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Showdown in Tulsa
Pro Brogdon Forces Crushes the Attempt to Remove him as Chairman
RINO Forces retreat in Humiliation and Shame? 
As if they knew what that was
The massive turnout for the Oklahoma State GOP meeting in Tulsa ended well on Saturday with the RINO forces licking their wounds and wallowing in self pity after a resounding defeat by Oklahoma GOP County chairmen and proxy carrying volunteers representing elected officials.
Early that morning the smiles were painted on and the tension was high as the two groups filed into the meeting.  Oklahoma State Vice Chair Estela Hernandez had a frozen smile on her face, no doubt mortified after being caught lying on live radio during the Pat Campbell Show and being forced to apologize to Chairman Randy Brogdon.  Her beauty queen days were probably good training for her ordeal but the demeanor slipped as she walked past me on several occasions, with a face locked in fury and resentment, teeth clenched.  Her husband Ezequie was sullen and withdrawn, preferring to stand over in the corner instead of playing the supporting spouse and mingling.  No doubt he was second guessing his wife’s idea to become a public figure and having his company and personal information exposed.
The front desk had a smattering of Party faithful but mostly it was staffed by new Ron Paul volunteers.  The RINOs were clustered in two groups, RINO Oklahoma City, and RINO Tulsa GOP members, the usual gadflies flitting between both groups trying to curry favor with information.
By comparison the Tea Party, conservatives, Ron Paul, and 912 Group volunteers were in high spirits but carefully to hide the light under a basket to avoid incurring the wrath of the RINOs.  A steady stream of County Chairs and Brogdon supporters made their way over to thank the Sooner Tea Party for exposing Vice Chair Estela Hernandez’s interview on KFAQ as they had no idea who was behind all the fuss.    Most of them asked that I meet with their elected officials when I had time and asked to be sent the newest RINO Index when it comes out.
Once the meeting started Brogdon, gracious as ever and magnanimous in victory, allowed Estela Hernandez to apologize to the group, speaking for an eternity of 7 minutes.  Her true character showed through though, still somewhat combative and making excuses, despite Brogdon’s humility in accepting part of the blame for the blowup however thin the facts were that called for him taking any of the blame.  Hernandez referenced untrue personal attacks, a reference to the special edition Sooner Tea Party newsletter that went out Friday night to over 6,000 email list readers.  The links to the KFAQ interviews were well used and there were many, many, forwards of the newsletter.
State Auditor Gary Jones spoke about his plan to gut the legislature and make it easier for special interests to control things, under the guise of saving twenty million a year.  Hey, they say we spend twice that on trinkets, promotional items, and such for the state agencies.  Great prioritization Gary.  But the crowd wasn’t receptive and a friend of his stood up and said the idea was misguided.  Jones rushed back up the the microphone,  wanting time to debate but the chairman wisely shut down the discussion.
Next Steve Fair, our National Committeeman,  lectured the crowd on civility and infighting.   Funny he didn’t do anything the last two months when they were attacking Brogdon.   In all there were 260 votes cast that day with around 160 proxies standing in for missing officials and over 70 visitors lending moral support to Brogdon.
The County Chairmen were on edge and wanting the back stabbing over with so when Oklahoma County Chairman Daren Ward took the microphone to make a resolution he was quickly taken to task and he slinked away from the microphone.  People wanted peace and the end to the attacks against Brogdon.  Once Brogdon began to give his Chairman’s report the RINO forces retreated to the lobby where they clustered in three factions, licking wounds, and passing around the blame for their defeat.   At the end of the meeting Brogdon got a standing ovation from 85% of the attendees with a narrow row of Tulsa and Oklahoma City GOP officials refusing to stand and applaud.
Very near the end Oklahoma County GOP Chairman Daren Ward gingerly took the microphone again to withdraw the Oklahoma County Resolution attacking Brogdon and made that long walk to the back of the room while he endured the stares and stink eye glares of the County Chairmen and visitors.
To say that the coup failed is an understatement.  Thanks to KFAQ
for exposing Estela Hernandez for the power hungry witch that she is, confrontational and abrasive in private, while speaking honeyed words and smiling at the masses.   TC Ryan paid a heavy price for his one past mistake but that is the nature of politics, it is a brutal and vicious pastime and not for the weak at heart.  The County Chairmen were united as I have never seen them so the blowback from the backstabbing has been immense and Brogdon is thoroughly immunized for the time being.
Katy AKA Kathyrn Randall on the right


Who is behind the Attack on Oklahoma
GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon?
