What is Federal; income tax, and why it doesn’t apply to you?
Could it be that we have been scammed?
What if they’ve changed the meaning of common words, just within the tax code, to make us believe we owe all that money? Read on for the full story...
According to its title, it’s a tax on federal income!  Do you have a Federal Income?
Do you work for the federal government? If not, you probably don’t owe an income tax. Filling out the yearly tax forms properly could get you a refund of all the money you have paid in for the last three years.
The proper IRS forms and how to fill them out are all explained in the book titled “Cracking the Code” by Pete Hendrickson.
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Want to see hundreds of full refund checks from the IRS? Go to www.losthorizons.com and in some cases, see exactly how they were filling out the paperwork to receive the refunds, then scroll down to the honor roll. From there you can scroll down through hundreds of state and federal full refunds with interest included.
Why were they refunded their full payments to the IRS? It was because these people filled out their paperwork properly, to show they weren’t working for the federal government or that their business did not have federal contracts.
It’s as simple as that folks! You are free to donate to the IRS, if you want by filing just like your tax preparer says, and no one will correct you, because they all gain. You lacked this information we are giving you now.
Are you really required to pay a federal income tax?
 I know there are those of you who will say all of this can’t be true because without each of us donating our share how could the government afford to propagandize our children in school. Remember all of the important aspects of teaching our children are paid for by state taxes. That’s the problem, the extra money generated by scamming us is used hire corporations to build war machinery and bomb people who are worse off than we are.
Are you in business?
Now let us give you just a little bit more about how the government income tax scam works; the key is that in the tax code special meanings are given to ordinary words to make us think we owe the taxes. For instance, the phrase “trade or business” in the tax code means an individual who is in charge of running a government office. I bet you thought it meant Ralphs Tree Service, Joe’s Tire Shop or Doctor Bills Family Practice!
None of these local businesses are a trade or business under the federal income tax code, so they owe no income taxes. Business owners have been educated to think that they are a trade or a business for Federal tax purposes.
Are you an employee or do you have employees working for you?
In the tax code the word employee means someone who works for government and has nothing to do with anyone who works in the private sector.
Are you required to pay INCOME TAX?
It boils down to this; you are probably not an employee, you just work for someone. You don’t receive wages, you simply trade your time and effort for a paycheck. None of these activities are taxable.
What if you quit volunteering to pay the income tax?
There’s plenty of time between now and April 15 to check this out and apply for your Christmas Bonus. All the information on how to properly make out the forms to get a full refund including Social Security etc. is available in Pete Hendrickson’s book. 
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Is there anything stopping you receiving a refund for taxes that did not pertain to you or to your business?
Why not start now and prepare to receive the bonus of the rest of the money you’ve earned. The proper forms are available to go back three years and receive it all back plus interest. Let us all have happy holidays and a prosperous new year. Don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself.
PS. Your bonus will be a little late, but we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.
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