AshGPS: Firmware, Software Update Notification
for Spectra Precision, Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
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In This Issue
Lots of articles in this issue. The three highlighted in red below may be of real interest to you:

o Firmware Update List
o Secrets of the ProMark xx0 and MobileMapper 1x0
o Factory Support for Spectra/Ashtech Equipment
o Controlling Reference Frames in MobileMapper Office
o Storing Points Faster in FAST Survey and SurvCE
o Quick Fix for ProMark and MobileMapper External Antenna Cables
o Using UNAVCO Real-Time CORS

Firmware Update List
The factory distribution for firmware and software updates has recently split into two methods:
  o most older devices are still available by ftp download at
  o current devices are available on the Spectra Precision website
I just finished updating my master list of firmware and software which consolidates direct links for most devices produced in the last decade. You can [ view this master list directory ] or you can use the visual table of contents here [ ].
For the first time in 6-months I believe all of the links on my list are current and work. In addition, I have rearranged the mirror into a [ logical ] view and as a direct [ mirror ] of the factory's structure. These mirrors are hosted as an Amazon web service and should be blazing fast worldwide.
Secrets of the ProMark xx0 and MobileMapper 1x0
If you have any of these devices:

    MobileMapper 100, MobileMapper 120
    ProMark 100, ProMark 120, ProMark 200 ProMark 220
there is a good chance that at some point you will want to reload your firmware or software. I have written a (lengthy) step-by-step description of the process.
Probably more important is this document includes the:
   secret reset handshake
   secret method for archiving your option serial numbers
   secret method for extracting the activation codes
If you purchased your receiver from us (iGage) then all of these codes are on a sticker under the battery so you have little to worry about. If you purchased your device from another vendor, then you probably DO NOT know these codes and will be unable to update your device. This document describes how to extract the codes from a working receiver. (If your receivers locks up and you do not know the codes, then you may be...well...out of luck.)
This document is a work in progress, but it needs to see the light of day. You can get a copy [ here... ]
Factory Support for Spectra/Ashtech Equipment
Free factory support for Spectra & Ashtech equipment is no longer available. If you purchased your equipment from a great dealer (like us for example) this won't be a big deal. You can just email or call us and we will get you going.
If you purchased your equipment from a shelfing dealer (a dealer that has no idea how to support the equipment) you are screwed:
Basically factory support is going to cost you $100 per incident. 
Additional details (and a larger view of the pricing matrix) are available on [ my blog ].

Controlling Reference Frames in MobileMapper Office
If it seems like MobileMapper Office consistently post-processes positions that are off by about 1-meter, then this is for you:
Mobile Mapper Office supports automatic downloading of CORS data for Post-Processing. The CORS station coordinates are seeded with IGS08 current epoch framed coordinates. In addition, the distributed station lists have not been updated with new CORS stations so many new CORS stations are missing from the list.
This application note is a must for any user in the United States of America using Mobile Mapper Office to post-process data collected in Mobile Mapper Field or ArcPad with Post-Processing enabled.
continue reading here [ MMOffice_ReferanceFrames_RevB ]
Storing Points Faster in FAST Survey and SurvCE

If you use the 'Auto by Interval' point storage function in SurvCE or FAST Survey, [ this FAQ ] may help you optimize performance for shorter intervals.
Quick Fix for ProMark and MobileMapper External Antenna Cables

If you have problems with intermittent external antenna connections on these devices:
   ProMark 220, ProMark 200, ProMark 120, ProMark 100
   MobileMapper 120, MobileMapper 100
   MobileMapper CX, MobileMapper CE
   ProMark 3
Then [ this application note ] may help you! 

Using UNAVCO Real-Time CORS 

UNAVCO is a non-profit consortium of Universities that coordinates the collection and dissemination of geographic information. One of the data products that they provide for research and commercial use is a network of 375 real-time continuously operating reference stations (Real-Time CORS) spread throughout North America.
This [ FAQ ] describes the Step-by-Step process for using this real-time resource with properly framed coordinates.
This AshGPS Mail List
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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email them to me. I will do my best to get you an answer. If you purchased your equipment from iGage we are here to help you. If you purchased equipment from another vendor, please contact them first for support--it is only fair to us and our customers.
There is a complete list of all of the past notifications [ here ]. If you know of anyone with GPS equipment who might benefit from these update notifications you can add them to this list with this link: [ Add or Delete a user ].
Good survey and mapping to you all! 
Mark Silver,
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