The Profoundly Disturbed Woman behind the
TC Ryan Controversy
Used by GOP Party Hacks or With an Agenda all of her Own? 
The Oklahoma County Chairman Daren Ward? 
The Oklahoma GOP Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez? 
Or Party Hack Pam Pollard?
Domestic abuse laws have created a protected class of people, women, despite the fact that all forms of violence against a weaker, non confrontational or defenseless opponent should be equal.   Two men in a cage fighting, heck, two women in a cage fighting, some pay money to see such things.   But a stronger person going after a weaker person has always been tabu in most societies, considered the mark of a bully or a coward.
However creating broad classification of protected citizens isn’t wise.   Think of the cases where a large overbearing woman, Rep. Lee Denney is a plus size example, goes after a wisp of a man, outweighing him by half, with a reach and strength advantage commensurate with mass difference.  Think of the extremely common cases where the woman is the aggressor, one that learned that violence was how squabbles were handled from her mother and father.  I ran into one or two of this sort of woman in my past and the only acceptable response was to block their blows or pull the knife out of their hand, spin them around for your own safety and theirs, and toss them on the couch or bed so you can make it out the door safely.  Note to self:  check that there isn’t a big Morman bible on the nightstand or you will find yourself stunned and on the floor before you can make it to the door.  Don’t ask me how I learned that one.
That’s right boys, run like hell is the only option with a woman like that because fighting with a woman will never be an acceptable option in society’s opinion.  You don’t ever win responding in kind and you become less of a man if you participate in a fight with someone weaker.
 Society has carved out exceptions to this, once a woman has crossed over the line and is harming kids or someone weaker than themselves the movie audience cheers when someone punches her in the mouth.  You don’t hit a lady but a lady loses that protection once she is abusing a child. 
Then there was the old custom called “taking a woman in hand”, a polite way of saying that a man could take an out of control, violent, or abusive woman and put them over their knee to beat the bejesus out of their rear end.    A grand example is movie “McLintock” with John Wayne where he treats Maureen O'Hara to a public spanking with the entire town cheering him on.   Or the movie “The Quiet Man” where while dragging Maureen O’Hara back to their home an elderly woman hands John Wayne a stick with instructions to “hit the lovely lady”.   A more extreme example is the movie “The Professional Sweetheart” where Ginger Rodgers, billed as American’s sweetheart, has a round of domestic violence with her husband, gets spanked, bites the man on his leg to escape, and earns a punch to the jaw!   That one went a bit too far in my mind, to put it mildly, but audiences in the day cheered when a woman abandoned her femininity and considered her beyond society’s protection.   Or Clark Gable and Maria Elena Marques in Across the Wide Missouri or the “Wagon Train” TV series where a young woman trains a gun on a man that has saved her and where a young woman trains a gun on a man that has saved her and gets a spanking, which results in a contrite and obedient woman afterwards….. right.  Something tells me that Rep. Glen Mulready is going to be watching that clip over and over and over again but I’m not sure which character he would be identifying with.
And a side note, I find myself researching the strangest things while writing stories about legislators, from drug addiction to venereal diseases, and mind numbing legal opinions but the societal research on acceptable forms of violence against women was by far one of strangest.  
Now back to reality, those movies were made by men, for men, long before modern feminism wrecked the relations between men and women.  Like an unruly child a spanking might have had an effect on a decent but unruly woman, shaming her back into lady like behavior but crazy is crazy  and all as spanking is going to do is make you afraid to sleep at night with a woman like that in the house.   
But back to our story, violence against women has never been condoned in polite society except under very narrow circumstances and despite the latest outrage over the TC Ryan controversy the majority of citizens will agree that once you’re off the reservation you can sometimes deserve what you get.  With that in mind let’s look at the allegations of what TC Ryan supposedly did.
The allegations run the gamut from wild to mild but in two verified cases, both from the mystery woman; it ranges from outright monstrous abuse to a bizarre account from the AP as told to the Broken Arrow Police:
 “According to an April 2012 Broken Arrow Police report provided to the AP, Ryan’s live-in girlfriend told police she and Ryan got into an argument when he grabbed her ‘by the wrists and choked her with her own arms. Ryan threw (her) to the ground and then bit her ear.’
“When the woman tried to call 911, she told police Ryan grabbed her cellphone and broke it. The report also noted the victim’s son was present during the altercation and was awakened by the fighting.”
