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Help!   I’m a Drunk Running for Office
and I need my Court Records sealed!
Once again we see how corrupt Oklahoma County officials can be after Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill asks a judge to erase her court records for DUI.   Back in 2013 she was arrested after being found in a heavily damaged car, parked on a lawn on North McKinley Ave.    She managed to get a plea deal, her DUI charges were dismissed in 2014, and now she wants to cleanse all court records of the arrest and accepting the plea deal.
Now this POS is actually a “Republican” that has served six terms as County Clerk and is facing a primary challenge on June 28th so she wants the DUI expunged and the records sealed, claiming her privacy is being infringed and that there are “unwarranted adverse consequences” that outweigh the voter’s right to know that she is a drunk.
Judge Thomas E. Prince, Oklahoma County District Judge, has been assigned the case.   The traffic charge of striking an unattended vehicle is to be left on the record, no doubt so Caudill can claim she side swiped a car and is being unfairly accused of driving drunk.
Caudill escaped arrest for drunk driving a few years earlier.  A citizen had followed her to her home after she side swiped a car on the Hefner Parkway, while calling 911 to summon the police.   The police showed up, knocked on her door, but refused to force Caudill to come to the door for questioning.  State law allows for an officer to charge someone with a crime as long as there is probable cause along with a witness willing to swear to the charges.
Judge Prince’s office number is (405) 713-1133(405) 713-1133  and while the recorded message asks that you not leave a recorded message it beeps and obviously accepts voice mail.  It would be a good idea to flood Judge Prince’s office with messages on Sunday night and again next week.
Troubling New Development in the Lavoy Finicum Shooting
We predicted that the Oregon standoff would not end well and we also kept quiet in the aftermath of the killing of Lavoy Finicum, waiting for the authorities to investigate the matter.  Initially the shooting was justified by state investigators, then information came out about the FBI shooters lying and covering up some of the shots fired.
One of the videos at the links above syncs the cell phone video taken inside the truck with the FBI helicopter video but they suspend the inside video shortly before the truck hits the snow bank and stops.  Finicum is shown outside the vehicle with his hands held out to his sides before reaching for his left side, giving the state troopers an excuse to execute him.  The investigation claimed that there was a 9mm pistol in Finicum’s left jacket pocket.
The problem being two things, first Finicum carried a 45 caliber pistol and second that Finicum is right handed.  It would be impossible for a right handed person to retrieve a pistol from a left pocket without using his left hand to remove the pistol and transferring to the right hand.
The video evidence suggests little other than Finicum reaching toward his left side, perhaps after being struck by a bullet if the cops were firing at Finicum.  Were they?
The segment of the inside video that was suppressed has came out and it shows a rifle round hitting the roof of the truck and shattering the left side rear passenger window while Finicum is standing right outside the truck with his hands held high.  This is one of the FBI shots that the state investigators found were NOT reported by FBI shooters at the scene.
The entire fiasco was ill planned and ill advised in my opinion, yet the fact remains that a suspect was standing outside with his arms raised in submission so why did the FBI fire at him?  Earlier in the video it shows a bright red laser dot on the roof of the vehicle as the vehicle was stopped, prior to Finicum driving away.  The angle of the trajectory of the bullet proves that the shot came from high above, most likely from the helicopter overhead as the sniper would have had to been a hundred feet high or more to go through the roof and out the window.
The occupation of the federal building was ill planned and stupid and the authorities had the  right to end the occupation in a peaceful manner.  That doesn’t include cold blooded murder.
Wagoner County Sheriff Indictment
Innocent Man Indicted or Corruption?

A 2014 civil asset forfeiture turned into a grand jury indictment o Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert and one of his captains but the case is far from being clear at this point.
Colbert and Captain Jeff Gragg were indicted on three felony counts after rejecting a plea deal to resign and plead guilty to a misdemeanor.  The felony counts state that both men conspired to accept a bribe or conspired to commit extortion in exchange for releasing two men after a felony arrest for drug charges. 
Torell Wallace and a 17 year old passenger were stopped on U.S. 69 on December 13th, 2014.  A search of the car found $10,000 in cash wrapped up to escape detection by dogs and both passengers claimed ownership of the money.  Both were arrested for possession of drug proceeds and taken to the Wagoner County Jail.   They both were released after disclaiming any ownership or interest in the cash and the arrest records were allegedly deleted.  The cash was placed in a drug forfeiture account with the  County Treasurers Office a few days later.
