Day One - March 18, 2010
2:00            According to instructions and on time, the group now affectionately known as “Team Adrenaline”  gathered at the Continental Airlines counter to say. “Goodbye for now!” to family and friends.
2:01            Robb distributed “goodie bags” to everyone full of high-octane sugary snacks including 2-ounce bottles of 5-Hour Energy Drink.
2:02            Team tried to stand still long enough for final team departure photos.
2:03            Toooby Shope prayed for the now totally jacked-up team before we set off on the biggest adventure of our lives.
2:04            Last minute hugs and kisses with family and friends.  The rest of us began practicing counting to “14.”
2:05            The team hiked over to the United Airlines counter (don’t ask) where Barb Pesek (Dave’s mom and veteran UAL employee) whisked us through the ticketing and check-in procedure.  Now THAT was service!
2:45            The team made it through the NTSA security screening with no snags… except for Ben, whose new hip had to receive personal NTSA approval.
3:05            We all arrived at departure gate with plenty of time to spare before boarding.
3:06            Ben:  “Are we there yet?”
3:07            Patty:  “Boy, it’s really hot in this airport!”
3:08            Rachel:  “Where’s the bathroom?  Are there any bathrooms around here?  Does anyone else have to go to the bathroom?  Hello????”
3:09            Bob and Pat simultaneously: 
4:10            Flight leaves on time for Dulles Airport in DC.
7:50            Flight arrives on time at Dulles Airport in DC.
8:00            Team arrives at departure gate for flight to Dubai.
8:05            Katie asks, “Has anyone seen a light blue backpack?”
8:06            Robb and Katie run back to arrival gate and retrieve Katie’s light blue backpack.
8:07            Bob and Pat simultaneously: “Our Father, who art in heaven…”
Anyway… that’s how the trip started.  But ever since we boarded the flight to Dubai things have been running like clockwork.  After 20 hours and 10 time zones we’re now a little past the halfway point in our journey and we’re hangin’ out in the Passenger Lounge at DXB (half the team is asleep, the other half is still amped on Red Vines, Gummi Worms, and 5-Hour Energy Drink) where we’ll spend the next 9 hours before heading over to Terminal 2 for our flight tomorrow morning to Kabul.  Afghanistan, we’re on our way!
Thank you all for your prayers, good wishes, and support.  You are walking with us in this journey every step of the way!
--Bob (Now where's the rest of those Sweet Tarts?)
Team Adrenaline at DIA
photo by Lindsay Maynard