Then there is this account of what happened that was posted by the “victim” on a liberal Republican blog:
I suffered the abuse of the hands of this man his acts of terror against me and my 5-year old son. While he has issued a statement to the public he has never shown remorse or attempted to pay damages, restitution for the Physicians bills that landed me in the hospital etc. This is not the type of person we need in GOP leadership. To come forward and prosecute this violent man was difficult for me, but what is more difficult is that he should have had more severe charges and punishment issued against him. In my opinion his horrific acts were far more than misdemeanors. I would like to encourage the public to continue to stand up against domestic violence. I would b more than happy to speak out against these atrocities that have been greatly trivialized.
Acts of terror?  Against her and her son?  Funny how the police report omits that part. The cops were probably He Man Woman Hating Club members too.  Horrific acts, atrocities?  Coupled with an attack on GOP leadership?   This is classic hyperbole, a gross distortion of the facts in order to make some political points and back your opponent into an indefensible position.
Now let’s look at the official report according to the AP, no doubt a very shortened version of what was in the report.
“Ryan’s live-in girlfriend told police she and Ryan got into an argument when he grabbed her ‘by the wrists and choked her with her own arms. Ryan threw (her) to the ground and then bit her ear.’
Now if he grabbed her by the wrists he would be in one of two positions:
1.      In front of her, there for it would be impossible to use her own arms to choke her.
2.      Behind her, where it would be still be impossible to choke her with her own arms.
I’d imagine that Rep. Leslie Osborn and Rep. Dan Kirby could vouch for the fact that it is impossible to choke another human being from that position, that if you tried to pull her wrists backward with her arms crossed or uncrossed her arms would be lifted up rather than pulled back, especially with the size different between the two.
And who among you have ever heard of a man biting a woman much lease biting her ear in anger?  Once again consult Osborn and Kirby if needed or does nibbling not count?
I’d bet dollars to donuts that this was really what went down:
Duck Dynasty style boyfriend and crazy eyes girl friend are watching a TV show about politics when a philosophical argument breaks out. Her arguments are weak and superficial so she feels belittled as she loses the argument.   Girlfriend becomes violent and attacks boyfriend, who spins her around, hugging her in his arms around her to try to keep from being assaulted and what does the woman do?  Men?   Bull dyke lesbians?    The woman sinks her teeth into the boyfriend’s forearm and she ain’t turning loose, she’s got a good mouthful of forearm and twisting her head like a shark, spitting mad.  What does the boyfriend do?  He bites her ear to try to get her to turn loose.   And when she does turn loose he shoves her to the floor.
But throw her to the ground….. inside a house no less…..what, did he drag her outside?  Has she also lost control of her bladder due to being so mad and is wee wee ing on the carpet?  And then he manages to bite her ear while she is on the ground?
Bar room brawl between two men ground fighting, wrestling where little other tactic is available; maybe an ear would be bit.  But my money is on a bat guano crazy woman with blood in her eye and murderous intent and a young, inexperienced man just trying to get away unscathed.
But let’s dig a little deeper into Kathryn AKA Katy Randall’s motivation and past.  That’s right boys and girls, once more we prove that you can’t hide from the Sooner Tea Party if you have been bad or are causing trouble.  We will find you and expose the facts once you have made yourself into a public person.
There is a little weasel RINO Republican up in Tulsa named David Arnett who just loves to scream at people over the phone and in his haste to damage two good men and damage the Republican Party he tracked down TC Ryan’s former girlfriend and did an interview where he dumped enough information to allow us to identify the woman in literally twenty minutes of combing through our records and making two short phone calls.
Katy Randall sat down with David Arnett and made the following accusations and comments in a Tulsa Today article.  Our comments are in bold:
1.    Katy is a Republican activist that attended county and state conventions since her ex, Thomas Clint (TC) Ryan, inspired her to become active in politics and even after he bit and beat her in a domestic assault and battery.  Bit, maybe, in retaliation.  Beat, no unless she lied to the cops.
2.     Katy is a small soft spoken attractive woman, but there is steel in the substance of her words. Her voice, during our interview, faltered several times as she struggled not to cry. This is hard for her.  Ohhhhh!  Poor baby!  Let’s stir up some sympathy instead of sticking to facts.
3.     Katy: There were a couple of situations that could have ended in violence, but didn’t until the night we broke up [in April 2012] and I filed the police report. And Arnett could have decided to beat you and rape you in public then do the same to all the male waiters in the restaurant.  But that didn’t happen either I would guess.
4.     I don’t want to discuss all the details. It’s painful and embarrassing. Basically, we had an argument just watching some news show. It was right before State Convention so there were a lot of political things going on and I can’t remember who we were debating, but my opinion differed from his and he got very condescending. He told me I didn’t know anything.   I bet you don’t want to discuss the details less you trip yourself up even further and Arnett doesn’t want to dig too deep either.  Wow, he didn’t agree with you and validate your opinion.  I can see why you cooked off on him, you should have tried to stab him , totally justified I think….  No bunnies around that you could boil?