The indictment states that Wallace stated to Captain Gragg that he was on parole and wanted to stay out of jail and that Gragg offered that disclaiming the cash would make that happen.  Wallace did so and Sheriff Colbert had the booking process stopped and deleted the records from the system.
Both Sheriff Colbert and Captain Gragg have been arrested and released on bail.  A second charge was that the Oklahoma State Auditor had found that $440.00 was missing from a previous drug money seizure in 2011.  Other allegations were from CLEET, that training attendance records were falsified.
Colbert is said to have been a good man while serving with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.  That in itself proves nothing but it does give us pause out of respect for the men that vouched for Colbert.   To us, what is beyond proof is that the practice of civil asset forfeiture is a cancer that is eating law enforcement to the bone and there is no doubt that this one case is the tip of the iceberg.
We don’t see how any money was embezzled from the drug dealer, after all it was deposited into a County Treasurer account a few days later.  But the fact is that the money was extorted in exchange for stopping the arrest booking process of what appears to be a known drug dealer.  That is not good government, that is an invitation to corruption of law enforcement.  The process needs to stop and the Senator Loveless Anti Civil Forfeiture legislation needs to be put back on track over the objections of the corrupt Senator Anthony Sykes.
Oklahoma County Court Clerk Race
Vote for the Democrat, Please!
Rick Warren won the primary and faces Anastasia Pitman in the special election on Tuesday.  Pitman is a Democrat but boy, her opponent Rick Warren is a complete mess!  His real name is Richard Warren Jr. and a look at the OSCN.net court records shows some really ugly things about this guy and his prowess as a citizen and a “business man”.
And this appeal decision appears to be about his son perhaps?   A drunken brawl at a frat house and all of that?
Yeah, Richard Warren, AKA “Rick” Warren Jr., might be a Republican but he certainly isn’t much of a businessman or a decent citizen judging from all of the liens and lawsuits.   The lein at the start of the article is the kicker, living in a house worth a million bucks and he doesn’t pay the Homeowner Association fees?
An Interview with Gary Richardson
Few people in Oklahoma know the problem, or maybe better put, are willing to talk about the problem with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) like attorney Gary Richardson.  Gary had ran for Governor once as an Independent and has remained the most knowledgeable source for Turnpike information here in the state.  
Gary had spoken before an activist group at a rally at the Capitol on the 16th of March and I asked him if I could interview him about that talk and other aspects of the Turnpike Authority.
STP:   Gary, you ran for Governor a few years back on this very issue I believe.
Gary:  I did indeed.  At the event on the 16th I asked the crowd if anyone remembered my race for Governor and how I said the Turnpike was a scam on the state.  About ten percent of the 300 attendees raised their hands.   I then asked them to raise their hand if they actually believed me when I said it at the time and three people raised their hand.   I asked how many believed it today and they all responded.
STP:  Can you elaborate on the scam?
Gary:  Because the taxpayers of Oklahoma have not being informed over the years about the Turnpike system at all or we have been intentionally lied to for over 60 years.  Back in the sixties I had heard that the book of Proverbs was a book of wisdom so I recorded the entire book of Proverbs on cassette tapes and listened to them on my commute to and from work.   Prov. 9:7 says : Thru knowledge shall the just be delivered.  For around 15 years I’ve been attempting to educate the citizens of Oklahoma about the real truth of the Turnpike system.
For example, if a poll was taken today, even after my race for Governor wherein I talked all over the State about the scam, I would estimate that most probably 90% plus of Oklahomans still think that:
1.  The Turnpike is a State Agency
2.  That we, the State of Okla., make money from the Turnpike.
STP:   Can you tell us about how the issue was received in the 2002 election?
Gary:    At our first debate, which was conducted before OKC realtors, I presented my positions on the Turnpike.  Brad Henry followed me and spoke about all the money we would lose should we do what I was suggesting, take the Turnpikes down and put the system under the ODOT (Oklahoma Department of Transportation).  So here was an Oklahoma State Senator who either intentionally lied to these realtors or was in the dark about the Turnpike system.  I learned in talking to him that he was “in the dark”.
Oklahomans had already paid in excess of $100,000 for a big 8 CPA firm to do an analysis of the Oklahoma highway system and the study concluded that shutting down the OTA and transferring the  roads to ODOT was best for the state and would be substantial savings to our state.  But, I quickly learned that very few knew about the study having been done or about the results thereof.  I, for example, met with the head of ODOT and he wasn’t even aware of it.  Seemingly it was just put on the book shelve to gather dust.
