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January 2020
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NEWS - Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland
*NEW* Orphan Rearing & Fostering Course

 Course date announcements  - **March & April **
We are excited to bring you our brand-new course for 2020 – “Orphan Rearing & Fostering”.

On this two day course we will focus on the rearing and fostering of orphaned Irish birds and mammals. Over the two days you will learn about appropriate housing, feeding techniques, recommended food and equipment for the short term, the dos and don’ts of orphan rearing & fostering, as well as rehabilitation licences, and examples of forms that will make your record keeping run more smoothly.

We will also have practical sessions which will include identifying the young of different species, intake procedures, handling advice, clinical exam and crop feeding, content of a “foster kit”, and lots of interaction with our experienced WRI team and RSPCA Instructor.

Participants must have completed the WRI Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation course before signing up.
Credits: tbc
Venue: Ashbourne, Co Meath
Dates: 7th & 8th March  &  18th & 19th April 
REGISTER: March     April
Convicting people of wildlife crimes is extremely difficult
and a huge amount of effort goes into it, so each month we're going to draw your attention to the cases we've been told about (both old and new)
Wildlife Crime Prosecution: NPWS

Illegal hedgerow destruction
[2019 Court Case] On 12th December 2019 a landowner and contractor were charged with the destruction of vegetation growing in a hedge during the bird nesting season near Tiermoyle in Co Tipperary.
Evidence provided by Dr Aine Lynch, a ranger with the NPWS, showed severe cutting and/or grubbing resulting in the removal of half the width of the hedgerow along 830m of the perimeter of the property in question.
Another 830m of internal hedgerows were completely removed.
The NPWS is set to bring 7 further cases linked to the destruction of vegetation between January and March this year, and has brought over 30 cases linked to illegal hedgerow cutting or removal between 2010 and 2018.
More Info - 'Case Details' tab on the 'Prosecutions' page of wildlifecrime.ie
Wildlife Crime Ireland website offers:
    Basic information on wildlife crime
    Links to further information
    Advice on Recognising & Recording a crime
    Contact details for Reporting a wildlife crime
‘Bat manicures’ help to save rare species

Endangered bats given ‘manicures’ so numbers can be counted

Cuban greater funnel-eared bats are confined to a single cave in western Cuba, where they were rediscovered in 1992 after being declared extinct.
Fewer than 750 bats remain in the cave, preliminary results of the population count by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) showed.
Marking bats is typically done with necklaces, arm rings or wing punches, which scientists say can alter behaviour so scientists settled on using nail vanish as a low-tech and harmless way to gauge their endangered population, which once flourished.
  Read More Here
EVENTS - Ireland
Irish Raptor Study Group Conference
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Latest Birds of Prey research

The Irish Raptor Study Group (IRSG) 2020 conference is a one day event that is open to all. It will provide an update on some of the latest Bird of Prey research from within Ireland and the UK. It is a chance to meet other Bird of Prey enthusiasts and get involved.
Venue: The Green Isle Hotel, Dublin  
Date: 25th January
Details: Email secretary@irsg.ie to register
WRI Seeking Volunteers

Social Media Volunteer and Admin Volunteer

WRI are seeking someone to help design messages and creatives for our marketing across all social media.
What's required for this position: good design skills, good written skills, and being able to think creatively. If you think you can help, please see advert on Volunteering Ireland and use the keyword 'wildlife' in the search bar.
We are also looking for anyone interested in a variety of other admin tasks/projects. If this interests you we'd love to hear from you so please email your CV to office@wri.ie and we'll give you more information.
And Finally..
Low, Forest, Rainforest, Environment
Did you know

The discovery that birds see in ultraviolet helps our understanding of how some predatory birds find their prey.
The field mouse behaves like a tiny dog, using squirts of urine to mark its trails through tall grass. the urine reflects UV light which raptors such as kestrels soaring over open fields can plainly see.
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