5.       Katy: Yes. I think that(that the argument was over politics)  is one of the things that made the D.A. want to prosecute to the extent of [filing as] a felony and him being so rash and hot tempered.   Right, that is a top priority, imprison people over political arguments, on a couch, in your own home, while watching TV with a crazed, bunny boiling girlfriend.  I can see how not validating your opinion proves that TC was rash and hot tempered.  He must not have loved bunnies either.
6.      …..she sought medical treatment the next day following the violence. TC Ryan has insisted to others that her injuries were the result of a car wreck she had a few days later. She was not ticketed by police for that car wreck as they determined on scene her tires were near bald, streets were wet, and she spun-out then hit a tree. Further, a car wreck does not leave bite marks or thumb print bruises.  Really?   Medical attention for a bite on the ear and some finger prints on your wrists?  But, “bite marks”?  Plural?  Was TC going Hannibal Lecter on you too?  And everyone can see how a bite mark on the ear and some finger marks on your wrists could be confused with injuries after slamming your car in to a tree….  Must have been chasing TC’s bunny with the car at that point.
7.      According to Katy, TC Ryan grabbed her phone as she dialed 911 and threw it against the wall breaking it which led to the charge of interference with emergency telephone call to which TC Ryan pled guilty.   Hmmm, let the crazy bunny boiling woman call the cops, risking being gunned down on sight because of a domestic disturbance call, or throw the crazy broad’s phone against the wall.  Tough choice there bunny girl.
8.    As she searched for her six year old son to leave the house to call police from a nearby QuikTrip, she found the child “cowering in the corner of his room crying.”  Yeah, I get that one.   Poor kid is terrified that mommy is off her meds and off her rocker again and on a rampage.  More likely was hiding from Katy so his six year old butt doesn’t get beaten again.  And what is it with Quick Trip and crazy women?  Maybe Preston Doerflinger can get with TC Ryan and figure that out for all of us.
9.      Katy: He was drinking that night. I wouldn’t say it was any more than normal. I don’t know that I would say he was drunk.   And how about bunny girl, was she drinking or smoking pot?  Probably mixing booze and anti depressant medication.   Anyone know a couple where just one of the abuses booze or drugs?  Usually birds of a feather flock together.
10.     Katy: Well, I guess for me being an educated woman who has her wits about her to stay in an abusive relationship is the biggest embarrassment and the way it ended was pretty embarrassing. I don’t know that I want to say more or exactly what happened.   I bet you don’t.   Tough enough not to get tripped up with what little you had to put out there.   And abusive relationship?  You said this was the first time that TC was aggressive?   Are you saying the relationship had been abusive?  Were you the abuser?   You said that TC wasn’t but there had been instances where he could have been.
11.   I don’t have anything in my background that I need to be afraid of. I’m a registered nurse. I’m squeaky clean. I have to take drug tests. I have to go in front of the board and renew my license so you are not going to find [anything bad on me].    And they keep you working with a tummy full of boiled bunny and anti depressants?
12.    Question: Are there medical bills from this incident still outstanding?  Katy: [TC] never paid them. I put them on a payment plan and I pay them by the month – it’s not a lot [each month] and it will probably take me forever to pay them off, but that is not the concern.   Let’s see, a bite mark on the ear and some finger bruises.  And you said “them”, multiple bills, multiple visits?   Probably needed skin grafts from your skinny butt to replace the mutilated skin from the finger marks and they probably had to use cartilage from a cadaver to rebuild that missing ear….. just a left hole really, TC swallowed the ear when he bit it off.  Had his mouth open when he chewed too.
13.    After the incident; I moved from the house I had been in for several years because I was afraid of him. I found it hard to sleep at night. I had a little PTSD afterwards and took some anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medicine for it. I was on edge for a really long time.  Sure… that’s the ticket….. so traumatized from the two minute incident you had to move, couldn’t sleep at night, had the same PTSD that our valiant soldiers come down with after a tour of Afghanistan or Iraq.   Yeah, we get that bunny girl.  And you “took some” anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medicine, I would think that most of us would have to see a doctor and get a prescription filled out and go through therapy to gain access to those kind of drugs.  But you just happened to have some lying around so you “took” them…. And you were so afraid of TC that you continued going to political conventions where he would likely be as he did political work…..
