What's Just not true?
The more we dig into it the more obvious it becomes - that most of the stuff we were taught growing up is just not true! I don’t know if you’ve come to the same conclusion or not?
Take education for instance most of us were taught:
1) Get a college degree and you’ll have a great job until you retire.
2) Then there will be plenty of money in your retirement where you can vacation until your drop. 
Hummm? No, this is just not true.
We now know that saying was an exaggeration because older people these days do not have financial freedom. That great retirement (if it happened) barely gets a person by because the dollar has deflated in value (It has lost most of its buying power.)
Media says we are having hard times. The economy is not that bad; the problem is the dollar is not buying very much merchandise. At one time only one member of the family needed to work supporting a large family in good style.
Not true today; it takes everyone working just to make ends meet. And Right now, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed, so that's why it feels so depressing. Are we having a depression or is the dollar just not worth much?  What is the truth?
You can research the following if you don’t already know it: The most wildly successful people in most any field are the experts who are the most self-educated. (Those who have been exposed to the most formal schooling, as a rule, tend be boxed in and unable to accept that some simple hidden law might be the tool to get them what they want in life.)  
Some examples of self-education are:
What is the solution to your life’s problems?
Are you using consciousness to help boost up your life?
What we were never taught by our parents or in schooling was:
Our consciousness is designed to get us anything we really want.
You only have to learn a few simple processes to create the life you desire.
Do you have to get a special degree? No! A five year old can easily do it after a few minutes instructions. It’ll take us slightly longer because we may have to unlearn some stuff first.
We ourselves are continuing to research, study books and courses, ask for inner guidance, network with other leading edge people, and continue to look for ways to mprove our consciousness.
We always give you consciousness training with every one of our Reiki certifications so you can allow yourself to have even greater healing results. 
You can become a Reiki Master in only one weekend and with that connection expand into this greater consciousness yourself. Reiki Training is a trade school for today’s health and well-being. (Well-being includes prosperity, great relationships, etc.)
Are you willing to continue your self-education?  The truth is within you. Can you keep on keeping on until you make it?
You decide!
The next Reiki Master classes are the weekends of July 18-19 and again on August 15-16.  Hours are 9 AM-6 PM.
Free Reiki One training starts next Saturday at 9 AM (sign-in starts at 8 AM) on July 18,  and if you miss the 1st date we're giving the class again on Aug 15. It is a 6 hour certification training only costing $15 for the manual. C.E.U. are given.  Reiki 1 certification ends at 4 PM. With this free training you’ll know if this is for you!
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