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Only ONE day left until the Early Bird Discount for the International b2b Forum Corrosion Prevention Balkans, 28-29th June, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. If you have problems with corrosion, during the event you will learn more about new technologies and solutions for prevention. Don’t miss thе opportunity to meet experts from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Croatia.
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In the present newsletter we include the interview with one of our speakers - Mr. Michael Bodendorfer, Frosio Inspector Level III, Head of Industrial Plastic Components, Bondings & Coatings, OFI GmbH

Dear Mr. Bodendorfer, please present in brief the focus of your presentation
There are projects with extraordinary stresses with regards to settings, chemical media etc. which actually require specific suitability verifications, therefore, coating tests by a laboratory are useful in advance. The costs for testing (different) coatings before application do not nearly reflect the costs of damage repair (even less for any indirect costs or production breakdown). The decision-makers shall be responsible for ensuring that the product or the service ordered corresponds fully to his requirements and purpose.
This presentation will give you an overview using an actual project in Vienna at the worlds greatest climatic wind tunnel by going through the steps already done.

What are the main features/characteristics of the OFI products & know-how in the corrosion protection field
We can support our customers in damage prevention – individual specifications for corrosion prevention/ testing the suitability for specific stresses/ preparation of maintainance plans – but also in assesements of damage (claims assesement) with analytical methods, if necessary. Of course monitoring and inspections on site will be covered from OFI too if requested from our customers.

What are their advantages & in which industry sectors they are applicable? Read the rest here
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