14.   We have all these people who have dedicated their lives in service to their communities and now you are bringing this guy in that you knew has a history of domestic violence and you want to put him in a leadership position?   A history of domestic violence or one incident with a bat guano crazy woman that had an ample stock of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicine close at hand?   And you are so afraid of him that you decided to poke him with this big old stick that would likely get him fired? And you kept his phone number after he had dumped your boiling bunny butt and moved out?  And texted him to come pick up his stuff?  Right…..
Once we had the woman’s name we set to digging through court records and family connection websites till we located some of her kinfolk.  Mighty handy that some of them are listed on her Face book page as friends like the fellow below:
No. PO-2000-649
(Protective Order:

Filed: 03/03/2000
Closed: 09/22/2000

Oh dear, Chris has the same last name and same general location and was found on your Face book page.  Father?  Uncle?  Brother?    And you went out and found a guy just like Dad, is that the point with finding the wrong kind of guy?

Only two people know what happened in that incident in 2012 where Katy Randall called the cops on TC Ryan.  Katy has given us enough reason to doubt her stability and truthfulness.  TC Ryan might well be the kind of guy that you don’t want over for dinner or to date your daughter, who knows, but bringing up expunged “crimes” so that people can’t find out the truth is an excellent tactic if you have the morals and character of the average political hack.  And who else is behind this attempted coup?
Meet Darren Lee Ward, the current chairman of the Oklahoma County GOP.   Darren is also a contractor with a checkered past according to court records.
First up is what appears to be an unpaid bill to the Oklahoma Publishing that was won by the Plaintiff by default judgment and later dismissed, most likely after the bill was paid or a defect was found in the default judgment.  That said, there are no corresponding documents involved so the most likely scenario is that an unpaid bill got Daren Ward sued.   
Next up was a lawsuit for forcible entry and detainer brought by Daren Ward against what appears to be a tenant but the tenant won the case.  Usually those cases sail right through unless Ward was trying to force someone out of their home without legal justification.
Then Daren Ward became embroiled in a long lawsuit complete with an appeal to the higher court over some roofing jobs that Ward and his girlfriend sold for Top View Roofing.   They appeared to have won their case but the troubling thing is the trail of destruction left in the process with a half dozen homeowners sued and dealing with property liens.  One would think that a salesman would carefully check out a company that he is selling work for including court records and reputation online.   Ward did win a sizeable amount of money but how about the damage caused to those homeowners that he sold the roofing jobs to?
The next debacle was a job done for a retired Edmond couple who were forced to sue Daren Ward to recover $33,000 in damages.   The jury found for the homeowners, found that Daren Ward had breached the contract, did the little check mark on the jury form and everything but Daren Ward had his attorney file a 38 page motion asking for attorney fees from the homeowners!  After losing the case!  The couple had to respond with a 92 page motion, pointing out the absurdity of the defendant applying for court costs and attorney fees when he lost the jury trial.  Warning, that last file online, the 92 page document appears to be corrupted and it might lock up your computer if you try to view.  Here is the jury decision:
And about the strangest case I’ve ever seen, if this was in fact him,  the strangest case I’ve ever seen, if this was in fact him, got Darren Lee Ward a six month deferred sentence for running a stop sign.  Seems the boy ran a stop sign in his Cadillac and was arrested by an Oklahoma County Deputy.  Then the deferred sentence was removed in May of 2009 after Mr. Ward managed to learn to obey stop signs and stayed out of trouble.  Six months sentence for running a stop sign….I’d love to know the story behind that.
The point in dragging these public records into the daylight is to show that Daren Ward, Oklahoma County GOP Chairman, has little moral standing to cast stones at a young man that made the mistake of living with a disturbed woman and the worse mistake of not just running away when the argument escalated into a physical confrontation regardless of who started it.
Then there was Estela Hernandez who we covered quite thoroughly.  Estela’s story changes depending on what reporter she is talking to but she appears to have been brought here illegally when she was either 2 years old or 6 years old by her mother.   Estela became legal when she turned 18.  She and her husband, Ezequiel F Hernandez Jr, run Lone Star Construction, LLC based out of their home near 23rd and Meridian and appear to employ illegal aliens which is what is expected of a contractor these days but is it expected of the Vice Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party?
Ezequiel F Hernandez Jr appears to have a fairly clean record except for the following court cases, they are links so click on them:
He appears to be quite a bad driver, possibly with a short temper, something one would expect if he is married to the combative and aggressive Oklahoma GOP vice Chair Estela Hernandez.    Hopefully the Pat Campbell report will release that taped meeting between Chairman Randy Brogdon and Estela Hernandez that according to the Pat Campbell team, showed Estela combative and insubordinate to her Chairman.
