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Summer 2011 Newsletter
You and Your Nonprofit - Hot off the Press
Being on a Board and Donating Online - See the Presentations
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On this blog I write about a wide variety of topics of interest to nonprofits and provide information about new studies and surveys.
I now the co-host of this blog at and I am committed to blog here twice a month.
I love blogging so much that I started this blog before my grandson was born.  It has blossomed into a blog about grandparenting with product reviews and giveaways.  Truly a different side of me.
How Can We Work Together
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Strategic Planning
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Using Social Media
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Hiring Executive Staff
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Need a Donor Management System? 
I am now working with GiftWorks as a consultant/partner and I am available to consult with you on making a choice that is right for you.
If you have attended one of my workshops or been a client, I will pass my consultant discount onto you.
You and Your Nonprofit - Hot Off the Press!
 I am very proud to have two of my articles in this new book published by Charity Channel. You and Your Nonprofit is part of the "In the Trenches" series and it features practical advice and tips from the Charity Channel Nonprofit Professional Community.
The almost 70 articles cover nonprofit leadership, management and fundraising topics.  The editors did an excellent job with article selection, presentation format, and organization.  Each article is succint yet thorough. I will be referencing my copy frequently. I particularly like the easy-to-use format with sidebars of practical tips and bulleted lists. You and Your Nonprofit is a must have for your go to reference shelf.

My articles are:
Planning a Board Retreat

Getting Your Strategic Plan Working Together and Then Taking It Up a Notch!

This is the first time I am published in a book and it is exciting. I’m thinking about how to celebrate locally. Any ideas  - please let me know.

A 25% discount is available through 7/31/11.

Here is the coupon code for the 25% discount: CCPRESS423

Order Now!
Being on a Board and Donating Online.....See the Presentations
In the last few months I have been presenting at conferences and offering workshops on these subjects and they have been exceptionally well received.  I have shared the presentations in blog posts and the slides are also posted at
Over 1300 people have viewed my presentations on this year.
Both of these topics are "just the basics" but I find that is what many of my readers are looking for.  I've tried to make the presentations informative yet lively so take a peek and let me know what you think.  I am available as a speaker on these topics and others of interest to nonprofits.
Here are the links to the blog articles with the presentation slides:
This presentation was given at the Grant Professionals Association MidAtlantic Conference on May 16th.

Donating Online - How to Make It Work Best for Your Nonprofit

This presentation was given at the Literacy Volunteers of NJ conference on April 30th.
Recent Popular Blog Articles....

In summer things slow down a bit and it is a good time to step back and take the time for those things that take more time...strategic planning, planning a board retreat...those kinds of things.
Enjoy the summer and if you'd like to work together, give me a call.