As I traveled the State and asked editors of Newspapers if the Turnpike was a State Agency, I only had one that knew that it wasn’t.  The others were somewhat shocked to learn that it wasn’t.
I had 3 State Senators tell me that when they were elected and during their first term in office that they started looking into the Turnpike and were quickly told that if they wanted to have any effect in the Senate that they would look for something else to look into.
STP:   So who does own the Turnpike?
Gary:  On 4 or 5 occasions I was challenged when I spoke and said that there wasn’t any way to find out who owned the Turnpike bonds…. that they, the legislators, had fixed it so that this information wasn’t available.  The 4 or 5 that challenged me by saying they could find out were all quite surprised to learn that they could not.
STP:    And the media isn’t aware of the fact that no one outside the inner loop can find out who owns all these turnpike bonds, right?
Gary:     I spoke at the Press Club in Tulsa and pointed out that the person that worked at the Tulsa World and wrote the articles was present and how blessed we were that he was present and that I wanted to pose 3 questions to him and in a few minutes ask him to stand and provided the answer to the questions, as I was sure he would know the answers as he was the very person that wrote articles for the readers of the Tulsa World newspaper.    Those questions were:
1. Is the Turnpike a State Agency?  
2.  Does the State of Oklahoma make one cent off of the Turnpike?  
3. Can we, the tax payers of Oklahoma, find out who actually owns the turnpike bonds and, therefore, owns the turnpikes?
In a few minutes I asked him to stand and provide the answers.  He sat, never rising.  I told the audience that I anticipated that he would not rise and answer the questions as either he didn’t know the answers or he did know the answers and certainly wasn’t going to tell the audience what they were.
A few weeks later we had a debate before the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.  After the debate I was approached by the editor of the Tulsa World, who seemed a bit angry, and he said: 
 “Well Richardson, you always do put on a good show”, to which I responded, “Neal, you know that it was more than a show, or do you?  Do you not know the truth about the Turnpike or is it that you do and the newspaper intentionally lies to the citizens that read your paper?  Which is it”?  At which point he jabbed me in the chest at which I held my hands up and said “Neal, don’t ever again touch me out of anger, ever”.  A crowd had gathered by now.  The whole point is, I was obviously touching a sensitive spot when sharing the “truth” with the citizens.  
STP:  So if you followed the money on the Turnpike system where would it lead:
Gary:  To the well connected people in the state.  As an example, when the  Turnpike was preparing to put in the turnaround at Wellston, I was told that Neil Caleb's son was a Real Estate agent and before the process began the son had his real estate signs going up all over that area.  And based on all the other things I had heard, it wasn’t difficult to believe.    Wonder how much he made and or helped with OTA’s efforts.
STP:  Who runs the OTA?
Gary:  The board members for the OTA are appointed by the Gov and even though they commit to 8 years, as I am told, they don’t receive any pay that we know of.
STP:   Does the OTA receive regular audits like the other state and county agencies receive?
Gary:  The Gov is the only one that can call for an audit of the OTA, I assume the board could as well but they are appointed by the Gov, and do you know how many times the OTA has been audited?  To my knowledge, NONE.  Plus, these board members can be removed, of course, without cause.
STP:   Have there been any recent news stories on the OTA?
Gary:   About 4 years ago I was called by a local TV reporter who told me that she had been assigned to do an investigative report on the OTA and was told to come and interview me.  I told her that I would accommodate her even though I was sure that she NEVER would be allowed to air such a report.  She, of course, didn’t believe me.  She came and I told her that the best thing I felt that I could do for her was to tell her things I would be searching into should I be doing the report, emphasizing that we both were wasting our time.  She didn’t believe me.  Several months later I called her and asked her about the report and she said that they “had pulled her off it temporarily but that she would get back on it soon”.  Again, I told her it never would happen.  And  it didn’t.  I told her, as I recall today, some of the things I would look into were:
 1. who owned the Turnpike bonds.  
2. Look at when the Turnpike typically get increases in their rates.  I have checked this in the past few years but when I ran for Gov, it was typically during a Governors lame duck session of their service.  
3. Check into when the refinancing of the bonds typically took place and at the time it was typically during the beginning of the term of the new Governor.  
4. The Wellston deal.  
5. What was it about the bridge on the East side of Tulsa that has been there for years, out in an open pasture, that had to cost several hundred thousand to build and to my knowledge, hasn’t been in use up to this date.  
