NADKC Western Region
September 2016
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  • Message from the WR Director
    by Frank O'Leary
  • Randall Cherry Appointed NADKC Secretary
  • WR Fall Test
  • Veterinary Corner
    by Phil Kress, DVM
  • WR Annual Raffle
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WR Board of Directors
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WR Board of Directors
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 Message from the 
Western Region Director
by Frank O’Leary
Western Regional Members,
The NADKC and the Western Region will be well represented at every level this year at the 42nd Kleemann, September 22nd – 24th, in Laa an der Thaya, Austria.
Francois Aldrich, who has often judged for us in the Western Region, has received and accepted an invitation, from DKV Director of Testing Andreas Thomschke, to be a Formwertricher and Field & Water Judge at the 42nd Kleemann.......
Western Region Member Mike Kennedy, from Hysham, MT, will be leading his Rüde Jurek von Kings Crossing, know best as Duke....... 
Maggi vom Trocken Bach, owned by
Frank & Marianne O’Leary, will be lead at the Kleemann by Siegfried Hofstetter...... 
It will be a very big week for all, especially those with connections with the Western Region, and we wish everyone only good fortune.  We will have results for the next edition of the newsletter......
Randall Cherry Appointed
NADKC Secretary
At the August 15th NADKC Board Meeting Randall Cherry was appointed as the NADKC Secretary. Randall will fill the unexpired term of Nancy Schneider who resigned in July.
Randall is a native of southern California and after spending 10 years in Washington, DC, now lives Denver, Colorado. He has worked as a federal patent attorney since 2005, and earned his B.S at the University of California, his M.S. at the University of Colorado, and his J.D. at the University of Denver.
Randall joined the NADKC and bought his first Deutsch Kurzhaar in 2010. He became a NADKC Western Region Board member and an Incident Review Committee member in 2015.....
Western Region Fall Test
The only NADKC test this fall in the Western Region will be held October 14th – 16th, in the Lowden/Walla Walla/Pendleton area. 
We have arranged for new grounds for the forest work.  Jeff Martin, Test Director, inspected the grounds during the Training Clinic and found them to be super.  We will be using property owned by Cunningham Sheep Company near the community of Meecham, OR.  It is hoped that the new forest grounds will provided the best opportunity for the dogs and handlers to be successful.  As of this writing we have openings for both VGP and Solms dogs. 
Judges for the WR Fall Test Jeff Martin, from Penticton, BC, Canada; Roger Green, from Brewster, WA; and Francois Aldrich, from Crownsville, MD.
If you are ineterested in participating please submit your entry ASAP.
Veterinary Corner
by Phil Kress, DVM
This month let’s talk about a medical problem that is more common than you might think.  How many times have we observed dogs scooting/dragging their bottoms along the ground, your carpet, or the floor?  In practice we see several causes, which I’ll try to enumerate.
There is sometimes a true itch/scratch reaction occurring that involves either an allergic reaction, an irritant present, or sometimes the presence of fleas that are biting and causing a secondary allergic flare or direct irritation.  Of course identifying the flea and initiating a plan to eliminate them is the cure.  If a general allergy syndrome is present, finding the cause (i.e. corn in the dog food in my own dog’s case) and/or treating with anti-inflamatories and therapeutic shampoos usually helps.  Direct chemical irritants can be washed away.......
Western Region Annual Raffle
The 2016 Western Region Annual Raffle has not but TWO GREAT  PRIZES and TWO LUCKY WINNERS.  The first ticket holder drawn will have their choice of an Upland Bird Hunt for 4 persons or a Beretta Over/Under Shotgun.  The second person drawn will receive the other prize.
Hunt Oregon, LLC, has graciously donated an upland bird hunt for four people, for three days, and four nights. All meals are included and there is a hosted open bar.  Transportation to and from the Pasco, WA Airport and bird processing is included.  The total value of the package is $12,000.00.  The hunt will take place on the famous Cunningham Sheep Company ranch.  One of the largest family owned ranched in Oregon, these properties have only been open to family and friends until now.
A Beretta Over/Under 686 Silver Pigeon 20/28 gauge Two Barrel Set will be the other prize awarded.  This is a great gun and the two barrel set makes it special.  The retail value of this set is $3,500.00.   Continue Reading....
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