The Highly Sensitive Person
Summer Sessions on Zoom!

July 22, August 5, August 26, and Sept. 9
6:00 - 7:30 pm.
*Your facilitator, HarDarshan Khalsa, LPC, is one of four therapists in the state of North Carolina, and the only one in the RTP area, to be vetted by Dr. Elaine Aron as a specialist in counseling highly sensitive people.

Topics we will be covering:
July 22: Relationships. Before this session, go to and watch Elaine Aron's new film: "Sensitive In Love”. We will discuss the film as well as general HSP relationship issues. I also highly recommend you watch "Sensitive Lovers" in which Elaine and her husband, eminent relationship researcher, talk about aspects of the film. You can rent each one for 3 days for $4.99 or purchase to watch anytime for $9.99. Highly worth it. Please be aware that the film(s) may be triggering, especially if you have some relationship trauma. Don't worry, we will have opportunities to process in session.
August 5: Art and Nature. Before this session, find your creative self and your connection to nature. Feel free to share pieces of art, poems, music, & reflections on your times in the natural world.
August 26: Working with negative introjects about the HSP trait and how to set healthy boundaries
Sept. 9: How to stay strong in challenging situations, and tips on how to replenish yourself and uplift one another

This is an economical way to support yourself therapeutically!
Fee is $30 per session or just $100 if you prepay for all 4 sessions
contact HarDarshan at 919-257-7814
Once your payment is received, you will be sent the link for the session