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The Summer of Love Keeps on Rollin'
Thanks to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, it's been summer all year long in San Francisco. Things began the first time with the Human Be-In in Golden Gate park in January of 1967, and the momentum started building. By summer, upwards of 100,000 counterculture enthusiasts were exploring the Haight-Ashbury. 
And August seems like a great month to celebrate that psychedelic summer all over again. Not only was Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead born on August 1, but the Father of the Summer of Love, Chet Helms was born the very next day (both in 1942).
For those not familiar: Chet Helms organized many of the great music shows in the San Francisco music scene, managed some impressive bands, and convinced his old Texas friend, Janis Joplin, to come out west. The rest is history.
We are proud to present Flashback as our Tour of the Month for August. Join us as we explore the music, the Hippies, The Grateful Dead, Jerry, Janis, Jimi, and Jim (Morrison), and the rest of the important elements of the most memorable summer of all, plus the usual fun and frivolity from our FOOT! history experts.

Tickets for our Tour of the Month will be discounted all month long, and proceeds from it will go to PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support), a local nonprofit whose mission is "to preserve, support and nurture the human-animal bond for those most vulnerable in our community." To learn more about PAWS or to donate directly to their cause, click here.
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