Then about 3 years ago so I received a call from an investigative reporter from the Daily Oklahoman who said he had been assigned to look into the OTA and was told to come and meet with me.  I thought maybe this could be for real since the paper had of recent been purchased by someone out of Colorado.  He came over and I filled him with information.  He asked if I could give him a couple of names of individuals that might confirm what I was telling him and/or add to what I told him.  I gave him 2 names.  Sometime later I ran into one of the guys and asked if he had ever been contacted and he said no.  I called the reporter only to learn that he had “just completed his work and the article would run the following week”.  It was nothing but a white wash.  No surprise.  He didn’t contact the 2nd person either.  
STP:     Do other states have turnpikes?
Gary:  Of the twenty four states west of the Mississippi, when I ran for Governor, there were nine rural turnpikes in existence.  Oklahoma had eight rural turnpikes at the time.   Think about this, nine rural turnpikes over twenty four states and eight of them in our state.   Oklahoma was the first state that is West of Pennsylvania to complete a toll road exclusively from REVENUE BONDS.  The very first.
STP:   What effect do the turnpikes have on the state?
Gary:    In addition to the toll roads already eating up our State like CANCER in a body, that according to Title 69 Sec 1705, just a few short years ago, there had already been given authorization for thirty two more turnpikes.    Also the OTA doesn’t build the high ways to last.  Why?  Is it to have available more kick back money?
 I was told when I ran for Gov, that the OTA only releases new construction that is short enough in miles, that it is only profitable for in State contractors to bid the jobs.  They are too small for out-of-state contractors to bid.  I had a place in Colorado and in the last twenty years I rarely every saw construction on I-70.  Not the case on these Turnpikes in Oklahoma even though the weather here is less destructive.   
STP:   Gary, does the Turnpike actually make a lot of money?
Gary:   Yes is the simple answer.  While I was running for Governor, we learned that there was in excess of a half billion (and that is with a “b”) in the OTA’s bank account.  In a few minutes I will go over some additional numbers with you regarding the money the OTA makes by sharing their budget they put together for year 2009.  You will be shocked, as was I, that the Oklahoma Tax Payers are losing all this money and on top of that, having to pay out the nose to travel around our State, putting more dollars into the hands of these bond holders whose identity we can’t find out.
STP:    How did you learn so much about the OTA?
Gary:  Al, there are two things that happened that got me started looking into the Turnpike and finding out what it is all about.  One, a former brother-in-law of mine got a job with the State of Oklahoma and was assigned to work with the Turnpike.  He started telling me things that were going on that I found quite interesting and yet very disturbing, knowing what it had to be costing we, the taxpayers of Oklahoma.  
Next, in putting together a team to run my campaign, I hired an old time campaign consultant from Oklahoma City that had been involved in the political arena for many years.  After spending hours with me hearing my heart about wanting to do something to bring about a more healthy economy for our State, he shared with me a friend of his that knew all about the OTA, knew about the study that Oklahoma had paid well over a $100,000 to have done by a big 8 accounting firm and knew all about the results.  We ended up hiring this gentleman, who did the research for the State of Oklahoma, to do all our research, and assist us in putting together my plan for Oklahoma, which, of course, included systematically removing the Turnpikes and placing them under the ODOT, which is exactly what the conclusion was that was drawn by the big 8 accounting firm that was hired and paid over $100,000 to do the study.  A study that was paid for, done and NEVER USED.
STP:    We were talking earlier about the impact of the Turnpikes….
Gary:   You know, the Turnpikes destroy Economic Development.  For example, take a look between Tulsa and OKC and see what you find.  Then do the same between OKC and the Kansas border and you will see quite a difference.  The turnpikes reduce property values and therefore reduce taxes for the small towns and they can grow.  It takes money from their schools, police departments, and small businesses.  At one time, many years back, there was a turnpike between Dallas and Ft Worth and after it was taken down, look at how quickly the economic development exploded.  Six Flags over Texas and on and on.  The same thing would happen if the Turner Turnpike was taken down between OKC and Tulsa.  It would be unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable as to what would happen.
STP:   But surely someone knows who owns these OTA bonds?
Gary:    Who owns these bonds?   No one that knows is telling but you have to wonder how many politicians own bonds that make a ton of money.  Based on the 2009 Adopted Budget, the tolls in Okla plus the violation recoveries and concessions, the OTA was projected to collect over $199 million.   That left net operating income of $131.6M.  Add to that $42.6 million plus $10 million of interest income and deduct the debt service (principal/interest) of $94 million and the OTA generated over $90 million.