What is needed is another Oklahoma County Resolution condemning questionable contractors and those that employ illegal aliens.
Then there is Pam Pollard who some say was working behind the scenes to facilitate the backstabbing of Oklahoma GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon.   Pollard badly wanted to be Chairman so any chance to take out the duly elected Chairman meant she might have a shot at another bite at the apple.

Pam was in rare form at the meeting on Saturday, nearly crying crocodile tears as she plead for a resolution honoring a long time county chairman dying of cancer.  How about passing the hat to raise money for the medical bills Pam instead using such a situation to attempt to gain sympathy for yourself and be able to talk to the assembled county chairmen?  Pam is a notorious party hack that has been behind the majority of the attempts to beat down grassroots involvement in the Party and is thoroughly despised by the Tea Part, Ron Paul, and 912 group factions in the Republican Party.

90 million Given to Insurance Companies Prior to the 50 million Raid on the Unclaimed Property Fund
By Ms PM
Jerry Fent is at it again trying to bring awareness to the unaware. This time his radar is focused on what he believes to be a Ponzi scheme. Lawmakers are stealing money from the unclaimed property fund to fill the hole they have created in the budget shortfall.
Our State Treasurer, Ken Miller (remember the website is in the hot seat because of information obtained by Fent about how the State Treasury is propagating this Ponzi scheme. It appears the state “holds more than 932,000 pieces of property valued at more than $550 million through its unclaimed property program. The office maintains a balance of approximately $100 million in a reserve fund to pay those claims.” If folks filed the claims to obtain their property and it totaled more than the $100 million the state would have no way to pay. The state has spent the money. What part of this isn’t a Ponzi scheme? Looks like Ken Miller has lied to the people again.
Fent’s lawsuit alleges that the state has “illegally and unconstitutionally converted private property for state use.” Example anyone; $51 million taken and appropriated through HB2242.
One citizen received unclaimed property but it was held for years and finally paid with no interest. Fent’s lawsuit seeks to see the fund made whole and separated from “all and other state money for investment purposes and for interest from the fund, which is currently deposited in the General Revenue Fund, to be deposited in the trust fund.”
This state definitely could use many more Jerry Fent citizenry to keep tabs on an extremely corrupt state government.
The second part of the snatch and spend uncovers more corruption and paints a picture that defines incompetence with bold colors that depict all the aspects of inept lawmakers. This extreme sadness is heightened because we the people are the ones with the final say…and far too many are busy but not paying attention when election time rolls around.
Your state government has paid more than $90 million in rebates to insurance companies. This donate your money to the corporate welfare scheme has been going on for 5 years despite the fact that changes should have eliminated this payout.
Your great governor, Missy Mary said “lawmakers believed they had ended the rebates when they rewrote the state workers’ compensation laws in 2011 and 2013. However, the language intended to eliminate the rebates was either left out or not written clearly enough to ensure that happened.” Too bad and how sad it is that the governor can’t do her job. Maybe she’ll trip with her undies down around her ankles on this one. Oh, and didn’t she win the last election by a landslide? The pitiful voters certainly got the government they deserve with her re-election.
Representative Earl Sears, R-Bartlesville is the House appropriations and budget chairman. He said “the payments were discovered this year during the final days of the legislative session. He was surprised. How it happened? I don’t have any idea. But we caught it and we corrected it.”
The new bill eliminating this give away of taxpayer money was signed into law by Missy Mary the 1st of June.
Because lawmakers are anticipating another budget shortfall in 2017 Sears says he would “explore legal methods” and attempt to get this money returned.
This give away was started by Senator Brad Henry and Jari Askins both Democrats. This is a very good example of how Democrats want to give your money away and how Republicans are too inept to stop it when they had the chance; they blew it again. Maybe this is where that old saying “the lesser of two evils” comes from.
Paula Ross, the spokesman for the Tax Commission said that she “was unsure why the rebates continued after the Legislature rolled back the program. I think there was some confusion about the language.” We tend to think this has more to do with electing people that have no integrity or moral compass. There are many people in other professions held to a higher standard, isn’t it about time to hold lawmakers accountable?
The third part of this waste your money scheme brings to mind a tune by Jerry Jeff Walker. Part of the chorus goes like this;
Pissin’ in the wind, bettin’ on a losing friend
Makin’ the same mistakes, we swore we’d never make again.
This waste comes from The Oklahoma Medicaid agency. In reviewing how to make cuts within the budget it was found that instead of spending $15 to $84 dollars on a piss test the IIC (idiots in charge) opted to pay for tests that cost $500 to $800.
