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Town Planning Commission meeting...
February 23, 2012
Next Town Council Meeting...
March 1, 2012.
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Huntsville Newsletter:
Please respond to Income survey ASAP
In early February, Huntsville residents were mailed and asked to complete an income survey to help establish Huntsville as a low income community.  To date, only 68 out of 180 (38%) have been returned.  Full participation is required and we are asking for your help.  Your information will be kept confidential and no one from Huntsville will see your information.
The water plant was constructed eleven years ago and is in need of significant repairs and upgrades to meet state requirements.  The costs could run into the millions of dollars.
We are seeking grants to help with the costs, but grants are based on a Median Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) formula.  Without actual data from Huntsville Town residents, we will be grouped with all households within the 84317 zip code.  That MAGI is $51,000 per year.  Previous internal surveys have shown that the in town MAGI is lower.
At $51,000, our water rates would need to be raised to $80 per month in order for us to  qualify for grants.  The lower the MAGI, the lower our rates.  With FULL PARTICIPATION, our potential water rate increase will be minimized.
Planning Commission Meeting Tonight
The planning commission meeting is scheduled for tonight.
Click here to view the agenda.
Ice Rink Open for a few more weeks (we hope)
The ice rink is open and in fair to poor condition.  In order to keep ice for a few more weeks, we ask that you stay off the ice during the day when the ambient temperature is above 35° or so.
February Issue of Huntsville Happenings
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