They gave $42 million to the State for Motor fuel and the balance available in one year was $47.5 million dollars.  I am sure it is much more now.  Take for example the money they make off of McDonalds.  I stopped there recently for a cone and asked the attendant why it was so expensive and she replied “I guess because we are off out here by ourselves”.  Captive audience!
STP:    What can the citizens do to help bring transparency to the OTA and start the process to take the roads back into state hands?
Gary:    I would say that the most effective way would be to form a group of people in each County to make it known to their representatives that they wanted the situation changed or else they would be voted out at the next election.  The problem is, its like Martin Niemoller, Protestant pastor said many years ago, when he said, “In Germany, they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist.  Then they came for the “social democrats” and I remained silent as I was not a social democrat.  Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up as I wasn’t a Jew.  When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.”  It’s much like the folks on the East Side of Oklahoma County that are now fighting the Turnpike System.  There have in the past been other groups here and there to fight the system when a turnpike was going into their area.  But, I still say, it will take a Governor of Oklahoma that has the WILL to organize such an effort, starting with educating the citizens of our State.
Cuban War Crimes against
American POW?
By the Watchman
There is little in this Nation’s history that provokes as much emotion and division as the Vietnam War. Much has been written about it. Many television documentaries have been produced and many protests against the war were conducted. Many secrets are still held about the conduct of the war. There have been rumors of American POW’s being sent to Russia, and those rumors may not be rumors at all. We are going to breach a subject here that will upset many Veterans of that war, including some associated with this newsletter, but it’s a story that demands to be told. It’s a story that has been well known within the halls of Congress, the Intelligence organizations and the most disheartening of all, within the Military Community since the 1960’s. We do this for all those who gave all for the service of their country.
What led us to investigate this story was this article here Cuban Accountability. This was the first article we saw that addressed the prisoner exchange between Cuba and the United States. It also called for the immediate attention and accounting of our servicemen captured in the Vietnam War and imprisoned in Cuba. Now most American’s are unaware that Cuba was involved in the Vietnam War. They had an engineering brigade there that maintained one of the North Vietnamese main routes for transporting supplies into South Vietnam. They also had a group of men that were sent there to torture American POW’s.
The next article we found was this JW v. DOD Servicemen Cuban Captives 00151 - Judicial Watch. This document was received by a Freedom of Information Request by Judicial watch and is very lengthy. It is well worth your time to open the link and read the document. It will show you that our government knew that there were American Servicemen left behind when we left Vietnam. Our government betrayed the very men they sent to fight for them. That is an act of treason.
The next article we found was this - THE CUBAN PROGRAM: TORTURE OF AMERICAN PRISONERS BY CUBAN AGENTS. This is a fifty-six page report on a hearing held on November 4th, 1999by the Committee on International Relations in the House of Representatives. It includes a list of witnesses but draws no real conclusions and no action is taken from the results of this report. In short they covered it up again.
The next item of interest we found was this Castro, McCain spar over Cuban torture in Vietnam | Reuters. It seems that someone in the know, because he was there, was accused by Fidel Castro about lying about Cuba torturing American POW’s. We are not big fans of the Senator, but we do not feel how lie about something would like this.
The next item of interest we found was tis Obama Urged to Press Cuba on Interrogation of U.S. POWs. With all the urging and lobbying to get something done on this subject, the known results were disappointment. To the best information available, not one single question was asked by the president on this subject. In our eyes that makes him complicit in the same war crimes as the Cubans.
The next article we found was this Cuban War Crimes Against American POWs. This article indicates that once again the President was urged to bring up Cuban War Crimes against American POW’s during the Vietnam War. It also indicates that no response was ever received from either the White House or the National Security Advisor. Senator McCain had even broached the subject with the President and failed to get an answer. This is indicative of how the President has treated the military and America’s Veterans since he took office. This report also includes that the capture of Lt. Clemmie McKinney. Lt. McKinney was shot down on August 14, 1972. The North Vietnamese claim he passed away in November of 1972, however  the U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory in Hawaii forensic anthropologist placed his time of death as no earlier than 1975 and probably several years later. Still our government did nothing.
The next article of interest we found was this Former U.S. POWs detail torture by Cubans in Vietnam. This report is another that you definitely want to open and read for yourself. It indicates that some of the Cuban interrogators had been identified. It indicates that the testing and tortures used was the primary interest of the Cubans. In fact the North Vietnamese catered to the Cubans. It indicates that long after all American POW’s had alleged to have been returned to the United States, a known deserter who worked for the North Vietnamese named Garwood, reported five different sightings of Americans still being held as POW’s. When triangulated with reports from other sources they prove to be too much to be coincidence. This is proof that our country deserted those that they sent to fight for them.