This is a 700 percent increase since 2011, and this increase only covers the piss test. And now, mind you not before the money were wasted, the agency is going to propose a policy change that will save $40 million. What kind of vacation could you take on a $40 million blunder that is spent on low income folks to see if they would qualify for your free money to live on?
In the end there are a few conclusions. The folks running the state are stealing money from every single taxpayer due to incompetence and corruption. Had lawmakers been good stewards of our money the state would not be in the mess it’s in. And one more time, what the HELL are you going to do about it?
 Tulsa Republicans Mens Club Meeting
We were lazy and stole this directly from their Face Book page.  These guys are real conservatives and if you are near Tulsa it is worth the trip up to attend.
Happy Birthday America!
Let's get fired up! Bring your presidential swag or wear it!
Tulsa County GOP Men's Club welcomes Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones. Wednesday, July 8th. LaFortune Golf Club 5501 South Yale, Tulsa, OK. 11:30-1:00.
Oklahoma State Auditor Gary Jones has spent much of his adult life seeking to expand government accountability and improve the delivery of government services. Gary is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner. He was elected to his first term as State Auditor in 2010.

Born at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Gary attended Lawton Public Schools and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Accounting degree from Cameron University.

Gary spends muc...h of his time traveling across the state to speak to various association groups, government auditors, and public officials on ways to improve internal controls to both preserve and safeguard public assets. In 2013, Gary implemented the State Auditor’s Intercession Program in an effort to assist residents and local officials improve transparency, address areas of concern, resolve disputes, and avoid the costly expense of a Special Audit.

Despite a decrease in appropriated funds to conduct various audits of public entities, under Gary’s leadership the State Auditor’s Office has increased the quantity of audits it conducts without sacrificing the quality of the work product and he’s doubled the number of CPAs on staff. The State Auditor’s Office received a clean review in its most recent peer review with a rating of pass. The peer review was conducted by the National State Auditor’s Association.

Gary and wife Mary Jane have been married for 37 years and live on their farm southwest of Cache where, together, they raised two children, and built their cow-calf operation for over 30 years. Mary Jane retired in May, 2011, after a 36-year career teaching kindergarten.

Their daughter, Kelly Gilland, is a math teacher at Cache High School. Son Chris is a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserves. The Joneses have three wonderful grandchildren.

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The Real Costs of Oklahoma GOP Vice Chair
Estela Hernandez’s Stance on Illegal Immigration
Okay, I am not a sports fan but Bob Barry Jr. was beloved in the state for his coverage of sporting events.   The man drove a scooter for goodness sake, that isn’t a macho man thing to do, just an ordinary guy doing something he loved.
But Bob’s life was cut short last week after a 26 year old illegal alien, Gustavo Gutierrez, made an illegal U turn, cutting in front of Bob Barry, turning from the extreme Southbound right lane across the Southbound left lane.  Bob slammed into the driver’s side of the car and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.   The illegal alien was carrying cocaine and without a state drivers license and is now facing up to ten years in prison and $10,000 in fines.  Guiterrez has been deported back to Mexico many times, twice in 2010 and once in 2013, and is now earmarked to be deported once again.
n accident while operating a vehicle without a state driver’s license and possession of cocaine.
Now these are the staunch conservatives that Oklahoma Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez wants to reach out to and she says we have to support Obama’s illegal alien amnesty program to ensure that these illegals join the Republican Party.  These are the sort of illegal aliens that she and her husband Ezequiel F Hernandez Jr most likely employ on their construction jobs instead of hiring American citizens.  I’ve personally seen some of these illegals, shaved heads, tattoos, right out of casting central’s Hispanic gang member list.
But hiring illegals means Estela and Ezequiel can pocket more money and undercut other Oklahoma construction companies bidding on the same jobs.  So Estela is out there using the position of her State GOP Vice Chair position to undercut the Party Platform which is solidly against illegal aliens.
Estela sure is well spoken and quite pretty of a woman but she has blood on her hands and is as responsible as Gutierrez in causing the death of Bob Barry.   Hopefully there will be a ground swell of public opinion that forces her out of the GOP or forces her to open up her company’s books to prove that her employees are legal and being paid legal wages with the taxes paid to the state.  And hopefully the Executive Committee for the State GOP will muzzle her when she speaks out against the Party Platform by endorsing amnesty for illegal aliens.
