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Many alpaca store popular items are in NOW  
Missing the no longer available AFCNA Extreme Socks?

The Superwarm and OutdoorAdventure 
socks are your solution!

Our top selling products for over 10 years!
Thousands of happy customers and many many
repeat sales. 

Just arrived...
Our exclusive design,
New RED Ladies size and cut
knit-lined leather gloves!

Also available in original Tan, Black
and Chocolate Brown
The new USA made Glittens are here!
Made with your fiber in the USA, these
warm stylish items are very popular.

The Iditarod Hats are back in!
Stay warm in Extreme Weather
with this
100% baby alpaca hat!
In Black, Grey, Camel and SilverGrey
Leggings are going FAST!
Current inventory may be all get can get for this season.
These things are crazy popular right now!
We're seeing them everywhere!
Fuzzball Keychains
Keychain Teddy Bears


Socks Socks Socks - an easy alpaca seller!
 More socks have arrived. 
We have everything from alpaca themed thin cotton socks
to our SuperHeavyWeight Superwarm Alpaca Socks.
Your customers will gobble them up and come back for more!
Check out the American Choice Alpaca Collection
Alpaca products made in the USA.
All make great "ambassadors" of uses of alpaca!

AFCNA socks, almost gone!

We bid on the closeout of 1000s of pairs of 
closeout Alpaca Fiber Co-op (AFCNA)
Hiker, Qtr Hiker and Dress socks.
There is just a small % left. 

 DEEP discounts on volume purchases
The socks come in cases of 120 (Dress) and 72 (Hikers).

Historically retailing in the $20-$25 range, bulk purchasers can get these socks right now for as little as $5/pair! 
The number of cases available for this special is limited.
We purchased ALL of the remaining Co-op inventory (at closing bid) of these items and are passing the discount prices to our wholesale customers on these popular items.
Alpaca Dryer Balls
OK, these things are super POPULAR! 

Especially the 100-ball BULK discounted sets.

Offering them for the last few months,
we're frankly not able to keep up with demand. But the 
rate of production is now greatly increasing,
so we're hopeful.

A few are in stock right now. 

We don't take pre-orders but our little
"Back-in-Stock" tool will automatically send a
notice email as soon as they are available.
By the way, this tool comes up for ANY product that is
temporarily sold out.  It's a great way to get that
hard to get item as soon as they are available. 
So many new and back in stock items:
See ALL the Latest Items!
What else should we make?
Let us know!
It's FUN to design, find have made items which
showcase the wonderful uses of alpaca and
promote the industry. 
Some of our best products came from
customer suggestions.

If you know of something we should make,
let us know!

If it happens, we'll surely send you free
prototypes to test and keep. 

Choice Alpaca Products is down to the last of
ALL remaining inventory of
100% ALPACA Blanket Throws and Scarves from
The Alpaca Blanket Project (ABP)!
Choice Alpaca Products Alpaca Blanket Project 
Large volume purchase means lower prices
for these American Made high quality items.
Get a true piece of Alpaca Americana while you still can!
These too are available at DEEP discounts, for cases of 16 blankets.
Offer available only while bulk supply lasts.

Calling all fiber!
We make it easy!

With the Choice Alpaca FiberCall program, 
get paid quickly for contributed alpaca fiber in
credits for popular
 wholesale alpaca products for your store.
Your USA grown fiber will be turned into
socks, insoles, rugs, dryer balls,
yarn, blankets, throws and more!
Get it out of the attic, spare room, barn, container,
etc. and put it to work promoting alpaca NOW! 

Choice Alpaca FiberCall program
Please note, we're likely going to put FiberCall
purchases on HOLD Nov-Dec (aka, "crazy busy") so
do it now. 



We have been busy promoting our Preferred Retailers
leading to National Alpaca Farm Days
with a "Selfie" contest!
Using the Preferred Retailers MAP, we encouragedng
folk to visit your farm
and enter a contest by submitting Selfies. 
The response has been quite encouraging!
Becoming a Preferred Retailer is easy.
Place one order of $750 or more and you
will automatically be added at the next
update cycle.
Then, as it has for many, watch your web hits and
farm visits increase!
Are you looking to ramp things up this year?
We make it easy! 
Top 7 reasons to Stock Up this Season
  1. Economy IS picking up? Plan for more product sales.
  2. $750+ orders ship FREE!
  3. We promote you on the Retailers MAP, proven to bring business.
  4. We'll "finance" your $750+ order over 6-months
  5. Never "stuck" with product! Return anything up until NEXT april.
  6. Don't be left without! Customers keep telling us they wished they'd ordered more. ** Order NOW while stock is available. **

We love making new Alpaca products!
What would you like? 
email: product_ideas@choicealpacaproducts.com 
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