The next article of interest we found was this Cuban torturers hiding in Florida?. This article indicates that in 2003 the Justice Department felt there was enough evidence that the individuals responsible for the torture of American POW’s were hiding in Florida. Well if they suspected that much, that would mean they had a good idea of what these individuals looked like. We do remember that during that time several Cuban “Spies” were arrested in South Florida. Could these have been the men responsible for the torture. If so, why were they allowed to return to Cuba in a prisoner swap instead of executed for War Crimes? America is owed an honest explanation by the Justice Department, the Obama Administration , the Intelligence Community and most importantly, the Military.
The next article of interest we found was this Former U.S. POWs detail torture by Cubans in Vietnam. This is a report from a retired Air Force Colonel who was a victim of the torture by the Cubans. From what he reports it appears the torture suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese was brutal, but not life threatening as the Cubans would prove to be. One of our POW’s was tortured to a point of being into a catatonic state and eventually died from the torture and wounds he suffered. Folks this is an act of war that was committed on our servicemen by a foreign nation that we were not in a conflict with yet it appears that our government chose to cover it up. There are even reports of Soviet and Chinese interrogators working over our POW’s yet our government chose not to investigate. This is a disgrace.
The next item of interest we found was this Facts of the Cuban Program. This is a Fact Site for what is known as the “Cuban Program.” This is another site that we urge you to open and read. It indicates that as early as 1973 the FBI, CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency made numerous attempts to identify the “Cubans” with inconclusive results. Now the date of this report is 1999 and it is a Congressional Report. We find this report to be less than credible since in all appearances enough information was obtained to warrant a Justice Department investigation in 2003. We have to ask what they are not telling us.
The next item of interest is an extract of the report listed above Facts of the Cuban Program. This will lead you to several links regarding the program including newspaper articles and items from a previous Congressional Hearing. They are well worth your time to open and read.
The next article of interest we found was this - THE CUBAN PROGRAM: TORTURE OF AMERICAN PRISONERS BY CUBAN AGENTS . This is the report from a hearing before the Committee on International Relations of the House of Representatives on Thursday, November 4, 1999. This list the committee members the witnesses and their testimony. This is a must read for every American. This is information our government has been hiding from us since the end of the Vietnam War. This is beyond reprehensible. This is criminal.
The next article we found was this Defector Says Soviets Questioned POWs : Missing: The former Vietnam army colonel also says Hanoi is not holding any live Ameri. Here we have a former North Vietnamese Colonel telling the Senate Select Committee on POW-MIA Affairs that he did know of Cuban and Russians interrogating American POW’s, but he knows nothing about them keeping them. This is a report from November of 1991. How much more evidence does our government need before it does right by these men who they sent in harm’s way before they take action.
The next article of interest that you want to read is this War Crimes: The Cuban-Vietnam Connection. This report indicates that the Cubans not only tortured  and killed American POW’s in North Vietnam, but they may have transferred as many as seventeen to Cuba. They were alleged to be held in Villa Marista, a secret Cuban prison run by Castro’s G-2 intelligence service. A former aide to Fidel Castro even offered to “ransom POW’s in North Vietnam through the Castro Government.” The last paragraph of that report stated “Propose doing nothing further….” And nothing was done. Could they have meant the alleged seventeen in Cuba? Until all the information is released, we may never know.
The next article we found was perhaps the most heartbreaking to not just the families of the POW’s, but to all who had spent time in country. You can read it here THE POW 's WE LEFT BEHIND. This article just begs to be read. It reports of sightings of Americans still being held by numerous sources including a deserter from our military who was court martialed when he did surrender. It also tells of two pilots who managed to stomp out their call signs in the tall grass as late as 1991. Yet our government does nothing.
The information we have presented to you here is real. It’s available on the internet, although we won’t promise how long it will be there after this story is released. The information available and presented to you here indicates that the bond between the soldiers and airmen of our armed forces and the time honored tradition of “No Man Left Behind” have been broken. Our government can no longer be trusted. Our military leadership can no longer be trusted. It’s time to hold them all accountable and it’s over forty years past time to get a full accounting of our known to be in the hands of the North Vietnamese POW’s fate. The honor of this country and indeed of the servicemen and women demand it.