We Get a Look at the Budget and Find it is Full of Fraud and Waste
By the Watchman
For decades the process of the State Budget and specifically the Tax Credits given to various companies and small businesses were hidden from the tax payers of the state. Finally the door has been open and we get to put an end to some of the largesse that the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce has been lobbying for.
We began our research by going directly to the Oklahoma State Constitution. This is what we found Article X, Oklahoma Constitution - Ballotpedia. Here you’ll find that it is perfectly legal for the tax breaks to be given to these firms for expansion and things of that nature. It goes on to state that these credits are limited to a 5 year period. Our interpretation of that is that from the moment the first shovel of dirt is turned, the clock on the 5 year limit starts running. That leads to a very important question. How many of those firms receiving tax breaks have been receiving them for longer than five years?
The next item of interest we found was this Protecting Incentive Programs for Economic Development
This is a document put out by the Chamber of commerce that is basically a brag sheet on how they managed to get the House and Senate to violate the Oklahoma State Constitution.  Just a few little things like Aerospace Engineering Tax Credit, Quality Events Incentive Act, Small Employer Quality Jobs Act and the Film Enhancement Rebate.
In addition to that they brag about defeating legislation meant to protect Oklahoma’s Tax Dollars. Items like a Sunset on Critical Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit program. They also defeated a bill that would have sent to the vote of the people that would have sunset all tax credits used by businesses and another bill that would have sunset the Chamber supported five year ad valorem tax abatement and sales tax exemption for manufacturing facilities, Oklahoma Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit, Tax credit for zero emission facilities and many more. This is completely out of hand. It would appear that those running the government are sorely lacking in knowledge of our States Constitution.
The next item of interest we found was this. this. This report was conducted by a joint study commission of the House and Senate in 2011 Co-chaired by Senator Mike Mazzaei and Representative David Dank. One the items they did was seek an opinion from the Attorney General’s office even before the Legislative session for 2011 started. In December of 2010 there was the Attorney General’s response in part “First the Tax Credit must serve a Public purpose.  Second, the tax credit must provide adequate consideration to the Citizens of the State of Oklahoma for the forgone tax revenue that the state would have otherwise received except for the credit amount. Third, the tax credit must have adequate safe guards and controls. Apparently they don’t like to listen to the Attorney General.
 The next item of interest we found was this Companies That Received Existing-Jobs Subsidies | Oklahoma Watch. This is a very interesting list. Essentially what is happening here is the State of Oklahoma is using Taxpayers dollars to pay these companies to employ individuals. How they are doing this, in part, is allowing the major companies to keep their employees withholding taxes to pay for this program. Where is the fairness to the rest of us Taxpayers here in Oklahoma?
The next item of interest we found was this Questions Surround State Subsidies Aimed at Saving Jobs | Oklahoma Watch. Here we find that the state is taking credit for tax subsidies being able to keep Oklahoman’s employed. This is a $1 billion dollar program folks. The only reason we can even think of for the existence of this program is to fatten the wallets of the politicians and the companies involved. One company in Tulsa got its Quality Jobs contract seven months after buying its first refinery and only 1 month after buying its second. This was after the previous owners indicated that the jobs might leave the state if they were sold. This is pure, blatant, unadulterated corporate welfare being conducted by those that have been elected to office and don’t care what it takes to stay in office and the scheming of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. This is pure nonsense.
The next article of interest we found and we hope it will turn out to be the rewarding is this Auditor & Inspector Gary Jones to begin audit of state tax credits.Auditor & Inspector Gary Jones to begin audit of state tax credits. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled in 1980 that the office of the Oklahoma State Auditor has the authority to audit any and all programs in the state. We only ask why these programs aren’t being audited. The last audit was in 2012. How many Quality Jobs have been lost, but the companies are still getting their cut of Taxpayers money? Nobody knows, and it appears nobody cares.
It should be evident to all that no one in the State Government is looking after your welfare. They, like their federal brethren are too worried about staying in power than to care about us. It’s time the people of the State of Oklahoma took their government back. Apparently the term limits currently set on elected officials is too long. It’s time for a ballot petition to reduce the terms that a Representative, Senator and Governor can spend in office. No more than 8 years for a Senator, 6 years for a Representative and 1 term for a Governor. Maybe then these politicians will once again start working for the Citizens of Oklahoma instead of themselves.
2013 Senate members and House Members
Please copy the block of emails for your contact list so you are able to email all of them and help to inform and educate them before the new sessions begin. Use Bcc to send dozens of email with one email from you to them. This will look like you send each one of them a personal email with only their email showing as the recipient. Please mention the Sooner TeaParty in your emails so they will have a healthy respest for what we do.