25th Scale Scout Terra w/ IH Scout Nationals Logo                                  SAVE $10
  • International Harvester Cutting Board - Large                                                               SAVE $3
  • First Gear 1/25th Scale 1938 D-2 Pickup w/ Speedway Gas Stations Logo                   SAVE $10
  • International Harvester Key and Badge Lanyard                                                           SAVE $2
  • Case IH Relief Small Bowl                                                                                                  SAVE $3
  • IH Engine Oil No. 1 Diesel Vintage Oil Can Bank                                                           SAVE $3
  • International Harvester 4 Piece Grill Set                                                                          SAVE $5
  • International Harvester Bird Feeder w/ IH Logo                                                            SAVE $5
  • Farmall, IH & IHC Accessory Pin Set of 8                                                                       SAVE $3
  • "If it Ain't Red Leave it in the Shed " 12" Metal Thermometer                                    SAVE $3
  • 11" Red Metal Bucket with IH Logo                                                                                 SAVE $3
  • Red 3 Piece Planter Set with IH Logo                                                                               SAVE $7
  • Red Rectangular Planter with IH Logo                                                                            SAVE $4
  • 1.6 Gallon Red Watering Can with IH Logo                                                                    SAVE $5
  • International Harvester 2 Sided Banner                                                                          SAVE $4
  • International Harvester Wind Sock                                                                                  SAVE $4
  • International Harvester 27" Metal Thermometer                                                           SAVE $6
  • Farmall 27" Metal Thermometer                                                                                      SAVE $5
  • International Harvester Matchbox Holder                                                                       SAVE $3
  • International Harvester Piston Keychain                                                                          SAVE $3
  • International Harvester Connecting Rod Keychain/Opener                                           SAVE $3
  • International Harvester 6-Pack Can Shaft                                                                        SAVE $3
  • International Harvester 19" Serving Tray                                                                         SAVE $5
  • International Harvester Popcorn Bowl                                                                              SAVE $5
  • Red or White Stoneware Piggy Bank w/ IH Logo                                                             SAVE $3
  • Red 20oz Stoneware Mug w/ IH Logo                                                                                SAVE $3
  • 6" IH Mini-Bucket                                                                                                                SAVE $3
  • International Harvester or Faith, Farming & Farmall Hanging Wind Bell                   SAVE $5
  • Standard of the Highway Book of International Truck Ads by Tim Putt                       SAVE $3
  • International Script Emblem for 1961-68 Pickup, Travelall, Loadstar                           SAVE 30%
  • SuperWinch S7500 Trailer Winch                                                                                       SAVE 30%
  • IH Parts America License Plate Frame                                                                              SAVE 50%

2018 is right around the corner. Listed below are IH related events for this next show season. If you know of an IH related event that is not on our schedule please let us know about it as we will be glad to add it. If you would like us to sponsor your show, we would be happy to do that as well, just ask and we will be happy to oblige. We hope to see you at some of these awesome events!
  • 13th Annual Winter Meet and Greet                                                       Greenville, SC          Jan 20, 2018
  • 11th Annual Tractor Show at Paquette's Farmall Tractor Museum    Leesburg, FL      Feb 15-17, 2018
  • 2018 Binder Bash                                                                                       Spokane, WA       July 21st, 2018
  • 29th IH Scout & All Truck Nationals                                                      Troy, OH             Aug 24-26 2018
  • 12th IH Sierra Fall Rallye                                                                        Grass Valley, CA    Oct 5-7, 2018

Well are you? If you shop on our online store, and have an account you sign into and use each time you make a purchase on our online store, then yes you are a member. If you are not, what are you waiting for? Since implementing our online store Loyalty Rewards program in September 2016, our customers have saved over $1000 on their orders.  That's money back in your pocket!

Thanks for being a loyal IH Parts America Customer!
The Staff at IH Parts America would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to serving you! 
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